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GEO Government Expenditures

GEO Government Expenditures

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Published by Amy Oliver
One of a series of spreadsheets the Independence Institute created from original GEO expenditures. This spreadsheet is cited in the our paper titled "Governor's Energy Office Needs a Dose of Sunshine."
One of a series of spreadsheets the Independence Institute created from original GEO expenditures. This spreadsheet is cited in the our paper titled "Governor's Energy Office Needs a Dose of Sunshine."

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Amy Oliver on Sep 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reference CodeAmountDetails06 22 200$102,706.90ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351 NOVEMBER 07 DOE POEFAC9003S1-08 0306 22 200$12,377.19CITY OF FORT COLLINS -PO08-023 THRU 11/07FINAL POEFA08-O2306 22 200$22,623.70ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C9003S1 NOV 07 HB06-1200 POEFAC900351-08 0420080111$8,664.44BOULDER COUNTY -C900350 OCT&NOV07HB06-120020080111$155,205.84BOULDER COUNTY -C900350 OCT & NOV 07 DOE20080111$110,210.71BOULDER COUNTY -C900350 OCT & NOV 07 LEAP20080117$113,492.02PUEBLO COUNTY -C900346 NOVEMBER 07 DOE20080117$6,216.90PUEBLO COUNTY -C900346 NOV 07 HB06-120020080125$104,091.32PUEBLO COUNTY -C900346 DECEMBER 07 DOE20080125$7,650.57PUEBLO COUNTY -C900346 DEC 07 HB06-120020080128$103,634.59BOULDER COUNTY -C900350 DECEMBER 07 DOE20080128$27,540.31BOULDER COUNTY -C900350 DEC 07 HB06-120020080128$109,516.50ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351 DECEMBER 07 DOE20080128$21,983.84ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C9003S1 DEC 07 HB06-120020080226$65,723.93BOULDER COUNTY -C900350JAN08DOE20080226$29,054.28BOULDER COUNTY -C900350JAN 08 HB06-120020080226$113,127.75ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351JAN08DOE20080226$27,596.93ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351 JAN 08 HB06-120020080327$101,956.27BOULDER COUNTY -C900350 FEB 08 HB06-120020080410$5,115.00WELD COUNTY GOVERNMENT -PO 08-010 THRU3/31/08FINAL20080410$117,083.34ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351 FEB 08 LEAP20080410$47,099.04ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351 FEB 08 HB06-120020080411$11,655.31PUEBLO COUNTY -C900543 THRU 9/30/07-FINAL20080407$200.00GILPIN COUNTY -RNWBL ENRGY OPTNS SYMP4/2620080423$625.00TOWN OF MOUNT CRESTED BUTTE -P008-070 THRU 3/0820080423$6,250.00CHAFFEE COUNTY -POM8-064 THRU 3/0820080423$6,250.00TOWN OF PARKER -P008-060THRU MARCH 200820080423$19,326.66NORTHWEST COLO COUNCIL GOVERNM -C900349-08 MAR08 DOE20080423$514.69NORTHWEST COLO COUNCIL GOVERNM -C900349-08 MAR08 HB06-120020080423$30,198.02ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351-08 