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_i_nsurgency W_i_ki_Raid Cycle - _i_nsurgency W_i_ki

_i_nsurgency W_i_ki_Raid Cycle - _i_nsurgency W_i_ki

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Published by Sascha Baumgartner

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Published by: Sascha Baumgartner on Sep 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This article defines official w/i/ki Policy.
/i/nsurgency W/i/ki:Raid Cycle
The Raid Cycle is a theoretical model of how /i/nvasions areconducted.A good /i/ raid should last as short as possible from planning toexecution - no more than 48 hours - to prevent spais andwhiteknighting from alerting the target and ruining the raid.
1 Raid Proposal2 In Development2.1 Raids that Need Your Help2.2 Good New Raids3 Main Page3.1 Upcoming Raid3.2 Featured Raid3.3 Previous Raid3.3.1 After Action Report4 Old Raids
Raid Proposal
Raid is proposed in /i/.1.If proposal is good, make wiki article based on Site Raid Template or Personal Raid Template, using the Template:RaidInfobox, following the format "Operation: Something".2.Make a 209 x 195 pixel raid icon to go at the top left of the page.3.
In Development
Raids that Need Your Help
A sysop will add the raid to the Raids page under the Raids that Need Your Help heading.1.Begin the planning to include the method, target, site or personal information, and IRC channel. Discuss this in /i/.2.Arrange for recon of the target and add information to wiki.3.
Good New Raids
{{Raid Infobox}}
is completed, a sysop will move the raid to Good New Raids on the Raids page.1.Complete the planning to include the the raid time and date, and add the raid to the Events Calendar by adding[[Category:Events]] and [[Category:dd/mm/yyyy]] to the bottom of the page.2.Issue the orders by making promotional material, YouTube videos, etc., to be publicized on the *chans, AnonNewsWire(http://www.anonnewswire.org/) , and Z103 CACAW (http://www.cacaw.net/) .3.Supervise on /i/ and in IRC to ensure everyone knows and follows the raid plan.4.
Main Page
6 Online
/i/nsurgency W/i/ki:Raid Cycle - /i/nsurgency W/i/kihttp://partyvan.info/wiki//i/nsurgency_W/i/ki:Raid_Cycle1 of 37/11/2011 12:21 AM
Upcoming Raid
The raid that is most likely to be Featured within theweek will be placed in Upcoming Raids
Featured Raid
The best new raid that will be active within 3 dayswill be Featured on the Main Page, listed in the ircchannel
Previous Raid
When the Featured Raid ends, it will be listed under Previous Raid on the Main Page with an icon 150pixels wide.
After Action Report
After each raid,An After Action Report should be conducted onthe raid's Talk Page, stating: what happened,what went well, what didn't, and suggestions for improvement.A Raid Report should be posted toAnonNewsWire (http://www.anonnewswire.org/)stating the time, date, and target of the raid, aswell as any wins, fails, or lulz that happened.
Old Raids
Once the raid is declared over and done, all lulzmilked from the target, it'll be moved under theOld Raids heading.1.
Raid Cycle
is part of a series on
Anonymous • Dox • Newfag Guide • Raid Cycle • T3h 1337 guide to basic
6 Online
/i/nsurgency W/i/ki:Raid Cycle - /i/nsurgency W/i/kihttp://partyvan.info/wiki//i/nsurgency_W/i/ki:Raid_Cycle2 of 37/11/2011 12:21 AM

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