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Table Of Contents

Intergraph Directory
General Conventions
Keyboard Conventions
1. Introduction
1.1 Project Organization
1.2 Reference Data Overview
1.2.1 Piping Job Specification Introduction
Graphic Commodity Data Introduction
Material Description Data Introduction
Standard Note Library Introduction
Label Description Library Introduction
Piping Assembly Library Introduction
1.3 Reference Database Introduction
1.4 Delivered Reference Data
1.5 Reference Data Setup
2. PDS Environment
PD Shell
PD_Shell Form Conventions
Common Tools on the PD Shell Forms
Batch Processes
3. Reference Data Manager
3.1 Data Security
3.2 Reference Data Archival
4. Reference Data Location
4.1 Reference Database Management Data
4.2 Default Project Control Data
5. Piping Job Specification
5.1 Material Reference Database Structure
5.2 Neutral File Input
5.2.1 Piping Materials Class Data (201)
5.2.2 Piping Commodity Specification Data (202)
5.2.3 Piping Specialty Specification Data (203)
5.2.4 Instrument Component Specification Data (204)
5.2.5 Tap Properties Data (205)
5.2.6 Piping Commodity Size-Dependent Material Data (211)
5.2.7 Piping Commodity Implied Material Data (212)
5.2.8 Component Insulation Exclusion Data (231)
5.2.9 Flange Insulation Exclusion Data (232)
5.3.1 RDB Options File
5.3.2 Piping Materials Class Data Command Create/Revise Piping Materials Class Data
5.3.3 Piping Commodity Data Command Create/Revise Piping Commodity Specification Data Implied Data Add Entry to Material Description Library
5.3.4 Piping Specialty Data Command Create/Revise Piping Specialty Specification Data
5.3.5 Instrument Data Command Create/Revise Instrument Specification Data
5.3.6 Tap Properties Data Command Create/Revise Tap Properties Data
5.3.7 Commodity Implied Data Command Create/Revise Piping Commodity Implied Material Data
5.3.8 Table Checker
5.4 Piping Job Specification Manager
5.4.1 Load, Replace, and Replace Commodity Subset Options
5.4.2 Delete Option
5.4.3 Report Option
5.5 Piping Job Spec Report Manager
5.5.1 Using the Report Commands
5.5.2 Report Format Form Discrimination Data Deletion Form
5.5.4 Report Form Report Creation Form Revise Report Form Report Deletion Form Report Approval Form Report Multiple Submit Form
5.5.5 Report Management Defaults Form
6. Piping Job Specification Tables
6.1 PJS Tables and Functions
6.1.1 Temperature and Pressure Service Limits Table
6.1.2 Nominal Piping Diameters Table
6.1.3 Thickness Data Tables
6.1.4 Materials Data Table
6.1.5 Wall Thickness and Branch Reinforcement Equations
Delivered Equations
6.1.6 Branch Insertion Tables
6.1.7 Gasket Separation Table
6.1.8 Fluid Code Table
6.2 RDB Tables
6.2.1 Commodity Item Name Table (G02)
6.2.2 Bend Deflection Table (G04)
6.2.3 Segment Pipe Run Length Threshold Table (G06)
6.2.4 Pipe Length Threshold Table (G07)
6.2.5 Preferred Bolt Length Table (G11)
6.2.6 Weld Type Table
6.2.7 Weld Clearance Table
6.2.8 Weld Graphics Dimensions Table
6.2.9 Bolt Commodity Code Table
6.2.10 Gasket Diameter Table
6.2.11 Field Fit Length Table
6.2.12 Component Mirror Table
6.2.13 Operator Mirror Table
6.2.14 Default End Preperation Table
6.2.15 MTO Tables and Functions
6.3 Piping Job Specification Tables Command
6.3.1 Options
6.3.2 Create Library
6.3.3 Compress Library
6.3.4 Unapproved ==> Approved
6.3.5 Create/Interactive Spec Tables
6.3.6 Create/Batch Spec Tables
6.3.7 Revise Spec Tables
6.3.8 Delete Spec Tables
6.3.9 Report on Spec Tables
6.3.10 List Spec Tables
6.3.11 Extract Spec Tables
7. Graphic Commodity Data
7.1 Graphic Commodity Library
7.1.1 Symbol Processors
7.1.2 Sub-Symbol Processor
7.1.3 Physical Data Definitions
7.1.4 Parametric Shape Definitions
Model Parametric Shape Definitions
7.2 Physical Data Tables
7.2.1 Data Retrieval from the Physical Data Library
7.2.2 Example of Physical Data Look-Up
7.3 Notes for Graphic Commodity Data
7.3.1 Connect Point Data
7.3.2 Bends and Branches
7.3.3 Bolts, Gaskets, and Flanges
7.3.4 Pipe, Tubing, and Hose
7.4 Graphic Commodity Library Manager
7.4.1 Create Library
7.4.2 Compress
7.4.3 Unapproved ==> Approved
7.4.4 Create/Interactive Graphic Commodity Data
7.4.5 Create/Batch Graphic Commodity Data
7.4.6 Revise Graphic Commodity Data
7.4.7 Delete Graphic Commodity Data
7.4.8 Report Graphic Commodity Data
7.4.9 List Graphic Commodity Data
7.4.10 Extract Graphic Commodity Data
7.5 Physical Data Library Manager
7.5.1 Create Library
7.5.2 Compress
7.5.3 Unapproved ==> Approved
7.5.4 Create/Interactive Physical Commodity Data
7.5.5 Create/Batch Physical Commodity Data
7.5.6 Revise Physical Commodity Data
7.5.7 Delete Physical Commodity Data
7.5.8 Report Physical Commodity Data
