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Carl Miller constitutional law

Carl Miller constitutional law



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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: Anthony Seer FractalofConsciousness on Sep 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Compiled and published byJ. R. Butler, Beat The Court .Com
The United States Constitution
Carl Shows You How:To keep and exercise your God-Given rightsTo understand and implement the lawsTo argue and win in courtTo handle cops, traffic stops, and judges
Publishers Note:
For over 25 years I have been doing research on the laws and the Constitution of the United
States. I have watched as people in the “patriot movement” protesting everything from traffic
to income taxes have spewed forth their “theories and remedies” and ended up in jail…Or worse,
Carl‟s research and knowledge sets him apart from the rest. He has learned intimately the
inner workings of the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the country, and has formulated argumentsfor use in court for almost anything they will try to hammer you for. And has perfected them to theextent that he has an almost 100% win rate in court!Anyone who is an American, who has any interest in the countr
y and where it‟s going, needsto read Carl‟s information here. Whether you are just mildly interested, or you want to beat their sox
off in traffic court, tax court, or any other venue, Carl Miller is hands down the best mentor andteacher you can have.
Make sure you sign up for your FREE subscription tothe
LAW DAWG Reporter
Newsletter.We are always looking for more from Carl and otherslike him.
Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Here’s Carl
4The Constitution 5Special Argument developed 15No Immunity 19Construed in your favor 20Miranda 21Unconstitutional Acts 23 Applying the Constitution 24Enabling Clause 25Right To Travel 26Right To Work 30Quo Warranto
Dr. Kevorkian 31Drug Testing at Work 33Pulling City Franchise 34Traffic Stops 35Is Judge Licensed? 44Radar Speeding Defense 47Taxes 48 Arguing Jurisdiction 50Now: Arguments on taxes. 52Court Cases and Legal Quotes 58
Citizen’s Rule Book 

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Tammy Stephenson liked this
I am not Carl Miller I was just sharing this info I found. My question to you would be what exactly did you file? Did you question a witness? What were you charged with? I seen alot of people get railroaded talking about "common law" its not some immutable free pass that all these "law gurus" make it out to be. It changes as time changes like a anything else.
tjs7antiques added this note
i have been without my lisence now for over 3 years because of a Ma case, and a domino effect because of it, talking over 200,000 in damages, still no life, and im not going back there either, i heard of a block-waiver where a lawyer can have the state allow him to practice out of state, i wish you could handle my case, im lookin for someone now to change the name on my birth certificate is my onl
tjs7antiques added this note
ruined by traffic court and corruption, you want to handle my case in Ma. ? and sue? ill give ya 50% its an admirlty court, they have no jurisdiction, and theres no corpus delecti, tjs7antiques@aol.com still waiting to find an honest attny out of 350 ive contacted, in florida here is so tough with corrupt judges, and police,
tjs7antiques added this note
and i asked the question"is it against the law to live by common law"? and the judge said i broke a statute, i told him the statute is in conflict with the constitution, that the constitution rules over state legislature, he found me guilty and fined me, no whitnesses in court i was the only one, i asked for a cause of action and wheres the injured party, they ignored me. my whole life is ruined b
tjs7antiques added this note
I really like your teachings Mr Carl Miller, but what do you do when you go into a courtroom with 125 pages of case law, US Supreme court law, and other factual eveidence to win your case, and they put you in a courtroom all by yourself and wont listen to a dam thing? they railroaded me, the judge broke his violation, the prosecutor, the cop, everybody BROKE THE LAW, i asked the question "is it ag

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