MAR08HB06-120020080423$19,293.50ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351-08 MAR08 LEAP20080512$6,250.00CITY OF FORT COLLINS -PO08-069 THRU 03/31/0820080512$6,250.00TOWN OF CARBONOALE -P008-061 THRU 3/31/0820080512$6,250.00MESA COUNTY -P008-062 THRU 3/31/0820080514$51,205.59BOULDER COUNTY -C900350 MARCH DOE20080514$45,306.58BOULDER COUNTY -CP00350 MARCH HB06-120020080519-$6,250.00TOWN OF CARBON DAL -CX 608 PV EFA 08000000666 00120080519$6,250.00CITY OF ASPEN -PO 08-06 1A THRU 3/31/0820080527$2,062.50EAGLE COUNTY GOVERNMENT -PO 08-063 2/20-5/1/0820080529$3,750.00CITY OF BOULDER -PO 08-065 2/20-3/31/0820080529$6,250.00CITY OF COLORADO SPRINGS 3558989399 -08-071 2/20-3/31/0820080530$11,132.98ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351 APRIL OS-LEAP20080530$30,117.49ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351 APRIL 08-HB120020080606-$6,250.00MESA COUNTY -CX 508 PV EFA 08000000668 00120080606$1,401.81PUEBLO COUNTY -C900346 1/1-4/30/08 DOE20080606$69,357.20PUEBLO COUNTY -C900346 1/1-4/30/08 HB120020080619$1,360.50CITY OF BOULDER -PO 08-082 THRU 5/3 1/0820080619$1,142.68CITY OF ARVADA -PO 08-080 THRU 5/31/0820080620$5,191.00CITY OF GRAND JUNCTION -PO 07-065 THRU 6/08-FINAL20080620$9,809.00CITY OF GRAND JUNCTION -PO 07-065 THRU 6/08-FINAL20080624$10,000.00SOUTH ROUTT SCHOOL DISTRICT -PO 08-150 ADVANCE20080625$5,373.00CITY OF ENGLEWOOD -PO 08-091 THRU 6/08-FINAL20080704$32,571.99ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351 MAY 08 HB120020080704$3,750.00CITY OF BOULDER -PO 08-065 4/1-6/30/08
Reference CodeAmountDetails20080704$6,250.00TOWN OF PARKER -PO 08-060 THRU 6/30/0820080704$625.00TOWN OF MOUNT CRESTED BUTTE -PO 08-070 THRU 6/0820080704$6,250.00CITY OF FORT COLLINS -PO 08-069 THRU 6/30/0820080708$6,250.00CITY OF COLORADO SPRINGS -PO 08-071 THRU 6/30/0820080709$2,000.00JEFFERSON COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPT -PO 08-076 THRU 6/08-FINAL20080709$1,500.00CITY OF FORT COLLINS -PO 08-078 THRU 6/0820080710$4,200.00BOULDER COUNTY -PO 08-147 THRU 6/0820080710$993.00BOULDER COUNTY -PO 08-147 THRU 6/0820080710$1,807.00BOULDER COUNTY -PO 08-147 THRU 6/0820080710$115,301.47ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351 JUNE 08 DOE20080710$17,921.11ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C9003S1 JUNE 08 HB120020080710$5,973.18ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900351 JUNE 08 LEAP20080710$17,214.00PUEBLO COUNTY WX070908 -PO 08-184 THRU S/08-FINAL20080711$6,250.00CHAFFEE COUNTY -PO 08-064 THRU 6/0820080711$530.80CITY OF COLORADO SPRINGS -PO 08-087 THRU 6/0820080711$1,929.40CITY OF BOULDER -PO 08-082 THRU 6/0820080711$2,014.58CITY OF ARVADA -PO 08-080 THRU 6/0820080711$102,201.36PUEBLO COUNTY -C900346 THRU 