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Tam Su Tuong Luu Vong-phan1

Tam Su Tuong Luu Vong-phan1



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Published by api-3725973

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Published by: api-3725973 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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B\u00e9 y\u00eau!
C\ue000n V\ue001 \ue002\ue0031
VI\ue000T NAM M\u00c1U L\ue001A QU\u00ca H\ue002\ue003NG T\u00d4I
\u2013 T\u00c2M S\ue004 T\ue002\ue005NG L\ue002U VONG

T\u00e1c gi\ue004:Ho\u00e0nh Linh\ue002\ue005 M\ue000u
Th\ue006c hi\ue001n ebook:C\ue000n V\ue001 \ue002\ue003
C\ue007ng t\u00e1c vi\u00ean: B\u00e9 y\u00eau M\u00e8o L\ue008\ue009i

Ph\ue007n 1
1 - Qu\ue002ng b\u00ecnh qu\u00ea h\ue005\ue008ng\ue009\ue00anh m\ue000nh

Trong su\ue000t qu\u00e1 tr\u00ecnh l\ue001ch s\ue002 c\ue003n\ue004\ue005i c\ue006a n\ue007\ue008c ta, tr\u00ean c\ue009 ba mi\ue00an\ue004\ue00bt n\ue007\ue008c
m\u00e0\ue004\ue00cc bi\ue00dt t\ue005i mi\ue00an Trung, khi n\u00f3i\ue004\ue00en c\u00e1i \u201cl\u00f2\u201d c\u00e1ch m\ue005ng hay c\u00e1i \u201cn\u00f4i\u201d v\ue00fn h\ue010c
l\u00e0 ph\ue009i n\u00f3i\ue004\ue00en hai t\ue011nh Ngh\ue00d An, H\u00e0 T\ue012nh\ue013 ph\u00eda b\ue014c\ue015\u00e8o Ngang, v\u00e0 hai t\ue011nh
Qu\ue009ng Nam, Qu\ue009ng Ng\u00e3i\ue013 ph\u00eda nam\ue015\u00e8o H\ue009i V\u00e2n. Nh\ue016ng b\ue003c h\u00e0o ki\ue00dt t\u00e0i danh

\ue004\ue017ng \ue004\ue018u ng\ue010n s\u00f3ng c\u00e1ch m\ue005ng ho\ue00cc l\u00e0m \ue004\ue019p cho n\ue00an thi v\ue00fn \ue004\ue00btn\ue007\ue008c nh\ue007

Phan B\ue01ai Ch\u00e2u, Phan\ue015\u00ecnh Ph\u00f9ng, Nguy\ue01bn Du, Nguy\ue01bn C\u00f4ng Tr\ue017 \ue004\ue00au xu\ue00bt th\u00e2n
t\ue01c v\u00f9ng\ue004\ue00bt Ngh\ue00d T\ue012nh; c\u00f2n nh\ue016ng t\u00ean tu\ue01di c\ue006a Phan Chu Trinh, Tr\ue018n Cao V\u00e2n,
Tr\ue018n Qu\u00ed C\u00e1p th\u00ec l\ue005i v\ue007\ue01en l\u00ean t\ue01c v\u00f9ng\ue004\ue00bt Nam Ng\u00e3i, n\ue01ei\ue004 \ue007\ue01fc mang danh l\u00e0\ue004\ue00bt
c\ue006a \u201cNg! Ph"ng T\ue00a Phi\u201d (n\ue00fm con r#ng c\u00f9ng bay) nh$ k% thi H\ue01ai n\ue00fm M\ue003u Tu\ue00bt
(1898) ba ti\ue00en s\ue012 v\u00e0 hai ph\u00f3 b\ue009ng trong s\ue000 m\ue007$i t\u00e1m v\ue001 chi\ue00em b\ue009ng v\u00e0ng\ue004\ue00au
xu\ue00bt th\u00e2n t\ue01c t\ue011nh Qu\ue009ng Nam, cho n\u00ean vua Th\u00e0nh Th\u00e1i m\ue008i ban cho n\ue00fm v\ue001 t\u00e2n
khoa b\ue000n ch\ue016 \u201cNg! Ph"ng t\ue00a phi\u201d vang r\ue00an\ue004\ue00bt n\ue007\ue008c.

