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15074508 Cookbook Survival Anarchists Cook Book2

15074508 Cookbook Survival Anarchists Cook Book2

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Published by lambert

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Published by: lambert on Sep 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pictures and Reformatting for Word6 by Louis Helm
Table of Contents
 1.Counterfeiting Money2.Credit Card Fraud3.Making Plastic Explosives4.Picking Master Locks5.The Arts of Lockpicking I6.The Arts of Lockpicking II7.Solidox Bombs8.High Tech Revenge: The Beigebox9.COý Bombs10.Thermite II Bombs11.Touch Explosives12.Letter Bombs13.Paint Bombs14.Ways to send a car to HELL15.Do you hate school?16.Phone related vandalism17.Highway police radar jamming18.Smoke Bombs19.Mail Box Bombs20.Hot-wiring cars21.Napalm22.Fertilizer Bomb23.Tennis Ball Bomb24.Diskette Bombs25.Unlisted Phone Numbers26.Fuses27.How to make Potassium Nitrate28.Exploding Lightbulbs29.Under water igniters30.Home-brew blast cannon31.Chemical Equivalency List32.Phone Taps33.Landmines34.A different Molitov Cocktail35.Phone Systems Tutorial I36.Phone Systems Tutorial II37.Basic Alliance Teleconferencing38.Aqua Box Plans39.Hindenberg Bomb40.How to Kill Someone41.Phone Systems Tutorial III
42.Black Box Plans43.The Blotto Box44.Blowgun45.Brown Box Plans46.Calcium Carbide Bomb47.More Ways to Send a Car to Hell48.Ripping off Change Machines49.Clear Box Plans50.CNA Number Listing51.Electronic Terrorism52.Start a Conf. w/o 2600hz or MF53.Dynamite54.Auto Exhaust Flame Thrower55.How to Break into BBs Express56.Firebomb57.Fuse Bomb58.Generic Bomb59.Green Box Plans60.Portable Grenade Launcher61.Basic Hacking Tutorial I62.Basic Hacking Tutorial II63.Hacking DEC's64.Harmless Bombs65.Breaking into Houses66.Hypnotism67.Remote Informer Issue #168.Jackpotting ATM Machines69.Jug Bomb70.Fun at K-Mart71.Mace Substitute72.How to Grow Marijuana73.Match Head Bomb74.Terrorizing McDonalds75."Mentor's" Last Words76.The Myth of the 2600hz Detector77.Blue Box Plans78.Napalm II79.Nitroglycerin Recipe80.Operation: Fuckup81.Stealing Calls from Payphones82.Pool Fun83.Free Postage84.Unstable Explosives85.Weird Drugs86.The Art of Carding87.Recognizing Credit Cards
88.How to Get a New Identity89.Remote Informer Issue #290.Remote Informer Issue #391.Remote Informer Issue #492.Remote Informer Issue #593.Phreaker's Guide to Loop Lines94.Ma-Bell Tutorial95.Getting Money out of Pay Phones96.Computer-based PBX97.PC-Pursuit Port Statistics98.Pearl Box Plans99.The Phreak File100.Red Box Plans101.RemObS102.Scarlet Box Plans103.Silver Box Plans104.Bell Trashing105.Canadian WATS Phonebook106.Hacking TRW107.Hacking VAX & UNIX108.Verification Circuits109.White Box Plans110.The BLAST Box111.Dealing with the R&R Operator112.Cellular Phone Phreaking113.Cheesebox Plans114.Start Your Own Conferences115.Gold Box Plans116.The History of ESS117.The Lunch Box118.Olive Box Plans119.The Tron Box120.More TRW Info121."Phreaker's Phunhouse"122.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 27123.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 27124.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 28125.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 28126.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 28127.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 30128.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 30129.Phrack Magazine-Vol. 3, Issue 30130.Sodium Chlorate131.Mercury Fulminate132.Improvised Black Powder133.Nitric Acid

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