6/08 HB120020080717$49,904.22PUEBLO COUNTY -FY08 EXP TO AP BS 2120 00120080717$6,828.10PUEBLO COUNTY -FY08 EXP TO AP BS 2120 00220080717$18,311.97BOULDER COUNTY -FY08 EXP TO AP BS 2120 00220080717$134,103.05BOULDER COUNTY -FY08 EXP TO AP BS 2120 00120080717$127,356.83ARAPAHOE COUNTY -FY08 EXP TO AP BS 2120 00120080717$91,273.13ARAPAHOE COUNTY -FY08 EXP TO AP BS 2120 00220080717$15,000.00CITY OF LITTLETON -PO08-044 FY08 EXP/BS 2120 00120080721$6,250.00CITY OF ASPEN -PO08-061 FY08 EXP/BS 2120 00120080721$433.99CITY OF COLORADO SPRINGS -SFY08PO #08-114 EXP/2120 00120080721$1,063.90TOWN OF MOUNT CRESTED BUTTE -SFY08PO #08-115 EXP/2120 00120080721$500.00CITY OF FORT COLLINS -SFY08PO #08-119 EXP/2120 00120080721$837.50CITY OF LONGMONT -SFY08 PO #08-128 EXP/2120 00120080729$2,062.50EAGLE COUNTY GOVERNMENT -P008-063 FY08 EXP/BS 2120 00120080815$860.40CITY OF CORTEZ -PO 08-083 THRU 7/31/0820080815$1,572.08CITY OF ARVADA -PO 08-080 THRU 7/0820080815$1,875.60BOULDER COUNTY -PO 08-081 THRU 7/0820080828$206,358.00PUEBLO COUNTY -C900584 FY08-09 ADVANCE20080828$260,781.18ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900580 FY08-09 ADVANCE20080831$52.50TOWN OF MOUNT CRESTED BUTTE -PO 08-115 THRU 7/0820080902$1,630.18CITY OF AURORA -PO 08-163A THRU 7/0820080912$201.00CITY OF CORTEZ -PO 08-083 THRU 8/0820080912$614.00DOUGLAS COUNTY -PO 09-032 THRU 8/0820080917$3,305.07CITY OF AURORA -PO 08-163 THRU 8/0820080917$2,357.64CITY OF BOULDER -PO 08-082 THRU 8/0820080917$600.00BOULDER COUNTY -PO 08-081 THRU 8/0820080917$4,107.53CITY OF ARVADA -PO 08-080 THRU 8/0820080918$52.50TOWN OF MOUNT CRESTED BUTTE -PO 08-115 THRU 8/0820080919$1,398.00CITY OF FORT COLLINS -PO 08-119 THRU 8/0820080930-$125,146.65ARAPAHOE COUNTY -MODIFY JV #08- 104 00520080930-$48,531.64BOULDER COUNTY -MODIFY JV #08-103 00420081006$164,435.07ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900580 7/08-8/08 LEAP20081006$70,702.25ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900580 7/08-8/08 HB139820081006$151,747.86PUEBLO COUNTY -C900584 7/08-8/08 LEAP20081006$233,017.06BOULDER COUNTY -C900S78 7/08-8/08 LEAP20081006$6,238.58BOULDER COUNTY -C900578 7/08-8/08 HB139804 22 200$4,250.00DOUGLAS COUNTY RE1 0900 -PO 09-047 THRU 8/08 POEFA09-047
Reference CodeAmountDetails04 22 200$8,930.07SOUTH ROUTT RE3 2780 -PO 08-150 THRU 9/20/08 POEFA08-15004 22 200$375.00CITY OF FORT COLLINS -PO 08-078 THRU 8/08 POEFA08-078 0104 22 200$500.00CITY OF FORT COLLINS -PO 08-078 THRU 9/08 POEFA08-078 0104 22 200$3,200.60CITY OF BOULDER -PO 08-082 THRU 9/08 POEFA08-082 01 21D20081022$3,828.97CITY OF AURORA -PO 08-163 THRU 9/0820081022$2,167.30CITY OF ARVADA -PO 08-080 THRU 9/0820081022$3,750.00CITY OF BOULDER -PO 08-065 THRU 9/0820081022$6,250.00CITY OF COLORADO SPRINGS 3558989399 -PO 08-071 THRU 9/0820081022$18,867.75BOULDER