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Ccna 4.0

Ccna 4.0

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Published by: api-3729928 on Oct 15, 2008
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this exam is (80%)

what is accomplished by segmenting a lan with a bridge?
*increase large collision domains
reduce large collision domains
reduce small broadcast domains
increase small broadcast domains

2how many telnet sessions can take place simultaneously on a router running a
standard edition of the ios?
3what is a disadvantage of cut-through switching?

*no error checking
a decrease in error checking
decrease in number of collision domains
decrease in bandwidth
increased latency

4which of the following are data link layer encapsulation details? (choose two.)

*packets are put into frames.
data is packaged into a packet.
data is segmented into segments.
data is converted for internet travel.
*an address is added to identify the directly connected device.


select the characteristics specified by 10baset. (choose three.)
*twisted pair cable
t style connectors
*baseband transmission
10 gigabits per second data rate
*10 megabits per second data rate
decimal encoded data transmission

6a lan is to be added to an unused router ethernet interface. what steps must be
performed to configure this interface to allow connectivity to the hosts on this

lan? (choose two.)
*enter the command no shutdown.
a password must be set on the interface.
the interface dce clock rate must be set.
the interface must be configured for virtual terminal access.
*the interface must be configured with an ip address and subnet mask.
the router must be put in setup mode in order for the interface to be configured.

7which media types can be used in an implementation of a 10base-t network? (choose

category 5 utp *
category 5e utp *
category 3 utp *
coaxial cable
multi-mode fiber
single mode fiber

8if 4 bits are borrowed from the host field of a class c address to create subnets,
what will the range of usable host addresses be in the last subnet?
.224 to .239
.225 to .239
.225 to .254
.241 to .254

.241 to .255
*.240 to .255

9which of the following describe how a device on a lan builds a table of mac
addresses? (choose two.)
by monitoring the traffic that occurs on the local network segment
*via ftp from the nearest router
*by sending a request to the nearest domain name server
by broadcasting an arp request

which of the following best describes how the gigabit ethernet, media access
control method views the link?

shared bus
point-to-point *
extended star

what is the purpose of positive acknowledgment and retransmission (par)?
par allows the presentation layer to request that data be resent in a format the
destination host can process.
par provides a mechanism for the receiving device to request that all segments be
retransmitted if one segment is corrupt.
*par helps ensure that a number of data segments sent by one host are received by
another host before additional data segments are sent.
par is used to renegotiate the window size during the synchronization process.

which criteria identify a class b address? (choose two.)
decimal number in first octet between 127-191
decimal number in first octect between 128-192
*decimal number in first octect between 128-191

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