Ngh\ue00d T\ue012nh v\u00e0 Nam Ng\u00e3i, d\ue007\ue008i th$i Ph\u00e1p thu\ue01ac, c!ng ch\u00ednh l\u00e0 v\u00f9ng b\ue00bt khu\ue00bt,
ti\ue00ep n\ue000i truy\ue00an th\ue000ng c\u00e1ch m\ue005ng ch\ue000ng ngo\ue005i x\u00e2m c\ue006a cha \u00f4ng, v\u00f9ng l\u00ean\ue004\ue000i
kh\u00e1ng ch\u00ednh quy\ue00an b\ue009o h\ue01a Ph\u00e1p m\u00e0\ue004i&n h\u00ecnh l\u00e0 c\u00e1c cu\ue01ac\ue004\ue00bu tranh c\ue006a V\ue00fn
th\u00e2n, c\ue006a C\ue018n v\ue007\ue01eng, l\u00e0 phong tr\u00e0o ch\ue000ng thu\ue00e\ue013 Nam Ng\u00e3i, l\u00e0 phong tr\u00e0o X\u00f4
Vi\ue00et\ue013 Ngh\ue00d T\ue012nh. H# Ch\u00ed Minh, Ph\ue005m V\ue00fn\ue015#ng v\u00e0 m\ue01at s\ue000 c\u00e1c l\u00e3nh t" kh\u00e1c c\ue006a

\ue004\ue009ng c\ue01ang s\ue009n Vi\ue00dt nam, c!ng xu\ue00bt th\u00e2n t\ue01c l\u00f2 luy\ue00dn th\u00e9p n\u00e0y.

B\u00ean c\ue005nh v\u00f3c d\u00e1ng v\u00e0 kh\u00ed th\ue00e l'y l\ue01cng c\ue006a b\ue000n t\ue011nh k& tr\u00ean, B\u00ecnh Tr\ue001 Thi\u00ean l\u00e0
ba t\ue011nh n(m gi\ue016a hai ng\ue010n\ue004\u00e8o l\ue008n\ue004\u00f3 c\ue006a mi\ue00an Trung, v\u00ec quen nh\ue010c nh(n ch\ue000ng
l\ue005i thi\u00ean nhi\u00ean h\u00e0 kh\ue014c, l\ue005i v\ue000n l\u00e0m c\u00e1i\ue004\u00f2n g\u00e1nh ch\u00ednh tr\ue001 o(n vai v\u00ec s\ue017c n\ue00cng
c\u00e1ch m\ue005ng c\ue006a b\ue000n t\ue011nh ti\ue00ep gi\u00e1p n\u00ean c!ng\ue004\u00e3 c\ue007u mang trong s\ue017c s\ue000ng t\ue00bt c\ue009
c\u00e1i h\u00e0o h\u00f9ng v\u00e0 oan nghi\ue00dt c\ue006a l\ue001ch s\ue002. T\ue011nh Qu\ue009ng B\u00ecnh, tuy l\u00e0 m\ue01at t\ue011nh nh) v\ue00a
c\ue009 hai ph\ue007\ue01eng di\ue00dn d\u00e2n s\ue000 l'n di\ue00dn t\u00edch nh$\ue004\u00f3 chi\ue00em\ue004 \ue007\ue01fc\ue004\ue001a v\ue001 c\ue006a m\ue01at v\u00f9ng

\ue004\ue00bt qu\u00ea h\ue007\ue01eng n\ue01di ti\ue00eng \ue004\ue001a linh nh\u00e2n ki\ue00dt.

T\ue01c \ue004$i H\u00f9ng V\ue007\ue01eng, Qu\ue009ng B\u00ecnh\ue004\u00e3 l\u00e0 m\ue01at trong m\ue007$i l\ue00fm b\ue01a c\ue006a n\ue007\ue008c V\ue00fn
Lang, c\u00f3 t\u00ean l\u00e0 Vi\ue00dt Th\ue007$ng v\ue008i th\ue006\ue004\u00f4 l\u00e0 Phong Ch\u00e2u. V\u00ec l\u00e0 t\ue011nh c*c Nam ti\ue00ep
gi\u00e1p v\ue008i bi\u00ean gi\ue008i Chi\u00eam Th\u00e0nh n\u00ean su\ue000t m\ue01at th$i gian d\u00e0i trong qu\u00e1 tr\u00ecnh d*ng
n\ue007\ue008c v\u00e0 m\ue013 n\ue007\ue008c, Qu\ue009ng B\u00ecnh\ue004\u00e3 l\u00e0 chi\ue00en\ue004\ue001a kh\ue000c li\ue00dt v\u00e0 dai d+ng, l\ue014m phen
thay ng\u00f4i\ue004\ue01di ch\ue006 gi\ue016a hai d\u00e2n t\ue01ac Chi\u00eam Th\u00e0nh b\ue014t\ue004 \ue007\ue01fc vua Ch\ue00e C\ue006 v\u00e0 s\u00e1t

