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A Time Comes

A Time Comes

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Published by Joanne Jackson

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Published by: Joanne Jackson on Sep 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Time Comes……
 A time comes
in life when you wake up to the factthat there is no-one coming to save you. That YOUare the one you have been waiting for. “Happily everafter” begins with you. And THAT’S OK, because inthe process a sense of peace is born of self-responsibility because now YOU are in control.
 A time comes
when you realize that not everyone isgoing to love you, agree with you or approve of youand THAT’S OK, because in the process you learn tolove and approve of yourself, to BE YOUR OWNCHAMPION.
 A time comes
when you stop complaining andblaming others for what they did to you or did not dofor you. You learn that others don’t always meanwhat they say or even say what they mean and noteveryone will be there for you and THAT’S OK, for inthe process you learn to stand on your own and TAKECARE OF YOURSELF and a sense of security andsafely is born of self-reliance.
 A time comes
when you stop judging others andpointing fingers and you begin to accept others forwho they are and THAT’S OK, for in the process asense of tolerance is born from forgiveness.
 A time comes
when you realise that much of the wayyou view yourself and the world is as a result of allthe messages and opinions of others that have beeningrained into your psyche and THAT’S OK, for in theprocess you learn to discard the doctrines and valuesthat don’t “ring true” for you and you learn to listento yourself and BE YOUR OWN AUTHORITY.
 A time comes
when you realise that the greatest joycomes from giving and contributing and that includesgiving to yourself and THAT’S OK, for in the processyou stop going through life merely as a consumer.
 A time comes
when you learn about love. How muchto give in love, when to stop giving and when to walkaway. You learn not to project your needs or fearsonto a relationship. You learn that you don’t have theright to demand love on your terms just to make youhappy and THAT’S OK, for in the process you learnUNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
 A time comes
when you realise the differencebetween guilt and responsibility and the importanceof setting boundaries and learning to say no. Youlearn to stop ignoring your feelings, smoothing thingsover and ignoring your needs and THAT’S OK,because in the process you learn that IT IS YOURRIGHT to want things and to ask for the things thatyou want.
 A time comes
when you start to accept that youdeserve to be treated with love, kindness, sensitivityand respect and you will not settle for less and THAT’S OK, in fact that is more than ok for in theprocess you internalize the meaning of SELF-RESPECT.
 A time comes
when you begin to regard your body asa “temple” and you begin to care for it and treat itwith respect and love.
 A time comes
when you realise that fatiguediminishes the spirit and can create fear, worry anddoubt and so you take time to rest and rejuvenate.
 A time comes
when you learn the importance of joy. Just as food fuels the body, laughter and fun fuels theSoul. So you take more time to laugh, have fun andplay.
 A time comes
when you realise that in life you getwhat you believe you deserve and that much of life isa self-fulfilling prophecy.
 A time comes
when you learn to let go of negativefeelings such as anger, envy, or worry or they willsuffocate the life out of you. And you learn to admitwhen you are wrong and how to BUILD BRIDGESinstead of walls.

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