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The Grave Scene of Hiram Abiff

The Grave Scene of Hiram Abiff

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Published by HiramSecret

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Published by: HiramSecret on Sep 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Grave Scene of Hiram Abiff
Presented by: Brother Michael S. NeubergerLoyalty Lodge #33 Union, New JerseyNovember 2, 2010
Bretheren, come and join me on a visit to the grave scene of Hiram Abiff.The brethren are standing around the grave, and Most Worshipful King
Solomon acknowledges, “Yes, this is the body of our operative grandmaster Hiram Biff”. He turns to the Senior Grand Warden and instructs him
to go down to the grave and to attempt to raise the body of Hiram Abiffusing the Entered Apprentice
s Grip.
The SGW goes down and returns holding his head in shame. “Oh, most
Worshipfull King Solomon, I stand before you embarrassed, for I havefailed at carrying out your wishes. I tried to raise his body, but you see, theskin was slipping from the flesh, and I was unable to raise the body of ouroperative grand master
Hiram Abiff”.MW King Solomon replies, “Don’t worry, don’t feel so bad, it could happento anyone. Why don’t you go down, but this time, use the
Fellowcraft grip,
it’s a stronger grip, and I’m sure you’ll have more luck this time”.
 The SGW goes down and he returns even more embarrassed than before,
MW King Solomon, I can barely hold back my tears and frustrations,for I have yet again failed you. I tried the Fellocraft grip, but it too failed toraise the body of Hiram Abiff, for you see the flesh was cleaving from the
 When you read the ritual, you can almost sense a feeling of panic in King
Solomon’s voice, “Oh Lord, I feel all is lost, what will we ever do?”
And asalways in times
of peril and great danger the SGW responds, “
Brethren let
us pray”
Afterwards, King Solomon replies, “
Brethren have no fear. I have one moretrick up my sleeve. I will go down, and I will raise the body of Hiram Abiff
by applying the strong grip, the true grip, the grip of the lion’s paw of Judah”
Now, this author may be a dull boring accountant from Brighton Beach
Brooklyn, who hasn’t a single creative bone in his body –
I am the furthestthing from a Cecil B. DeMille
but if I am filming this story, if I am writingthis movie, I would have the clouds slowly desipitate from the sky. The sunwill come shining forth. Heralding angels will appear, blasting trumpets,harps, French horns. Hiram Abiff will RISE from the ground ALIVE. Thebrethren will shout in a joyous crescendoing chorus
it’s a MIRACLE!!!!!
 But alas, that is not what happens, you see Hiram Abiff is still dead. Allthey were trying to do was raise his body so that they could bury it back atthe temple.

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