B\u00e9 y\u00eau!
C\ue000n V\ue001 \ue002\ue0032

nh\ue003p ba ch\u00e2u\ue015\ue001a L\u00fd, Ma Linh v\u00e0 B\ue01d Ch\u00ednh th\u00ec Qu\ue009ng B\u00ecnh (v\u00e0 ph\ue018n\ue004\ue00bt ph\u00eda
b\ue014c t\ue011nh Qu\ue009ng Tr\ue001) m\ue008i ho\u00e0n to\u00e0n thu\ue01ac v\ue00a l\u00e3nh th\ue01d n\ue007\ue008c Vi\ue00dt nam v\u00e0 thu\ue01ac v\ue00a
ch\ue006 quy\ue00an d\u00e2n t\ue01ac Vi\ue00dt nam cho\ue004\ue00en b\u00e2y gi$.

Tuy l\u00e0 m\ue01at t\ue011nh nh), d\u00f9 b\ue00a d\u00e0i 110 c\u00e2y s\ue000, nh\ue007ng b\ue00a ngang ch\ue011 v\u00e0o kho\ue009ng 45 c\u00e2y s\ue000, quanh n\ue00fm \u00e1ch n\ue007\ue008c tai tr$i, l\ue007ng d*a v\u00e0o Tr\ue007$ng S\ue01en huy\ue00an b\u00ed, m\ue00ct nh\u00ecn v\ue00a bi&n\ue015\u00f4ng th\u00e9t g\u00e0o,\ue004\ue00bt c\u00e0y l\u00ean kh\u00f4ng s)i th\u00ec\ue004\u00e1, nh\ue007ng t\ue005o h\u00f3a l\ue005i

\ue004\ue00an b\u00f9 cho Qu\ue009ng B\u00ecnh nhi\ue00au danh lam th\ue014ng c\ue009nh \ue004&t\u00f4 \ue004i&m th\u00eam cho thanh
k%, m, t\u00fa m\u00e0 nhi\ue00au t\ue011nh kh\u00e1c kh\u00f4ng c\u00f3. L!y Th\ue018y,\ue015\u00e8o Ngang, s\u00f4ng Linh Giang,
\ue004\ue01ang Phong Nha... kh\u00f4ng nh\ue016ng l\u00e0 k% t\u00edch c\ue006a thi\u00ean nhi\u00ean m\u00e0 c\u00f2n l\u00e0 nh\ue016ng \ue004\ue001a
danh ghi\ue004\ue003m nh\ue016ng bi\ue00en c\ue000 h\u00e0o h\u00f9ng trong l\ue001ch s\ue002 n\ue007\ue008c nh\u00e0.
\ue015\u00e8o Ngang n(m tr\u00ean m\ue01atr\ue00cng n\u00fai b\ue014t ngu#n t\ue01c d\u00e3y Tr\ue007$ng S\ue01en, v\ue007\ue01en ra
bi&n Nam H\ue009i nh\ue007 m\ue01at b\ue017c t\ue007$ng th\u00e0nh h\u00f9ng v\ue012 n\u00ean c\u00f3 l- v\u00ec th\ue00e m\u00e0 r\ue00cng n\u00fai n\u00e0y
\ue004\ue007\ue01fc g\ue010i l\u00e0 Ho\u00e0nh S\ue01en. S\ue002 ch\u00e9p r(ng ch\u00faa Nguy\ue01bn Ho\u00e0ng th$i L\u00ea M\ue005t tr\ue007\ue008c

khi v\u00e0o tr\ue00bn nh\ue003m\ue015\u00e0ng Trong, c\u00f3 cho ng\ue007$i\ue004\ue00en th\ue011nh \u00fd c" Tr\ue005ng Nguy\ue01bn B\ue011nh Khi\u00eam. C" nh\u00ecn th\ue00by m\ue01at\ue004\u00e0n ki\ue00en\ue004ang b\u00f2 l\u00ean h\u00f2n gi\ue009 s\ue01en tr\ue007\ue008c s\u00e2n nh\u00e0, b\u00e8n n\u00f3i \u201cHo\u00e0nh S\ue01en nh\ue00bt\ue004\u00e1i v\ue005n\ue004\ue005i dung th\u00e2n\u201d (n\u00fai Ho\u00e0nh m\ue01at d\u00e3y v\ue005n\ue004$i dung th\u00e2n).

