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Published by Reuben Tang
A short commentary that calls into question the notes published on the UPBK SMK Methodist page.
A short commentary that calls into question the notes published on the UPBK SMK Methodist page.

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Published by: Reuben Tang on Sep 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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First and foremost, I take my hat off to UPBK SMK Methodist, clearly a teacher who is venturing outinto the world of social media in order to motivate her students (as seen in strategi peperiksaan,teknik belajar, bagaimanakah meningkatkan motivasi diri, amongst others). Few teachers I knowhave bothered to try to reach out to students and any step taken in this direction is to becommended.However, first and foremost, the purpose of this essay is to serve as a critique of the points raised inthe series of essay published on UPBK SMK Methodist. I believe that these essays are to a largeextent misleading and lacking in depth when needed. I believe also, that it reflects the mindset of teachers nowadays who are too focused on results rather than the process.First off, I shall begin by addressing the series of short essays regarding motivation, I point to
‘bagaimana kamu mengenali pelajar yang bermotivasi rendah
?’ Firstly, points (2), (3), (4), (5), (7) ,(9), (10), (12) are all flawed in multiple aspects whilst the remaining points are not all necessarilytrue, as experience in at least British and Australian schools seems to indicate.
Bagaimana kamu boleh menjadi pelajar bermotivasi tinggi’ 
‘ bagaimanakah meningkatkanmotivasi dir 
i’ have few major flaws compared to ‘
bagaimana kamu mengenali pelajar yangbermotivasi rendah’ 
. However, I must point out that these lack depth and do not explore key issuesin sufficient depth. For example, ‘
Bagaimana kamu boleh menjadi pelajar bermotivasi tinggi’ 
bagaimanakah meningkatkan motivasi diri’ 
successfully transfers the role of motivating studentsfrom teachers to exclusively the student and fails to take into consideration a key aspect of theMalaysian education system, that teachers themselves are becoming less and less motivated inmotivating their students.
Teknik belajar 
cites Robinson (1961), Pauk (1962) and Edwards (1973) and based on experience as aMalaysian, I am forced to ask, did the author actually read these articles when citing or copy off agovernment issued guide that is supposedly effective at motivating students or teaching them the‘correct’ way of studying? Never mind the fact that these citations are older than my parents, nevermind that techniques expressed are probably severely outdated, never mind the fact that practicallyno one can memorize the silly mnemonics. I ask fundamentally, is there even a ‘correct’ way of studying?
Strategi peperiksaan’ 
and ‘
teknik belajar’ 
further reinforce my point regarding major flaws and lackof depth when needed as who actually needs a well defined
strategi peperiksaan
? Isn’t thatsomething students would logically come up with as they progress through school? Point 6 of 
teknik-teknik semasa dalam dewan peperiksaan
is completely arbitrary, and to deny a student a fairassessment of their knowledge based simply on account of small handwriting is just wrong.Yet, in all fairness, teachers nowadays are forced to place performance first (as highlighted in theGovernment transformation program 2010), are often bogged down by beaurocracy, over-worked(out student to teacher ratio is still horrible compared to the rest of the world), and despite all this,this teacher at UPBK has still been able to find the time to try and reach out to her students. I wishhim/her success in the future as he/she seems to be one of the few teachers who seem to careabout their students, and looking back as a student of SMK Methodist, they are the few I continue toregard as my teachers.

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