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Table Of Contents

1 Overview of the HP-UX 11i Release
What’s in This Chapter?
Where Do I Begin?
What’s in This Document?
How Is Release Information Identified?
What’s in the Remaining Chapters?
What’s HP-UX 11i?
Performance Considerations
The HP-UX 11i Operating Environments (OE)
Operating Environments for HP Commercial Servers
What’s New or Changed in the December 2001 11i OEs?
What Was New or Changed in the September 2001 11i OEs?
What Was New or Changed in the September 2001 11i OEs?
What Was New or Changed in the June 2001 11i OEs?
New Software Pack -- Optional HP-UX 11i Core Enhancements
New Software Pack -- Optional HP-UX 11i Core Enhancements
2 nPartition (Hard Partition) Systems
Superdome Systems at HP-UX 11i
Machine Identifier
Hard Partition Hardware Path Format
New and Modified Hard Partition Commands
New Commands
Modified Commands
Documentation Changes
Partition Manager (parmgr)
System Requirements
PARMGR(1M) Manual Page Error
Additional Information
Summary of Changes
Service Processor (GSP or MP)
hd_fabric Driver
New Attention Indicator Behavior
3 Workstation/Server Specific Information
Supported Systems
Hardware Enablement Patch Bundle (HWEnable11i)
HP-UX V-Class Changes
Single-Bit Memory Error Handling Enhancement
Platform Infrastructure
Impact on Legacy Systems
Configuration Changes
ttytype Support for the N4000 and rp7400 Console
New stty Options
Workstation Graphics Support
Graphics Software Support
Graphics Hardware Support
Workstation Firmware Requirements
Workstation Tuned Kernel Parameters
CAE/ME/General Eng. Workstation 64-bit Kernel Parameter Defaults
CAE/ME/General Eng. Workstation 32-bit Kernel Parameter Defaults
EE Engineering Workstation 64-bit Kernel Parameter Defaults
EE Engineering Workstation 32-bit Kernel Parameter Defaults
X Window System (X11 R6) Run-Time Libraries on Workstations
4 HP-UX 11i Operating Environment Applications
The HP-UX 11i Operating Environments
HP-UX 11i Operating Environment
Base VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM)
What’s Changed
CIFS/9000 Client and CIFS/9000 Server
CIFS Product Structure and Documentation
Event Monitoring Service (EMS)
HP Apache-based Web Server for HP-UX
Installation Requirements
Installing Apache Separately
HP-UX Runtime Environment for the Java 2 Platform
HP-UX Support Tools:STM, ODE, & EMS Hardware Monitors
Judy Libraries
Netscape Communicator
Perl Programming Language
Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) Kerberos
Coexistence Issues
Plug-In for the Java 2 Platform for Netscape Communicator
Process Resource Manager (PRM)
HP-UX 11i Mission Critical Operating Environment
Enterprise Cluster Master (ECM) Toolkit
HP-UX Workload Manager
HP-UX Workload Manager Oracle ® Database Toolkit
MC/ServiceGuard NFS Toolkit
Software Requirements
HP-UX 11i Minimal Technical Operating Environment
•OpenGL 3D Graphics Developers Kit and Runtime Environment (see page 89)
OpenGL 3D Graphics Developers Kit and Runtime Environment
HP-UX 11i Technical Computing Operating Environment
•FirstSpace VRML Viewer (see page 91)
FirstSpace VRML Viewer
High Performance Math Libraries (HP MLIB)
HP 3D Technology for the Java Platform
HP Message-Passing Interface (MPI)
HP Visualize Conference
Selectable Applications
•HP Intrusion Detection System/9000 (IDS/9000) (see page 96)
HP Intrusion Detection System/9000 (IDS/9000)
iPlanet Directory Server (T1398AA)
Selectable Network Drivers
WebQoS Peak on HP-UX Packaged Edition (J4274AA)
5 I/0 and Networking Cards
Online Addition and Replacement of I/O Adapters
Network Drivers
New Network Driver btlan Pre-Installed
Files Changed
Networking and I/O Card Drivers Pre-Installed
Combining Pre-HP-UX 11i Configuration Files
Merging with the BTLAN.100 Script
Manual Merging
Manual Merging Procedure
HSC and PCI 1000Base-SX/T (Gigabit Ethernet)
Performance Enhancements to the HSC FDDI Driver
EISA Interface Cards Are Not 64-bit Compatible
Known Problems with HP-PB and EISA 10/100Base-TX/9000
6 Installation
Cold Install Changed
Ignite-UX Changed for 11i
update-ux Command Replaces swgettools
Software Distributor (SD-UX)
Multiple Target Management Capabilities Enabled
POSIX Enhancements and Exceptions
Change in swlist Hides Superseded Patches by Default
64-bit Capability Determined from System, Not /etc/.supported_bits
CD Searched For Only When Requested
GUI Streamlined
Products Rather than Bundles Shown After Auto-Selection
Software Groups Added to GUI
Layout Version No Longer Converted Automatically
Messages Improved or Eliminated
Output of swlist Changed
swpackage Produces Note Vs. Warning
Newest Bundle Selected by Default
control_utils File Improved
New Environment Variable, SW_COMPATIBLE, Created
SD-UX Changes to Patch Installation
Patch Filtering
Category Tag Information
set_parms Enhanced
7 General System Administration and Performance Monitoring
Processor Sets Available on Software Pack
What are Processor Sets?