C\u00e2u chuy\ue00dn thu\ue01ac v\ue00a d\u00e3 s\ue002 kh\u00f4ng r\u00f5 th*c h\ue007, nh\ue007ng k& t\ue01c n\ue00fm 1558, khi
ch\u00faa Tr\ue001nh cho Nguy\ue01bn Ho\u00e0ng v\u00e0o Nam tr\ue00bn nh\ue003m cho\ue004\ue00en khi nh\u00e0 Nguy\ue01bn l\ue003p
qu\ue000c x\ue007ng v\ue007\ue01eng v\u00e0o n\ue00fm 1802, r#i k\u00e9o d\u00e0i cho\ue004\ue00en n\ue00fm 1945, khi vua B\ue009o\ue015\ue005i
tho\u00e1i v\ue001, t\ue01dng c\ue01ang g\ue018n 400 n\ue00fm k& c!ng l\u00e0 v\ue005n\ue004\ue005i l\ue014m r#i.

C\ue009nh v\ue003t\ue015\u00e8o Ngang nh\ue007 l\u00e0 n\ue01ei tao ng\ue01a c\ue006a tr$i m\u00e2y, non n\ue007\ue008c,\ue004\ue00bt\ue004\u00e1, c)
c\u00e2y, l\ue005i c\u00f3\ue009i quan tr\ue01e gan c\u00f9ng ng\u00e0y th\u00e1ng, c\u00f3 C\ue01d L!y pha\ue004\ue003m n\u00e9t r\u00eau phong,
c\ue009nh tr\u00ed v\ue01ca h\u00f9ng v\ue012 v\ue01ca n\u00ean th\ue01e d\ue01b l\u00e0m\ue004\ue01ang l\u00f2ng kh\u00e1ch du quan m.i khi\ue004i qua

\ue004\u00e8o. Vua L\u00ea Th\u00e1nh T\u00f4n, B\u00e0 Huy\ue00dn Thanh Quan, T\ue009n \ue015\u00e0 Nguy\ue01bn Kh\ue014c Hi\ue00eu...

nh\ue016ng thi h\u00e0o t\u00ean tu\ue01di c\ue006a Vi\ue00dt nam d\ue01cng ch\u00e2n tr\u00ean\ue004\ue011nh\ue004\u00e8o,\ue004\ue01ang l\u00f2ng ho\u00e0i
c\ue009m tr\ue007\ue008c c\ue009nh v\ue003t giao h\u00f2a\ue004\u00e3\ue004& l\ue005i nh\ue016ng v\ue018n th\ue01e l\u00e1ng lai t\u00ecnh non n\ue007\ue008c.
Ng\ue007$i Vi\ue00dt nam kh\u00f4ng m\ue00by ai kh\u00f4ng bi\ue00et b\u00e0i th\ue01e ho\u00e0i c\ue009m Qua\ue015\u00e8o Ngang t\ue017c

c\ue009nh c\ue006a B\u00e0 Huy\ue00dn Thanh Quan:
B\ue007\ue008c t\ue008i\ue015\u00e8o Ngang b\u00f3ng x\ue00e t\u00e0
C) c\u00e2y chen d\u00e1, l\u00e1 chen hoa
Lom khom d\ue007\ue008i n\u00fai ti\ue00au v\u00e0i ch\u00fa
L\u00e1c d\u00e1c b\u00ean s\u00f4ng ch\ue01f m\ue00by nh\u00e0 .
Nh\ue008 n\ue007\ue008c\ue004au l\u00f2ng con qu\ue000c qu\ue000c,
Th\ue007\ue01eng nh\u00e0 m)i mi\ue00dng c\u00e1i gia gia
D\ue01cng ch\u00e2n\ue004\ue017ng l\ue005i tr$i non n\ue007\ue008c,
M\ue01at m\ue009nh t\u00ecnh ri\u00eang ta v\ue008i ta.
C\u00e1ch\ue015\u00e8o Ngang 15 c\u00e2y s\ue000 v\ue00a ph\u00eda Nam c\u00f3 s\u00f4ng Gianh m\u00e0 l\u00f2ng s\u00f4ng v\ue01ca