COUNTY -PO 08-147 THRU 9/08-FINAL20081022$13,132.25BOULDER COUNTY -PO 08-147 THRU 9/08-FINAL20081024$149.00CITY OF STEAMBOAT SPRINGS -10/15 DENVER, CO-S. HOOTS20081024$18.00CITY OF STEAMBOAT SPRINGS -10/15 DENVER, CO-S. HOOTS20081028$6,250.00TOWN OF PARKER -PO 08-060 THRU 9/0820081028$6,250.00CITY OF FORT COLLINS -PO 08-069 THRU 9/0820081028$2,250.00CITY OF STEAMBOAT SPRINGS -PO 08-066 THRU 9/0820081028$516.60DOUGLAS COUNTY -PO 09-032 THRU 9/0820081028$393.17CITY OF CORTEZ -PO 08-083 THRU 9/0820081105$222.60SAGUACHE COUNTY -10/08 DENVER, CO - S.PACE20081105$300.15SAGUACHE COUNTY -10/08 DENVER, CO-K.VANNOTE20081105$40,227.14PUEBLO COUNTY -C900584 THRU 9/08-LEAP20081105$53,681.11PUEBLO COUNTY -C900584 THRU 9/08-DOE20081105$8,975.48PUEBLO COUNTY -C900584THRU 9/08-HB139820081105$125,318.58BOULDER COUNTY -C900578 THRU 9/08-LEAP20081105$20,168.52BOULDER COUNTY -C900578THRU 9/08-HB139820081105$91,140.37ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900580THRU 9/08-LEAP20081105$41,518.18ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900580THRU 9/08-HB139820081107$6,250.00CITY OF ASPEN -PO 08-061 THRU 9/0820081107$277.72CITY OF MONTROSE -10/08 DENVER,4CO-V. TURNER20081107$45.35CITY OF MONTROSE -10/08 DENVER,CO-V. TURNER20081107$7.00CITY OF MONTROSE -10/08 DENVER,CO-V. TURNER20081107$307.80CITY OF MONTROSE -10/08 DENVER,CO-V. TURNER20081107$31,069.93SOUTH ROUTT RE3 2780 -PO 08-150 THRU 9/08-FINAL20081107$25,000.00SOUTH ROUTT RE3 2780 -PO 08-150 THRU 9/08-FINAL20081119$6,504.40CITY OF BOULDER -PO 08-082 THRU 10/0820081119$5,640.10CITY OF ARVADA -PO 08-080 THRU 10/0820081119$2,025.42DOUGLAS COUNTY -PO 09-032 THRU 10/0820081119$1,142.40BOULDER COUNTY -PO 08-081 THRU 9/0820081119$1,322.98BOULDER COUNTY -PO 08-081 THRU 10/0820081120$60.00CITY OF MONTROSE V. TURNER -CREDIT - NEE CONF-V.TURNER20081120$60.00CITY OF GOLDEN T. WORSH, CREDIT-NEE CONF-T. WORSHAM20081120$60.00CITY OF COLORADO SPRINGS D. RUBIO -CREDIT-NEE CONF- D. RU20081120$868.93CITY OF CORTEZ -PO 08-083 THRU 10/0820081120$2,681.60CITY OF AURORA -PO 08-163 THRU 10/0820081208$41,801.27ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900580THRU 10/08-DOE20081208$39,393.13ARAPAHOE COUNTY -C900580THRU 10/08-HB139820081208$90,076.73PUEBLO COUNTY -C900584THRU 10/08-DOE20081208$6,218.87PUEBLO COUNTY -C900584THRU 10/08-HB139820081209$25,000.00EL PASO COUNTY SD# 11 -PO 09-003 THRU 9/08-FINAL20081211$74,068.36BOULDER COUNTY -C90057STHRU 10/08-LEAP20081211$75,057.25BOULDER COUNTY -C900!!! THRU 10/08-DOE20081211$968.17BOULDER COUNTY -C900578 THRU 10/08-HB139820081212$5,203.60CITY OF COLORADO SPRINGS 4549735326 -PO 08-087 THRU 9/0820081212$2,122.60CITY OF BOULDER -PO 08-082 THRU 7/0820081212$5,591.32CITY OF BOULDER -PO 08-082 THRU 11/08

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