The uname Command Outputs B.11.11
New Option for top
Changes to System Administration Manager (SAM)
Disks and File Systems Area
Kernel Configuration
Network File Systems
Network Interface Cards
Peripheral Devices
System Properties
Printers and Plotters
Terminal and Modems
Documentation Change
Possible Future Changes
Additional SAM Changes
syslog File Logging Changes for su and login
Process Resource Manager (PRM) Disk Bandwidth Control
HP Distributed Print Service Deprecated
Diagnostics: EMS Hardware Monitors
Integration with Other Applications
Improved ioscan Description Field for PCI Devices
instant Capacity on Demand (iCOD)
iCOD and Pay Per Use Version B.04.00
Locating iCOD Information
8 Process, Threads, Memory, and Kernel Parameters
HP-UX Gang Scheduling
Kernel Threads vs. CMA Threads
Compatibility Issues
Large Private Data Space
New Options
Memory Windows
HP-UX SCA Process and Memory Management
Dynamic Tunables
Asynchronous Disk Pseudo Driver (async) Compatibility
Asynchronous Disk Pseudo Driver (async) Compatibility
System-V IPC Message Queue Enhancement
Performance Issues
System-V IPC SEMMSL Dynamic Kernel Tunable
SCSI Queue Depth Management
Changes to mpctl() System Call
9 New and Changed Disk and File Management Features
Additional Support for Striping and Mirroring
New Whitepaper on File and File System Sizes
New Version of Journaled File System (JFS)
Network File System Support on TCP/IP
Other NFS Changes
Loopback Transport Support
User-Space Thread Generation
NFS Server-Side Performance Enhancements
Mounting and Unmounting NFS File Systems Automatically Using AutoFS
Other Operational Differences
HP Fibrechannel High Availability Disk and Closure
Fibre Channel Mass Storage Diagnostic Message and Kernel Tunable
10 Internet and Networking Services
IPv6 Available on Software Pack
What is IPv6?
What’s Included in HP-UX 11i IPv6?
New and Changed Features
Identifying IPv6 Systems
Where to Find Information
Base HP-UX Internet Services
BIND 8.1.2
New Configuration File
New Configurable Resolver Options
“PAM-ized” rexecd and remshd
/etc/pam.conf File Changes
Using PAM-ized remshd in Secure Internet Services (SIS) Environment
Changes for GateD
DHCP with Nonsecure DNS Updates
Network Transport
Specific Changes
Virtual IP (VIP) Address for the System
New Versions of FTPD
Secure Version of FTPD
Changes to rwhod
Low Bandwidth X Extension (LBX)
Proxy Manager (proxymngr)
Remote Execution (RX) Service
Security Extension
Application Group Extension (XC-APPGROUP)
SLS/d - Distributed SLS (HP Visualize Center Support)
11 Security
Generic Security Services for Developing Secure Applications
Symbol Clashes
Size Requirements
Execute Protected Stacks
Auditing Commands/System Calls To Be Obsoleted
Configurable Security Features
Password History Feature on Trusted Systems
Kerberos Client Software
Header Files
Special Considerations
Developing Secure Applications
Unsupported Features
HP-UX Kerberos Server
12 Compatibility
Compatibility from HP-UX 11.0 to 11i
General Compatibility Concerns
Binary Compatibility
Source Compatibility
Data Compatibility
Relocatable Object Compatibility
Upgrade Compatibility
HP-UX 10.x Applications on HP-UX 11i
Networking, Internet Services, and Security
Software Distributor (SD)
Obsolescence and Deprecation of APIs
Rationale and Objectives
Terms and Definitions
Archive/Static Libraries
CMA Threads Obsolescence
Customer Transition Aids
List of APIs to be Deprecated/Obsoleted
13 Programming
Changes to the linker/dld Interface
Instrumented Code Using PBO or +O4 Optimization
HP-UX Software Transition Kit (STK)
HP DCE/9000 (new at 11i original release)
Extensions to pstat(2)
New Modules
New Data Structures
Changes to libc
Large Files Support for C++ Applications
HP CxDL Development Tool Support
New Environment Variables for malloc
libc Performance Improvements (new at 11i original release)
Overall libc Performance Tuning
Performance Improvements to libc’s ftw(3C) and nftw(3C)
Performance Improvements to libc’s malloc(3C)
The libcres.a Library
Details of Linker Changes
Other Issues
Changes to libm
Changes to sendfile
Machine Identifier Changes to confstr (new at 11i original release)
Machine Identifier Changes to confstr (new at 11i original release)
14 Licensing Products
Future Change for LicensePower/iFOR
Impending LSSERV Software Obsolescence
Unicode Character Set
Unicode Euro Enhancement
Size Requirement
Streams PTY Driver
Corrected Character Mappings to iconv(1) and iconv(3C)
Correction for Simplified Chinese
Correction for Traditional Chinese
Correction for Japanese
Correction for Korean
EURO (ISO 8859-15 Locales)
CDE Support
X Window Support
Codeset Converters
LaserJet Printers
Euro - ISO 10646/Unicode Support
Asian System Environment (ASE
New Features
Changed Feature
Deleted Features
Troubleshooting Information
Enhanced Print Capabilities in the Asian System Environment
Changes Common to All ASEs
Japanese System Environment (JSE)
Korean System Environment (KSE)
Simplified-Chinese System Environment (SSE)
Traditional-Chinese System Environment (TSE)
Multibyte Support Extension and Unix98 Support
•Stream orientation
•Restartable APIs and the conversion state
Stream Orientation
Restartable APIs and the Conversion State
How to Get MSE/Unix98 Behavior
New Interfaces
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