s\u00e2u l\ue007\ue01fng n\ue007\ue008c l\ue005i v\ue01ca ch\ue009y m\ue005nh. S\u00f4ng Gianh b\ue014t ngu#n t\ue01c n\u00fai r\ue01cng Tr\ue007$ng S\ue01en hi&m tr\ue013, b\ue005t n\u00fai xuy\u00ean ng\u00e0n t\ue005o ra nhi\ue00au th\u00e1c l\ue014m gh\ue00anh v\u00e0\ue004\ue01d \u00f2a ra bi&n Nam H\ue009i, c\ue014t\ue004\u00f4i\ue004\ue00bt n\ue007\ue008c th\u00e0nh hai mi\ue00an ri\u00eang bi\ue00dt. B\ue00a ngang r\ue01ang l\ue008n c\ue006a d\u00f2ng s\u00f4ng v\u00e0 th\ue00e ch\ue009y m\u00e3nh li\ue00dt c\ue006a d\u00f2ng n\ue007\ue008c bi\ue00en s\u00f4ng Gianh th\u00e0nh m\ue01at tr\ue013 l*c thi\u00ean nhi\u00ean h\ue016u \u00edch cho c\u00e1c nh\u00e0 qu\u00e2n s* mu\ue000n t\ue005o m\ue01at th\ue00e b\ue000 ph\u00f2ng v\ue016ng ch\ue014c v\u00e0o c\u00e1i th$i m\u00e0 v! kh\u00ed v\u00e0 c\u00e1c ph\ue007\ue01eng ti\ue00dn v\ue003n t\ue009i c\u00f2n gi\ue008i h\ue005n.

B\u00e9 y\u00eau!
C\ue000n V\ue001 \ue002\ue0033
C\ue002a s\u00f4ng Gianh n\ue007\ue008c ch\ue009y xi\ue00et, kh\u00f3 b\ue014c c\ue018u, thuy\ue00an b\u00e8 qua l\ue005i kh\u00f3 kh\ue00fn

nguy hi&m n\u00ean d\u00e2n gian m\ue008i v\u00ed von:
Bao gi$ n\ue007\ue008c c\ue005n\ue015#ng Nai
S\u00f4ng Gianh b\ue008t ch\ue009y m\ue008i phai l$i nguy\ue00an

Tuy c\ue002a s\u00f4ng Gianh hi&m tr\ue013 nh\ue007ng\ue004\u00e2y c!ng l\ue005i l\u00e0 n\ue01ei phong c\ue009nh h\ue016u t\u00ecnh,
n\u00ean th\ue01e v\ue008i ti\ue00eng gi\u00f3 th\ue01di l\ue01ang qua h\u00e0ng d\ue007\ue01eng li\ue01bu vi vu tr.i l\u00ean nh\ue016ng b\ue009n nh\ue005c
du d\ue007\ue01eng tr\ue018m h\u00f9ng v\ue008i nh\ue016ng c\u00e1nh bu#m n\u00e2u tr\ue013 v\ue00a b\ue00en c! khi b\u00f3ng x\ue00e chi\ue00au
t\u00e0, v\ue008i ti\ue00eng s\u00f3ng d\ue005t d\u00e0o theo con n\ue007\ue008c th\ue006y tri\ue00au l\u00ean xu\ue000ng. Kh\u00e1ch l\ue016 h\u00e0nh
m)i m\ue00dt sau nh\ue016ng ch\ue00cng\ue004 \ue007$ng d\u00e0i tr\u00ean con\ue004 \ue007$ng thi\u00ean l\u00fd,\ue004\ue00en c\ue002a s\u00f4ng
Gianh d\ue01cng ch\u00e2n ngh\ue011 l\ue005i trong nh\ue016ng ng\u00f4i qu\u00e1n tranh c\ue006a d\u00e2n x\u00f3m Thanh H\u00e0,
ph\u00eda h\ue016u ng\ue005n s\u00f4ng Gianh, n\ue00em m\u00f9i h\ue009i v\ue001, u\ue000ng ch\u00e9n ch\u00e8 t\ue007\ue01ei, ng\ue014m nh\u00ecn b\ue017c
tranh thi\u00ean t\ue005o, h\ue007\ue013ng l\u00e0n gi\u00f3 m\u00e1t tr\ue007\ue008c khi ti\ue00ep t"c cu\ue01ac h\u00e0nh tr\u00ecnh ng\ue007\ue01fc B\ue014c
xu\u00f4i Nam.

