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Advert & Public Relations

Advert & Public Relations

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Published by: api-3704742 on Oct 15, 2008
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What are the functions of advertising?

According to the definition committee of the America Marketing association \u201cAdvertising is any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor\u201d.

Advertising is non-personal because it is directed to group of people rather then specific individual. It communicates the information about the product, Its benefit and use. The identified product or who pays for advertisement to be released in the mass media or communication channel. That reaches to the group of people.

There are various function of advertising, which it performs towards business, consumers and
general public. These are establishes below
To communicate product information: - To communicate about a product is the most

important function of advertising. An advertising always communicate about the uses of product, its benefit to the consumers its features, price etc. To sell a product in today\u2019s competitive world, it is more important to communicate that product more accurately to the consumers. Advertising is the great tool, which is helping the people in promotion of various brands.

For example with help of advertising, \u201c Hero Honda\u201d is promoting its new range of bikes. They are communicating the features of there new brand like \u201c Splendor plus\u201d which according to them has more features then splendor with stylish light and few modification likewise \u201cKelvinator\u201d is promoting there range of refrigerator they are saying that their refrigerator are equipped with \u201cBio-fresh technology\u201d, which keep the food and vegetables fresh for 24 hours.

To differentiate product from their competitor: - To survive in this rapidly changing

business environment, the product must be different form others or it must have an edge over the others available brand and then that edge must be communicated in a very well performed by advertising through its various media or channels. Advertising always helps people to differentiate their product from others.

For example, large super markets or store likes \u201clife-style\u201d,\u201dEbony\u201d etc. They always advertise that you can buy most of the things from there stores like cloths of every range and for every age, also kitchen goods, furniture etc. for which in an ordinary market, you have to spend whole day to find out different shops for different above mention things. Another example is of ICICI bank they are saying that they are offering home loan at the lowest rate of interest of 8.25% for 20 years as compared to other area.

To urge product use: - With the help of advertisement, people create an urge in the

market to set their products. With the help of advertisement they after various kind of discounts, gives very attractive offers etc. just to increase their sake by creativity an urge. These people are using different medium like T.V., magazine, newspaper, banners, road show etc.

For example the latest example of Coca-Cola which is offering a nestle chocolate free with 2 pack. \u201c Kawasaki Bajaj\u201d is offering VCD worth Rs. 4,000 free with its new launch bike \u201c Wind\u201d. Thus these kinds of scheme advertised by various companies always increase the urge regarding their products.

To increase Brand loyalty & performance: - A clear advertisement message gives a
reason to prefer a brand over the other competitive brands & that performance slowly and
steadily will charge into brand loyalty.

For example pharmaceutical industries, industries involving in technical products where they have sufficient sales force to promote the company brand. Continuous visits of sales person with various kinds of promotional input reminders and scientific data regarding a

brand will work as on advertisement to that customer and that customer slowly and steadily
with become brand loyalty.
To educate consumers: - This is one of the most important functions of advertising,

people come to know about various products, their usage, benefits and who are their contradictors. In this manner, advertising always educates consumers. For example, various kinds of road shows conducted by Phillips or Touchtel always improves the knowledge of the consumer regarding the respective brand name.

To improve the living standard of people: - Advertisement always creates awareness

regarding the new improved brand in the consumer\u2019s mind and in the way, it is increase the living standard of the people. For example, advertising regarding digital invention, cell phones, laptops etc.

To improve quality of products: - Advertising also improves the quality of products by
increasing the competition between the different competitors.
To create demand in market: - Advertising makes people aware of new products and new
use of existing products. It attracts attention, creates interest and awareness desire among
answers. It widens the market for the product and help increase sales.
To build new brands, advertising is necessary.
To build goodwill: - Advertising helps to build an image create goodwill amongst existing
and customers, employee, stockholders, government, finance institution and the
Describe how the advertising message passes through the consumer. Describe each step.
Though following 6 most important steps, an advertising manager passes through the consumers.

Step-1: -Awaren ess: - This is the basic step of the whole process. Until & unless the customer is being aware to buy it & that is possible thought an advertising with an advertising message. Especially for a new brand launch, awareness is the most important step.

Step-2: -Know ledge: - It is very important for the consumer to be aware about the products they are using means that what are their features, benefits, indication of uses etc. and an advertising manager can only provide this knowledge to the consumer.

Step-3: -Performance: -More or less this also depends upon the advertising manager. An Advertising Manager always carries the benefits of the product. People chose a brand when their performance will match with the benefits.

Step-4: - Conviction: - If the audience is half hearted regarding the purchase of a product then it
will be the advertising message that will convince them.
Step-5: - Purchase: - And all the above & steps based on the advertising message will lead the
consumer to the most important step of purchase.

Step-6: - Reinforcement: - This is the last but in my opinion, it is the most important part or step. Because one should feel confident of having made the purchase basically that advertising communication. Process involves a source of message i.e. The advertiser that generates the message.

The source encodes the message with the help of words and images. The medium, which carries the message, is Radio, T.V. or Newspaper. The audience, which receives the message, will decode the message & after decoding a feedback will be given to the advertiser.

Create an press advertisement, a storyboard for a TV ad and a radio jingle for a hair oil
brand \u2018Tiger\u2019.
Are You Ready For a Revolution in Hair Treatment?
Herbal Hair Oil
\ue000Tiger Hair Oil has got revitalizing conditioners.
\ue000Unique Cohesion of hibiscus, coconut, amla and aloe Vera that
nourishes your hair and gives a healthy shine.
\ue000Its UV guard formula protects hair from pollution and leaves your hair
soft and strong.
Now available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad E-mail at
enquiry@tigerherbaloil.com to know more about Hair Care.
TARGET AUDIENCE: Upper middle class, middle class girls between the ages of 15 to 25. Girls
like freaking out with friends and don\u2019t spend much of their time in hair care.
CONCEPT STORY: The main model is going out with her to two more female friends to a party in
an open car. The main model is wearing a beautiful hairstyle and her other two friends have also
tied their hair in a bunch. It can be shown that on there way to party they face a lot of pollution and
Int roduct o
ry Of fer !!
Rs .65/-

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