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The Blind Side

The Blind Side

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Published by Heather Copsis

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Published by: Heather Copsis on Sep 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ideologies1Fighting through ideologiesHeather CopsisOrganizational CommunicationProfessor BaldrigeApril 29, 2010
You can’t choose the family, situation, or environment that you are born into.
Some of us are luckier then others. People can be born into wealthy families andpeople can be born in a broke poor family, making it extremely hard to get out of.People are who are born into tough situations like that sometimes accept it to staywith their family and people that they have grown up with. Growing up the maincharacter, Michael Orr, in the movie The Blind Side was help back by the straintheory and the ideology that he would grow up to be nothing more then his motherand friends. Looking at this from a Interpretive perspective, you have to understandthe culture in which Michael Orr was born into that makes it hard for him to get out 
of. This movie makes for a great lesson that people shouldn’t accept ideologies and
stereotypes because they can always be broken.
The Blind Side is based on a true story about now NFL player for the Ravens,Michael Orr. Michael was an African American boy born into an unstableenvironment who eventually become homeless. His mother abused drugs and livedoff the government for all his life. She had a lot of other children, all of them fromdifferent fathers. Michael d
idn’t know most of other siblings or his father.
He lived inthe projects where all kids did was do and sell drugs and drink. It was a horrible andunsafe environment to grow up in (Hancook).
An ideology is a “body of ideas that reflect the social needs o
r world-view of an individual,
group, or culture”
(Papa, Daniels, & Spiker, 2008, p.196 ). The world-view of the culture of group of people that live in the projects is they will never leavethe projects. They will result to dropping out of schools, doing and/or selling drugs,and drinking. Most of the time people believe they are the group that steal and rob
Ideologies3from people, join gangs, beat people up, break laws, carry around guns, and even killand hurt other people.Ideologies like the ones listed above were the shown through out the wholemovie. Another then people not thinking Michael would ever get out of the hoodanother big ideology in the movie was those from the teachers at the mostly allwhite private Christian school Michael attended. They believed that because he hada horrible school record before and he was from the projects that he would never dowell or graduate from that school. There a lot of people that think like this, that people from lower classes wont be able to make it in school and this movie is a great example of that (Hancook).
Simons and Ingram, theorized that “
the basic relationship between ideologyand organization is moderated by social pressures and economic incentives that result from differences between the organization and its environment on Issues of 
ideology” (Simons and Ingram).
There are social pressures from both organizationsthat have caused ideologies in both group. In the organizations that the
scame from, the rich have social pressure to always look, dress, and act a certain way.
Adopting a homeless African American is not viewed as the “right” way to act by this
group. In the organization that Michael came from, there is pressure to fit in bybeing involved in a gang and selling/doing drugs, which is where these ideologiescome from. Its also looked down upon to leave where you came from, people view
you as a trader which is why most people don’t leave the projects, because they
wont be accepted if they ever need to come back (Hancook).
The strain theory states that, “people accept ideology because it provides

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