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Tornado in a Junkyard

Tornado in a Junkyard

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Published by Camp Constitution

An excellent book debunking evolution writtne in layman's terms. Excellejmt chapter on the movie "Inherit the Wind" documenting the misinformation about the Scopes Trial in the movie.

An excellent book debunking evolution writtne in layman's terms. Excellejmt chapter on the movie "Inherit the Wind" documenting the misinformation about the Scopes Trial in the movie.

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Published by: Camp Constitution on Sep 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WH HEy'E YG UD   JKD
Dr. Dn  Gih Snio Vic Prid titut o rtio Rch:
"Toado in a lunard 
by ae Perlo houd be in he lbrary of every onewho i inereed in he ubjec of originh book i a powerful arguen for creaion becaue i i horough fully docuened and cienfcally accuraei eaiy readable by cieni and layan alike ad  wrien in a popular yleha wil ake i inereing and eneaning or reader o al age. igy recoend i book.
Puli' Wkly 8-3099:
"ae Perlo iriguig
Toado in a lunk- yard 
ai o debunk evouionary heory in favor of creaoni. Perl o aforer conrbuing edor o e
New Ameican,
draw upon he work o neoDarwini and geeici o argue ha ile evoluion doe occureaninginor adapaion and variaion wihin a pecie ere i no olidevidence for evoluion or converio of one anial ype ino anoher
D. Emmt L Willim Pidn, o Rch Socty:
Toado ina lunard 
i a uniue preeaion of he cienific cae again Darwiniinforally wrie for ayen.If you are ookng for a uerfriendy eplanaionof he ac upporing creaion, hi book i or you.
onviv Book lu 12-99:
"ame Perobing  e daa ogeher inavolue readiy acceibe o nocienc ype Hi concluion carefulydrawn: cience conradic Darwini . Perlof ye unuualy lveyake
Toado in a lunkyard 
eneraining a well a educaiona
Acto Jck Lmmon who plyd nc Dow i th 999 lm vionof
nhit th in
My congrauaion o Mr Perlo for an ouandingpece of ork.
Homchoolig ody n/-2000:
y anoher anievouion book?Becaue
oado in a lunkyard 
Auhor ae Perlo a forer fanaica aei and ancreaioni, uderand he oher ide poin of view.He preen fac ha logcaly diprove Darinim
Ellen Myer rein Reurce Lry Wch Kn:
"ve been heavily involved in the creationist moveent for many years and am faiiar withmost of the facts cited in
However, the racy style the any excelentphotos, and especialy the less know etais and etensive docuentaon wilnow ake
y resource of hice in y work
he New Americn 91399:
"Per f deonstrates-in this reviewer's opnion concusiveythat scientific evence when eamined honestly, does notsupport mode Darwinis but acully contradicts tThis is a very iportant work wrtten in an inforal an attractive style that is a joy to rea
Vicki Brdy H "Hmechlng USA
With so any books out on theevolution/creation debate it s geting ard to choose from good better d bestJames book fas in the best caegry. I recomend that every hoeschoofaily and church have a copy for teir libraies
SA New (rein Science Aiin r MidAmeric) JnFe 2000:
This new book ay be one o the ery best Easy reading loaded wth greatquotes and very wel llustrated this uld be an ecelent resource book for student papers or ust the right book o Unce Fred.
m Eynn 30-yer creer miiry wih he Nvigr:
"I hve readmany any books for laymen on craton science over the years but this is byfar the besteasy to read told with hmor  cal it creation science or dummies -meaning people like me
Mchue New 1-99:
Peros book is a powerful synthesis o recentwork by microboogists physicsts and other scientists showing there is nohard evidence for the creation of ne species fro esting ones
Jni Hver H r k LN Ornd Flrd:
ims product of the sities background and lamans approach to technica issues make
Too in  lun 
etremey adable wish  had read this book firstwhen  began my ow research ino te discrepancies surrounding the theory of evoution
hriin New 92799:
Chisi News
hghy recoends
Too in Jun
Mry Min H "Srigh  Live KPXQ Phenix:
"Too in Jun 
is a ust read! t is one o he most inormative books on the reatonvs evolution debate

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