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Gearman OGL

Gearman OGL

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Published by Dale Norman
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Published by: Dale Norman on Oct 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No one knows who first came up with thegearman
where the first one came from. Rumorsabound about ships from space carrying living metalcargo, or genies shrinking golems and granting themintelligence for their own amusement. Most assume,however, that the gearmen were merely theaccidental production of a technically-savvy wizardwhose experiments created the first golem with asoul
the gearman.Whether an alien creation or a magical accident,the power of gearmen cannot be denied. Whetherwarrior, rogue or mage, they naturally excel atwhatever they do. Most gearmen are
, thoughtheir actual lifespan is not known (as none have diedas of yet), and are curious about the world. Theirnatural curiosity leads them to try new things asoften as they can, and to explore the world that theymight take in all it has to offer. This often leads togearmen becoming adventurers. However, thiscuriosity does expand to more mundane professions,and it is not uncommon to find gearmen working asmerchants to better understand the concepts of money and bartering, or as doctors to learn aboutphysiology. They are a diverse race, whose onlyuniversal hatred seems to be repetitiveness. Theyloathe being forced into manual labor, and see it asan insult, as if others are merely treating them as
, when they are so much more.
Gearman Racial Traits
 +2 to One Ability Score
: Gearmen are usuallybuilt for a specific purpose, and their ability scoresreflect that purpose.
: Gearmen are medium creatures andhave no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Varying Speed
: Gearmen normally have a landspeed of 30 feet. However, gearmen crafted bydwarves are often built in the image of their creators,and instead have a movement speed of 20 feet.However, a dwarf-
crafted gearman’s speed cannot
be reduced due to armor or encumbrance.
Sapient Construct
: A gearman’s type is
construct (sapient). They are intelligent creaturescapable of sentient thought.
Mechanical Anatomy
: Gearmen are composedof metal and, thus, do not recover from damage inthe same way as creatures composed of flesh. Theydo, however, possess an anatomy composed of amechanical musculature, circulatory and nervoussystems. As such, they differ from constructs in thefollowing ways:
They retain their constitution score, unlikenormal constructs, and gain hit points based on it,rather than size. They also die when their hit pointtotal is equal to a negative number equal to orgreater than their constitution score.
Gearmen do not gain darkvision, unlessnoted in their purpose.
They are no longer immune to disease, deatheffects, necromancy effects, paralysis, poison, sleepeffects, or stunning, though they do gain a +2 bonuson saving throws against these effects.
Gearmen are subject to ability damage,ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, energy drain andnonlethal damage.
They are not immune to effects that requirefortitude saves.
They are at risk of death due to massivedamage.
Gearmen can be raised or resurrected.
They do not eat, but they must drink waterin order to sustain their mechanical parts. They mustalso rest, as a human, recharging their power whilethey sleep.
Gearmen heal only ½ the hit points thatwould normally be recovered from curative spells.However, they can be affected by spells that repairobjects, such as
make whole
. The spell
when cast on a gearman.
Gearmen can be healed with the heal skill,
 but instead of a healer’s kit, artisan’s tools are
required to negate the -2 to the check.
Gearmen heal naturally over time, self-repairing while they rest or sleep, at the same rate asa human.
: Gearmen are built with a purpose,generally as a warrior, a guardian, a mage, or ascout. They choose one of these at first level, andgain a bonus based on their choice.
: A warrior gearman’s forearms and
hands are oversized, granting powerful naturalattacks. A warrior gearman gains 2 slam attacks.These attacks are treated as primary natural attacksand deal 1d6 damage.
: A guardian gearm
an’s metal s
kin isthicker and harder than that of its counterparts. Itgains a +2 natural armor bonus to its AC.
: A mage gearman has been infused withmagical energies, making it more effective whencasting spells. All spells it casts gain a +1 to theirsave DCs.
: A scout gearman’s eyes have been affixed
with special lenses that allow it to see where otherscannot. It gains darkvision 60 feet.
: Gearmen begin play speakingcommon. Gearmen with high intelligence canchoose any languages they want (except secretlanguages such as druidic).
 Special Materials
 Sometimes, gearmen are made out materialsbesides steel, whether the creator is using thematerial as a status symbol, or to give the gearmangreater effectiveness in a specific area. Any gearmanmade out of a special material does not gain apurpose.
: An adamantine gearman’s shell isharder than any other’s. It gains DR 
Cold Iron
: A cold iron gearman has been built toresist magic. It gains a +2 bonus on saves againstspells or spell-like abilities.
: A mithral gearman’s lighter frame
makes it much more maneuverable. A mithralgearman weighs half as much as it would, were itmade of steel. In addition, it gains +10 feet to itsmovement speed.

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