R$i s\u00f4ng Gianh, theo ph\ue007\ue01eng Nam m\u00e0\ue004i h\ue01en 30 c\u00e2y s\ue000 n\ue017a, kh\u00e1ch l\ue016 h\u00e0nh
s- g\ue00cp\ue015#ng H\ue008i, t\ue011nh l/ Qu\ue009ng B\u00ecnh, c\u00f3\ue015\ue01ang H\ue009i, c\u00f3 c\ue01dng B\u00ecnh Quan, c\u00f3 c\ue01d
l!y Ph\u00fa Ninh, c\u00f3 nh\ue016ng ti\ue00an\ue004#n c\ue006a L!y Th\ue018y, nh\ue016ng di t\u00edch c\u00f2n s\u00f3t l\ue005i c\ue006a th$i
Tr\ue001nh Nguy\ue01bn ph\u00e2n tranh. Ti\ue00ep t"c\ue004i v\ue00a h\ue007\ue008ng Nam, b\ue00fng qua s\u00f4ng Nh\ue003t L\ue00d,
kh\u00e1ch l\ue016 h\u00e0nh s- t\u00ecm th\ue00by nh\ue016ng ki\ue00en tr\u00fac r\u00eau phong v\ue000n l\u00e0 v\ue00et t\u00edch c\ue006a L!y
Th\ue018y, c\u00f2n\ue004\ue007 \ue01fc g\ue010i l\u00e0 Tr\ue007$ng th\u00e0nh\ue015\ue001nh B\ue014c L!y Th\ue018y, chi\ue00en l!y v\ue016ng v\u00e0ng\ue004\u00e3
t\ue01cng ch\ue00cn\ue004\ue017ng r\ue00bt nhi\ue00au k\ue00e ho\ue005ch nam ti\ue00en c\ue006a qu\u00e2n Ch\u00faa Tr\ue001nh,\ue004 \ue007\ue01fc x\u00e2y t\ue01c
n\ue00fm 1629 do s\u00e1ng ki\ue00en chi\ue00en l\ue007\ue01fc c\ue006a v\ue001 qu\u00e2n s\ue007 t\u00e0i ba v\u00e0\ue004\ue018y m\ue007u l\ue007\ue01fc c\ue006a
nh\u00e0 Nguy\ue01bn l\u00e0 \u00f4ng\ue015\u00e0o Duy T\ue01c. \u00d4ng v\ue000n xu\ue00bt th\u00e2n t\ue01c m\ue01at gia\ue004\u00ecnh l\u00e0m ngh\ue00a h\u00e1t
x\ue007\ue008ng, c\u00e1i ngh\ue00a m\u00e0 x\u00e3 h\ue01ai phong ki\ue00en ng\u00e0y x\ue007a th\ue007$ng khinh b\ue011 g\ue010i l\u00e0 \u201cx\ue007\ue008ng
ca v\u00f4 lo\ue005i. Th\ue006a thi\ue00eu th$i c\u00f3 l\u00fac \u00f4ng ph\ue009i\ue004i\ue00fn xin t\ue01c l\u00e0ng n\u00e0y qua l\u00e0ng kh\u00e1c v\u00e0
r\ue00bt nhi\ue00au l\ue018n ph\ue009i ch\ue00fn tr\u00e2u cho c\u00e1c nh\u00e0 ph\u00fa h\ue01a \ue004& \ue004\ue01di l\ue00by b\u00e1t c\ue01em th\ue01ca. Trong
ho\u00e0n c\ue009nh kh\ue000n c\u00f9ng\ue004\u00f3, l\ue005i c\u00f2n b\ue001 ch\ue00cn\ue004\ue017ng t\ue007\ue01eng lai b\ue013i b\ue017c th\u00e0nh giai c\ue00bp
c\ue01d t"c, \u00f4ng v'n quy\ue00et t\u00e2m s\u00f4i kinh n\ue00bu s\ue002 m\ue01at m\u00ecnh\ue004& trau d#i tr\u00ed\ue004\ue017c v\u00e0 sau
n\u00e0y tr\ue013 th\u00e0nh b\ue003c hi\ue00an t\u00e0i m\ue007u cao ch\u00ed l\ue008n\ue004\ue007 \ue01fc ch\u00faa Nguy\ue01bn Ph\u00fac Nguy\u00ean v\u00e0
c\u00e1c quan xem nh\ue007 b\ue003c th\ue018y.