7.5.9 List Physical Commodity Data
7.5.10 Extract Physical Commodity Data
8. Table Formats and Naming Conventions
8.1 Table Conventions
8.1.1 Table Names
8.1.3 Revision Markers
8.1.4 Component Tables
8.1.5 Units
8.1.6 Fields (Input/Output Columns)
8.1.7 NPD Values
8.1.8 Rating
8.1.9 Schedule/Thickness
8.1.10 Weight Tables
8.1.11 Abbreviations
8.2 Table Requirements
8.2.1 Tables Required for Piping Components Fittings (6P2C, 6P3C, 6Q2C and 6Q3C) Specialty Piping Components (6P6C and 6Q6C)
8.2.2 Tables Required for Instrument Components
8.3 Generic Tables
8.3.1 Variables for Generic Tables
8.3.2 Generic Table for Bolted Ends (G10)
8.3.3 Generic Table for Studs used in Bolted Connections (G12)
8.3.4 Generic Table for Studs in Bolted Connections w/ Term Type (G12T)
8.3.5 Generic Table for Male Ends (G20)
8.3.6 Generic Table for Female Ends (G30)
8.3.7 Generic Table for Weight and Thickness Data, Male Ends (G50)
8.4 Piping Component Tables
8.4.1 Variables for Specific Tables
8.4.2 Piping Component Table for GCP Data (P11A, P15A)
8.4.3 Piping Component Table GCP Overflow Data (P11B, P15B)
8.4.6 Piping Component Table for Operators and Actuators (P31A)
8.4.7 Piping Component Table for Operators and Actuators, Overflow Data (P31B)
8.4.9 Piping Component Table For Empty Weight of Valves (P60A)
8.4.12 Piping Component Tables for Specialty Components
8.5 Instrument Component Tables
8.5.1 Instrument Body (I80 and P80)
8.5.2 Instrument Operator (I81 and P81)
9. Material Description Data
9.1 Material Data in the Material Reference Database
9.2 Short Material Description Library
9.3 Long Material Description Library
9.4 Specialty Material Description Library
9.5 Material Description Library Manager
10.1 Table Checker Form
10.1.1 Using the Report Commands
10.1.2 Report Format Form Format Creation/Revision Form Format Deletion Form
10.1.3 Discrimination Data Form Discrimination Data Creation Form Discrimination Data Revision Form Discrimination Data Deletion Form
10.1.4 Report Form Report Creation Form Revise Report Form Report Deletion Form Report Approval Form Report Multiple Submit Form
10.1.5 Report Management Defaults Form
10.2 Sample Table Checker Output
11. Pipe Support Tutorial Definition Manager
11.1 Support Tutorial Definition Manager
11.1.1 Create Library
11.1.2 Compress
11.1.3 Unapproved ==> Approved
11.1.4 Create Data
11.1.5 Revise Data
11.1.6 Report Data
11.1.7 List Data
11.1.8 Delete Data
11.1.9 Extract Data
12. Standard Note Library
12.1 Standard Note Library Manager
12.1.1 Create Library
12.1.2 Compress
12.1.3 Unapproved ==> Approved
12.1.4 Create Standard Note Type
12.1.5 Revise Standard Note Type
12.1.6 Report Standard Note Library Contents
12.1.7 List Standard Note Data
12.1.8 Delete Standard Note Data
12.1.9 Extract Standard Note Type
12.1.10 Load Database
13. Label Description Library
13.1 Label Types
13.1.1 Displayable Attribute Labels
13.1.2 Alphanumeric Labels
13.1.3 Displayable Attribute Message
13.1.4 Commodity Code Attribute Message
13.1.5 Isometric Drawing Labels
13.1.6 Report Labels
13.1.7 Clash Management Labels
13.2 Label Description Library Manager
13.2.1 Create Library
13.2.2 Compress Library
13.2.3 Unapproved ==> Approved
13.2.4 Create Label Data Create Label Graphic Data Create Label Attribute Data Mass Annotation Options
13.2.5 Revise Label Data
13.2.6 Delete Label Data
13.2.7 Report Label Data
13.3 Label Library Merger
13.3.1 Label Library Merger Interface File Menu Open Source Label Library 1 Open Source Label Library 2 Open Destination Library Information Exit Edit Menu Select All Unselect All Invert Selection Edit Label Number Edit Label Description Delete Validate Compress Destination Library Copy to Destination Clear Error Messages Help Menu Contents About Library Merger
13.3.2 Workflow
14. Piping Assembly Library
14.1 Piping Assembly Language
14.1.1 PAL Keywords
14.1.2 Placing Taps in Assemblies
14.1.3 Sample Piping Assembly Files
14.2 Piping Assembly Library Manager
14.2.1 Options
14.2.2 Create Library
14.2.3 Compress
14.2.4 Unapproved ==> Approved
14.2.5 Create/Interactive Piping Assembly Data
14.2.6 Create/Batch Assembly Data
14.2.7 Revise Piping Assembly Data
14.2.8 Delete Piping Assembly Data
14.2.9 Report Assembly Data
14.2.10 List Assembly Data
14.2.11 Extract Assembly Data
15. Reference Database Revision Manager
15.1 Reference Data Conflict Report
15.2 Table Change Report
15.3 Reference Data Impact Report
15.3.1 Examples
15.4 Proposed RDB Changes Report
16. Verify RDB Library
Appendix B Codelists
B.1 General Comments
B.2 Comments Specific to Units of Measure Codelist Sets
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PDS Data Manager

PDS Data Manager

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