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Dancing to the Sound of Light

Dancing to the Sound of Light

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Discovering the Universe as the Dance of Light
Discovering the Universe as the Dance of Light

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Published by: Ernest Emery Richards on Sep 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Who am I?What am I?Where am I?I know I'm not the same, at least not as I remember myself;that has all changed. I have found myself anew.I've noticed the changes, mostly in the way I see myself now;it's not the same, and yet it is.I see all the past self and it's gone, or is it? Yet it's alright; it was me growing, to be me of today,to grow into tomorrow.It's now a joy, to feel the new self, each new day, a new way.Now I know my purpose in life is to live; it's that simple. There's no longer the worries; we're each different,each manifestations of ourselves.Doing what must be done, what we will. The old is no longer as much a part of my whole;I've made new discoveries; I've new feelings of which I hadnever before suspected.It was all there, but I was not yet with it.What is it?Love!Love of self, love of a person very close, love of all peoples,A love of all nature's fantastic intricacy,And love of the Universe in its immensity.All now feeding me new inputs, new reasons to be at any moment,Be it meditating in quiet solitude,Lying snuggled beside my lover in the early morning,Working hand and hand with sisters and brothers To find each other.Stopping for hours to watch a tree.Chasing clouds through the heavens,Sleeping under clear, quiet twinkles of universal gems.Now feeling myself anew,As it all,For what I feel is me,And behold it was good.
What happens after climbing the Mountains?Conquering some,Backing down from Others ? Try Again?Knowing I can do it,Learning the risk,the danger,the love,the joy Then, where do I go after reaching the summit?Do I Jump?Do I Fly?Do I leave that peak behind?Of course, I can always climb back down,Sit back, remember the struggleBut isn't that as standing still?Now who has Won? The mountain and not me.So it's decided.I must spread my Wings.I must Fly, or Die.For it feels to meas if Standing Still isa Sort of Dying,A Giving Up.Do I have the Wings?Can I learn to Fly?I'll never know unless I Try,Will I?I am the Craft to Fly.My Wings are Love. The more I spread them, the easier to Fly.Now, my wings feel so Small.Will they Hold?Spread them some more,Hey! I'm not alone,Others have Wings, They are learning, too. Touch Wing-tips,Let's Fly.

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