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Christian Passover Ceremony

Christian Passover Ceremony

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Published by: Richard A. Volunteer. on Sep 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Published by the Christian Biblical Church of God as a service of love for thebrethren of Jesus Christ and God the Father for the observance of theChristian Passover Ceremony. The Christian Passover is a renewal of the New Covenant of eternal life through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.The translation of the Scriptures for reading was done by Fred R. Coulter.Permission is hereby given to duplicate and/or copy this booklet, in part or inwhole, for the purpose of observing the Christian Passover.Christian Biblical Church of God P.O Box 1442 Hollister, CA 95024-1442
 About This Booklet
This booklet was written as a guide for those who desireto observe the New Covenant Passover—
the Christian Passover 
.It provides basic instructions for conducting the Passover cere-mony, as well as appropriate Scriptures to read for the service.The arrangement of the Scriptures conforms to the sequence of events at Jesus’ last Passover, when He instituted the New Cove-nant Passover on the night before His crucifixion and death. Theauthor has translated these Scriptures in a manner that is easy toread yet accurately conveys the literal meaning of the New Testa-ment Greek text.The author’s translation of these Scriptures for the Chris-tian Passover ceremony is based on the Greek text of Stephens of 1550. This was the Greek text used by the translators of the
King James Version
. The author has chosen an exacting and literaltranslation of the Greek text that is designed to express the powerand love of our Savior Jesus Christ.In this translation, the true Scriptural understanding of theHoly Spirit is presented. The true New Testament teaching, as pre-served in the Greek text, is that the Holy Spirit is not a person.Rather, it is the power of God which He puts within human beingsto accomplish spiritual works. Luke clearly describes this func-tion: “And the angel answered
said to her, ‘
Holy Spiritshall come upon you, and
power of 
Highest shall over-shadow you
’ ” (Luke 1:35). Just before He ascended into heaven,Jesus told the apostles “ ‘to await the promise of the Father,which,’
 He said 
, ‘you have heard of Me. For John indeed baptizedwith water, but you shall be baptized with
Holy Spirit
after notmany days....But you yourselves shall receive
theHoly Spirit
has come upon you...’ (Acts 1:4-8).Here is the author’s explanation of his translation of those passages in John 14, 15 and 16 which concern “the Spirit of the Truth” and “the Comforter”:“The Spirit of the Truth,” in John 14:17 comes from theGreek
to pneuma tees aleetheias
, and is another designationfor “the Holy Spirit.” In the New Testament Greek, “theHoly Spirit” is always a neuter noun, which truly reflectsthe Scriptural teaching that the Holy Spirit is the power of God and not a person. The Greek nouns for “Spirit,” “the

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