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Honey, I Got Shrunk and Ended Up With Zooey Deschanel

Honey, I Got Shrunk and Ended Up With Zooey Deschanel

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Published by Jeff Grant

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Published by: Jeff Grant on Sep 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Honey, I Got Shrunkand Ended UpWithZooey Deschanel(in 2010) written byJeff Grant
FADE IN:INT. A COMPUTER SCREEN - DAY OR NIGHTA mouse travels across a computer screen. The controller ofit is never revealed. It goes about some normal web surfingfor a moment. Suddenly, a link to a trailer for "Weirdo Love"pops up. The mouse goes over curiously and clicks it.The trailer for the movie plays. A gruff-voiced NARRATOR saysthese lines over brief images.NARRATOR (V.O.)This summer...A helicopter shot passing over a small town.NARRATOR (V.O.)...see what happens...A front door opens mysteriously.NARRATOR (V.O.)...when a shy artsy guy...A shy artsy guy scribbles into his notebook, trying not to beseen.NARRATOR (V.O.)..with a low level of confidence...The shy artsy guy looks bashful.NARRATOR (V.O.)..spots a bombshell...ZOOEY DESCHANEL flings her hair back over her head in slow motion. The shy artsy guy's mouth drops and his eyes expand.NARRATOR (V.O.)...of the highest pedigree...In a big house a MAID hands Zooey a silver plate withvitamins on it.MAIDYour vitamins, m' dear..ZOOEY(knocks plate away)I HATE vitamins!!!(CONTINUED)
NARRATOR (V.O.)..and tries to woo her...Shy artsy guy is talking to Zooey, who is looking away,unimpressed.SHY ARTSY GUY(looking at his shoes)I was just uh... wondering if you wanted to get some soda pop..NARRATOR (V.O.)..using techniques from popularculture.The shy artsy guy holds a boom box over his head (like in SayAnything) that is playing "I Will Always Love You" by WhitneyHouston (like in The Bodyguard).NARRATOR (V.O.)He almost gets the girl...Zooey is standing next to him, suddenly smiling.ZOOEYYou're kind of cute...NARRATOR (V.O.)Until he starts acting...Guy gets a devilish grin and his face starts to turn red likea cartoon.SHY ARTSY GUY(manically with his handsin the air)Yeeooowwwzzaa!!Zooey runs off, afraid.NARRATOR (V.O.)..like a weirdo.Guy is alone, doing cartwheels in the sunset. The title hitsthe screen right as it's being said-NARRATOR (V.O.)Weirdo Love... this film is not yetrated.End trailer.2.CONTINUED:(CONTINUED)

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