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Pai Paper II

Pai Paper II

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Published by api-3728475

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Published by: api-3728475 on Oct 15, 2008
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All India Convention
Jan\u2019 19, 20, 2004 at Mumbai
Direction and Deviations
Paper presented by
Samar, Tamil Magazine,
Identify the Enemies in Masks
To the comrades who stand for class struggle and proletarian dictatorship, to the comrades who

oppose globalisation and stand for proletarian internationalism, to the comrades who fight against all forms of social oppression, my red salutes to all of you. This conference calls for the unity of all the forces that fight against globalisation and fight for the power of the working masses. This conference has taken a bold initiative for an alignment of political forces that strictly adhere to proletarian outlook in dealing with the WSF. I wish the conference a great success and I passionately hold your hands.

At this juncture, I would like to speak on the much talked about struggles against globalisation that are taking place in Europe and about the political contents of those struggles. Unlike third world countries, the number of people who come to the streets to fight is very large in Europe. Even in small towns, they conduct demonstrations and processions. They spontaneously gather in the streets to protest against imperialist barbarism. There are thousands of groups that exert their political influence upon these spontaneous gatherings. But if you look at the political fall out of these demonstrations, you could discern that these demonstrations just prepare the people to vote the opposition in the end. Thus, the political fate of these struggles against globalisation always ends with a sad note.

The political essence and the slogans and aims of these struggles finally end up favouring the capital. The capital funds these struggles and directs them, so as not to disturb its supremacy. By getting clarified about the facts as to who guides these struggles and how, we can identify the enemies, isolate them and defeat them.

Normally, in western nations, people who understand the ill-effects of globalisation- however little their understandings - spontaneously come forward and involve themselves in these struggles. We cannot presume that all the protestors have clear ideas or programmes on the alternative. When different kinds of splinter groups give a call for such demonstrations, people join it on their own. That doesn\u2019t mean they are members of these organisations.

Due to the political weaknesses and degeneration of the left wing groups, they are not in a

position to put forth an alternative path, resulting in the defeat of all the struggles. Massive strikes had thus been defeated by the capital in Europe. In this situation, the NGOs have seized the initiative in providing the political leadership of these struggles.


ATTAC, WSF and various NGOs have succeeded in stealing the agenda of the left and converting them to suit their own ends. These NGOs reject in principle, the possibility of the working class seizing pow er and portray it as undemocratic dictatorship. Thus, they create the illusion of reforming the system from within. These NGOs could establish themselves amongst

the masses by taking up immediate issues of interest and the issues relating to various economic demands of the people. By engaging themselves in various activities at the grassroots level, they could corrupt the revolutionary thinking that sprouts up among the poor even in the rural areas. In Europe, Anarchist, Autonome groups, Green parties, Agrarian movements, Gouchisme politigue, Trade unions, Women Front, Trotskyite groups, Hunters groups who oppose the ban to hunt animals, Groups that capture deserted houses, anti-Nazi groups, Christian religious groups, socialist party and revisionist communist parties, etc., are playing their own role in all these demonstrations. There is also a tendency, in general, to belittle all the political struggles. In this setting, NGOs like ATTAC play the role of coordinating all these groups. Almost all the NGOs play the role of coordinating various incongruent groups into one centre. Thus they provide ideological guidance and prevent the natural demise of these numerous groups.

ATTAC was founded in France at the initiative of various diplomats. ATTAC is supported by
the French Socialist Party and Socialist Parties of various other countries. Their relationship with
Brazilian Workers\u2019 Party is only a link in this chain.

In 1998, ATTAC suddenly came into existence with 5,000 members, identifying it with issues relating to economics, culture, politics and social service. It declared itself as an opponent of globalisation. The founder of ATTAC, Bonnat Casson declared that ATTAC opposes globalisation but it stands apart from party politics. In 2001, ATTAC\u2019s membership increased to 28,000 with 230 Regional Committees. All of a sudden, branches of ATTAC surfaced in various countries. With many multilingual magazines and hundreds of websites, ATTAC was armed to teeth in the war of propaganda. Majority of its membership are intellectuals. Now it has branches in 53 countries and has developed into a multinational NGO. Its declared income for the year 2002 was Rs.89.6 crore.

The expansion of the acronym ATTAC, explains its goal: It strives to help the people by collecting a peanut from the share market gamble of globalisation. Apart from this, ATTAC does not 'attack' globalisation. The demand of ATTAC is not altogether new. It is 0.3% more than the earlier U.N. demand of 0.7%. In a situation where governments of the oppressed nations are forced to reduce taxes and grant exemptions to the MNCs, this demand is nothing but an act of begging, but propagated as a revolt against globalisation.

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