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Oats made better! Try this healthy recipe to get some tasty carbohydrates into your life. [Read more]
Oats made better! Try this healthy recipe to get some tasty carbohydrates into your life. [Read more]

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he thought o having toscar down a plain bowl omundane oatmeal zapped inthe microwave with water justto adhere to your diet isn’t exactlyappetizing. While it’s true that oatsare quick, easy and convenient, theyleave much to be desired in terms otaste, excitement and variety. Thatis, unless you know how to spicethem up. Let’s rst take a look at thissuper carbohydrate beore we writeit o in avor o sweet potatoes orwheat pasta.For starters, the known healthbenets o oats are simply amazing.More than 40 studies have proventhat oats have the eect o loweringLDL “bad” cholesterol. This benetis due to the high amount o solubleber present in this super grain, whichhas been proven to lower the risko heart disease as well. And while
By Alissa Carpio
on the subject o ber, it’s importantto point out that meeting daily berrequirements is necessary to maintainhealthy gastrointestinal unction.Some studies show that individualswith adequate daily ber intake havebetter weight management as well.Oatmeal is an incredible wholegrain. The Food Pyramid recommendsthat hal your grain intake come romwhole grains. Necessary vitamins andnutrients ound in the bran and germ othe grain are lost in the milling processo rened “white” grains. Whole grainsprovide satiety (eeling o ullness),promote digestive health, lower bloodpressure and cholesterol and lower risko developing colon, stomach, rectaland prostate cancers. Whole grainsmay also reduce risk o developingType 2 diabetes and help control bloodsugar among diabetics. Whole grainssuch as oatmeal are broken down by
Tired of eating the same bowlof oatmeal every morningto get those omplex arbs?
spi i p.
Fun Facts
on oAtmeAl
80 perent o Amerianhouseholds have oatmeal intheir upboards.
The most popular toppings oroatmeal are milk, sugar, ruitand butter.
Oatmeal osts about 15 entsper serving.
 January is Oatmeal Month,reated by the Quakerompany in the 1980’s.
Oatmeal ookies are thenumber one non-ereal useor oatmeal, ollowed bymeatloa.
An 18-oune ontainer oQuaker Old Fashioned Oatsontains 26,000 rolled oats.

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