L!y Th\ue018y d\u00e0i ba tr\ue00fm tr\ue007\ue01fng, ch\ue005y t\ue01c ch\u00e2n n\u00fai\ue015\ue018u M\ue003u ph\u00eda T\u00e2y huy\ue00dn L\ue00d
Th\ue006y,\ue004\ue00en c\ue002a s\u00f4ng Nh\ue003t L\ue00d thu\ue01ac ph\ue006 Qu\ue009ng Ninh,\ue004\u00e3 l\u00e0 chi\ue00en l!y ch\ue00cn\ue004\ue017ng
\ue004\ue007\ue01fc nhi\ue00au cu\ue01act\ue00bn c\u00f4ng c\ue006a qu\u00e2n ph\ue007\ue01eng B\ue014c. V\u00ec th\ue00em\ue008i c\u00f3 l$i truy\ue00an t"ng:

Kh\u00f4n ngoan qua c\ue002a s\u00f4ng La
D\u00f9 ai c\u00f3 c\u00e1nh kh\u00f3 qua L!y Th\ue018y
Ngo\u00e0i nh\ue016ng c\ue009nh tr\u00ed non n\ue007\ue008c\ue004\u00e3\ue004 \ue007\ue01fc nh\ue014c nh\ue013 nhi\ue00au trong s\ue002 s\u00e1ch ng\u00e0n

\ue004$i c\ue006a d\u00e2n t\ue01ac Vi\ue00dt, Qu\ue009ng B\u00ecnh c\u00f2n c\u00f3 nhi\ue00au phong c\ue009nh \ue004em t* h\u00e0o cho d\u00e2n
ch\u00fang\ue004\ue001a ph\ue007\ue01eng. C\u00e1ch t\ue011nh l/ \ue015#ng H\ue008i 17 c\u00e2y s\ue000 v\ue00a ph\u00eda T\u00e2y, c\u00f3\ue004\ue01ang Phong
Nha thu\ue01ac huy\ue00dn B\ue000 Tr\ue005ch, m\ue01at th\ue014ng c\ue009nh v\u00f4 c\u00f9ng k% v\ue012. Mu\ue000n v\u00e0o\ue004\ue01ang ph\ue009i
\ue004i b(ng thuy\ue00an, ph\ue009i c\u00f3 \ue004u\ue000c d'n \ue004\ue007$ng; trong \ue004\ue01ang c\u00f3 su\ue000i n\ue007\ue008c xanh m\u00e0u

ng\ue010c b\u00edch, c\u00f3 th\ue005ch nh! nh\u00f4 ra nh\ue007 nh\ue016ng b\u00e0n tay Ph\ue003t, c\u00f3 nh\ue016ng ki\ue00en tr\u00fac
thi\u00ean nhi\u00ean nh\ue007 nh\ue016ng t\u00f2a l\u00e2u\ue004\u00e0i tr\u00e1ng l\ue00d huy ho\u00e0ng, l\ue005i c\u00f3 nh\ue016ng s\u00e2n kh\ue00bu do
th\ue01f Tr$i s\ue014p\ue004\ue00ct v\ue008i phong c\ue009nh trang tr\u00ed,\ue004\u00e0o k\u00e9p m\u00faa may th\ue003t di\ue01bm\ue009o th\ue018n
ti\u00ean. Nh\ue016ng gi\ue010t n\ue007\ue008c t\ue01c nh!\ue004\u00e1 r\ue01ei xu\ue000ng su\ue000i n(m s\u00e2u trong l\u00f2ng\ue004\ue01ang t\ue005o
th\u00e0nh nh\ue016ng\ue004i\ue00du nh\ue005c tr\ue018m bu#n m.i khi n\ue007\ue008c chao\ue004\ue01ang\ue004\ue003p v\u00e0o gh\ue00anh\ue004\u00e1 th\u00ec

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