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a Indhu Madham Part10

a Indhu Madham Part10

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Published by api-3728784

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Published by: api-3728784 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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arttamulla intu matam
The magnum opus of Kaviyarasu Kannadasan
Read in English......
A humble tribute of Dr.N.RAMANI to a great poet....
WARNING : The following excerpts of translation from original texts are parts of academic exercises in
No part of the same shall be used for purposes other than the academic without the explicit permission of
the authors and/or copyright holders.
"Where our body is" is not that very important; but "where our mind is" quite significant.
The mind does not accompany the body wherever it goes. It will make the body sit at
Mylapore and go to Singapore and come back.
Taking into account the speed of the mind, our ancestors have said, "vayu vekam mano
vekam". (The mind is as fast as the wind).
That made Sivavakkiar say, "With dirt on the mind what if he goes to the forest. The dirt
will remain only with himself".

The one without dirt on his mind may be sitting beside the breast of a prostitute and still does not look at the breast. His mind does not go towards her. He appears to be the one who has severed future birth from himself.

So I have to reiterate that the good and bad are within one\u2019s own mind.

Patrakiriar was able to renounce everything but not the dog who followed him. Though we are able to renounce everything, we are not able to renounce the working of the mind. Pattinattar song,

kati vilaiyati iru kai visi vantalum
tati manam nirk kutattetan.
However she may swerve while walking, the servant maid will have her mind fixed on
the pot on her hip.

Let her indulge in whatever idle talk or play while walking. Her mind will be focussed on the pot on her hip and the water in it list it should fall and break into pieces spilling the water.

The attention of the jnanis is likewise. Whatever they direct their mind on, they will get
absorbed in it.
But the average man\u2019s vexations take their cue only from the waywardness of the mind.
If one marries a dark woman, he longs for a fair woman; if he were to have a fair woman,
he wants to have a dark woman whenever one such is come across.
Home meals appears to be grand to the one who has to eat the hotel meals. Hotel dishes
appear to be so very sweet to the one who has a home to feed him.
It is the mind that enables man either to be aware of himself or otherwise.
It is the mind that brings him the conceit of being greater than everything. It is the same
mind which makes him realise that he is the lowliest of the low.
"However great I am, I should have humility", it is the self same mind which prompts
So, the greatest enemy to be first overcome by the man who wants to be aware of himself
is his own mind.

It is not only physical conditions that are responsible for blood pressure. The psychologist, psychiatrists and doctors all say that mental tension is the more important reason.

Let a man be always flattered with, "Oh, how charming you are!"
He will become so happy that he would come to assume a charm hitherto not his own.
His mind and body both acquire a new charm.
The world does not consider scientists to be as great as psychologists.
That is because the world has some basic assumptions. Only he who has become aware of
his own mind can win the world; can win anything. So does everyone\u2019s mind assume.
Tirumular said in his "Tirumantiram":
tannai ariyat tanakkoru ketillai

tannai ariyamal tane ketukinran
tannaiye ariyum arivai arinta pin
tannaiye arccikkat taniruntane!

(Once you understand yourself, you have no harm. He who does not know himself gets undone. Once you have acquired the knowledge to know yourself, you come to worship your self.)

tane tanakkup pakaivanum nanpanum
tane tanakku marumaiyum immaiyum
tane tan seita vinaip payan tuyppanum
tane tanakkut talaivanum ame.

(Each one is a friend and foe unto himself. Each decides his own present and future life. Each one enjoys only the effects of his own past good and bad deeds. Each is a lord unto himself.)

He who knows the self has no harm.
How is man undone? He is undone because of his ignorance of himself.
Once he acquires the knowledge to know himself, he grows so great in stature that all
worship him and he worships himself.

Who is your foe? yourself.
Friend? Again, yourself.
What bring you death? Yourself.
What is truth? Yourself, again.
Who is to reap the fruits of your own good and bad?
Who is your Lord? Yourself,
Who is your servant? Yourself,
Everything is yourself.
What is the origin of this recognition of all being oneself?
It is your mind.
Valluvan wrote

manattukkan masilan atal anittu aran
akula nira pira

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