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Drink Tank 291

Drink Tank 291

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The first issue of The Drink Tank after the 2011 Hugo win! It was pretty awesome!
The first issue of The Drink Tank after the 2011 Hugo win! It was pretty awesome!

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Published by: Rev. Dr. Christopher J. Garcia on Sep 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Letter Graded Mail
sent to garcia@computerhistory.org
Let us start wth the Editor of Quantum Bollocks... Jinnie!
Hi Chris!Just wanted to say thanks for having sent me several LoCs for my fledgling zine, huge congratulationsfor winning a Hugo award (I’m one of the several thousands who have seen the video online) and I really enjoyedDT290. I love 2001: A Space Odyssey and once I’d seen the film I found and read the book. Years later I discovered2010, 2061 and 3001 and read and enjoyed them as well. I think I shall have to re-read them all now. I agree withTaral Wayne that a little ego stroking can be nice - every time I get a LoC I feel happy, and I was really overjoyedwhen my new zine got a good review in a recent edition of Zine Dump.Jinnie the Perky Goth
Thanks for writing in! I wish I had found a bit of time to comment on your last coupel of issues, which Ireally enjoyed myself! And Now, Lloyd Penney!
Dear Chris:Is the buzz done? I sure hope not. Now that Worldcon is about two weeks or so in the past, we can look back and smile as some great memories. Once again, congratulations on the Hugo, and I realized that I’ve got alot of your zines, and haven’t responded to them yet. Top of the list is The Drink Tank 289 and 290.
The buzz isn’t gone, which is kinda amazing. Even floating several inches off the ground, there are stillzines to do!
289...Wish I’d been able to get down to your area to visit. Our original plans were to go to Vegas, and then takea short commuter flight to Reno, but that plan went away. We flew to Reno via Chicago, and home via Dallas. Allyour Hugo predictions were off, and aren’t you glad of that?
Well, I got a couple of ‘em right, though I got several (6?) where the one I named second won!
Eric’s letter...there is often a lot of pressure on foreign countries, Canada included, to purchase militaryequipment and munitions from the US. So, why does Canada need such planes? To keep their American allieshappy, and to help them finance their extremely expensive military.
To be fair, to have materials that we can call on when we get our panties in a bunch!
Taral should know that we’ve retired after 30 years of running cons, so my main fannish activity is writingfor fanzines. Good thing there’s such a variety of activities you can have some fun with in fandom. I was surprisedto find out that you headed to California after Reno, so good for you to have some benefactors to get you toSoCal.
I was so glad Taral made it out, though sadly I was so busy being busy that I barely got a chance to sitdown with him! On the plus side, he was there when I managed to thank him from the podium during the Hugos.
Why do we love Dr. Strangelove? Mostly because of many good doses of Peter Sellers showing us all whyhe was such a good Goon. I suspect it gave a lot of non-Americans a good laugh, because it played up all the as-sumptions they ever made about the American military.
Peter Sellers was awesome, but he always gets mentioned and George C. Scott seldom gets mentioned for his part in teh film. It’s just great stuff!
290...One of my favorite movies, and one of Yvonne’s, too, even if it wound up being an art film in many ways.But first...I never meant to upset you, referring to your father. That’s the very last thing I ever wanted to do. Youdid tell me at one time that getting the Hugo nominations weren’t all that important, and that your dad wouldn’thave cared about them. I know better now.
No worries. About halway through the ceremony, I turned to Linda and said “You know, I think the Hugosmight mean a little more to me than I thought.” Her response: You think? Dad loved the Hugos, they were his favorite awards (he never cared much about teh Oscars, but he loved the Hugos) Dad would have gotten all emotional at the ceremony, I know that. He was even more emotional than I am, evenconsidering the video evidence of my emotionality. Now my Mom, on the other hand...
I am so glad I was at the ceremony, and we’ll be talking about it for a long, long time. Great art from Frank Wu...it’s tough to draw a WTF moment, but I think you did it, Frank. If you were to mention all the people youwanted to mention, Chris, we’d still be there, but not to worry.
I love that Frank piece. It’s terrifying that the existence of a picture of me very still is a minor miracle!I wish I’d had the chance to mention a bunch more folks (your name would not have been far from thetop of that list) but at least there’s the list in the L*I*S*P that folks can look at!
Mike Glicksohn and Harry Warner were very much my loccing role models. Others told me that writingletters of comment was at the heart of fanzine fandom, and while I have had cause to doubt it at times, I havetried my best to provide feedback and content for fanzine editors as a whole. James...don’t want to leave you outof the lovefest...my congratulations to you, too. Well deserved, and keep going. It’s all going to be very interestingto see what happens in Chicago this time next year.
I’m interested to see how the voting breaks down. I’ve got a feeling that a few folks we know, like you for example, are gonna have reason to celebrate! I love Harry Warner, the greatest Fan Writer in history, ismy hero and I always regret not having started early enough to get a LoC from him.
Ah, yes, 2001! Confusing to many, a science fiction icon to even more, and I admit when the first Trek movie came out, so much of it reminded me of 2001. The suits worn by the executives on the space station wereneat and somehow retro...I wanted a suit like that. Arthur C. Clarke was someone we had wanted to meet. Thereare plans afoot to get an Arthur C. Clarke museum on the go; I hope it will be there for us to see when we goto London in 2014.
I was in London the day ACC died, I actually found out from a small little display in the window at For-bidden Planet where they had surrounded a card with a picture of him and his birth and death dateswith a small pile of his books. It was a touchign tribute. I do hope they get a museum off the ground. Ihappen to know a guy who would make a great curator for it...
I have to go to work in about 45 minutes, so I will get this ready to go. I have the newest Claims Depart-ment to loc, plus other zines...must move. Thanks a bunch, congrats again, see you in the IN box shortly.Yours, Lloyd Penney.
Thanks much, Lloyd! It’s always good to hear from ya! And now, a brief word from M Crasdan 
ChrisYou finally won one of the damn things. Good. Now you can shut up about it.I do have some substance to share with the nice people. 2001 was what we went to see on our mostfamous date.You remember, the one where you paid absolutely no attention to the fact that I was busy-handingyou all night because you were actually watchign the movie.If there is any film that can take the attention of the horny college boy away from the well-trained fingersof a doll like me, then that film must be a masterpiece.M
That is a story I had almost forgotten. It was at the Coolidge Corner, if I remember correcly? That night,I seem to remember you
doing the same thing when we saw Night on Earth.

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