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Resident Evil Vol

Resident Evil Vol

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Published by api-3731947

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Published by: api-3731947 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Raccoon Times, August 26,1998
RACCOON CITY\u2014On the front steps of City Hall, Mayor Harris

announced in a press conference yesterday afternoon that the City
Council will be hiring at least ten new police officers to join the
Raccoon police, in response to the continued suspension of the
Special Tactics and Rescue Squad (S.T.A.R.S.), in effect since the
brutal murders that plagued Raccoon earlier this summer. Joined
by Police Chief Brian Irons and all of Raccoon's Council members,
Harris assured the gathered citizens and reporters that Raccoon
City will once again be a safe community in which to live and
work, and that the investigation into the eleven "cannibal"
murders and three fatal wild-animal attacks is far from closed.

"Just because no one else has been attacked in the last month
doesn't mean that the elected officials of this city can relax,"
Harris stated. "The good people of Raccoon deserve to have

confidence in their police force and to be secure in the knowledge
that their political representatives are doing everything possible to
ensure each citizen's safety. As many of you know, the
S.T.A.R.S.'s suspension is likely to become permanent. That unit's
gross mishandling of the murder investigations and its subsequent
disappearance from Raccoon City suggests that they don't care
about this community - but I want to assure you that we care,
that myself, Chief Irons, and the men and women you see here
today want nothing more than to make Raccoon a place in which
our children can grow up without fear."

Harris went on to detail a three-point plan designed to bolster
public confidence and keep Raccoon citizens from falling victim to
violence. Besides hiring between ten and twelve new police
officers, the citywide curfew will remain in place through at least
September, and Chief Irons will personally head a task force of
several officers and detectives to continue searching for the killers
who took the lives of eleven people between May and July of this
year. . .

Cityside, September 4,1998
RACCOON CITY\u2014 The Umbrella chemical plant just south of

downtown Raccoon is due for major construction efforts, slated to
begin next Monday. This will be the third such structural
renovation in the last year for the thriving pharmaceutical
company. According to Umbrella spokesperson Amanda Whitney,
two of the laboratories inside the main plant will be fitted with
several million dollars' worth of new equipment designed for
vaccine synthesis, and the building itself will receive a state-of-
the-art security system. In addition, all of the connected office
buildings will be upgrading computers over the next several
weeks. But will this be a problem for downtown traffic? Said
Whitney, "With the Raccoon police building just finishing up yet

another one of their renovations, we know that local commuters
are getting pretty tired of blocked streets. We're going to do our
best not to get in the way of downtown traffic; most of the
construction is internal, and the rest we'll be doing after business
hours." The courtyard in front of the RPD building, our readers

may remember, was recently repaved and landscaped after several
mysterious cracks appeared in the cement and topsoil; traffic had
to be diverted around two blocks of Oak Street for six days.
When asked why so many "overhauls" as of late, Whitney
replied, "Umbrella has stayed ahead of the competition for as long

as it has by keeping up with current technology. It's going to be a
busy couple of months, but I think it will be well worth the effort
when we're finally through. . ."
Raccoon Weekly Editorial, September 17, 1998

RACCOON CITY\u2014 Mayor Harris may be in for a rough race next

spring. Weekly sources inside the RPD are saying that Brian Irons,
chief of police for the last four-and-a-half years, may be running
for the city's top office in the next election, facing off against the
popular and as yet unopposed Devlin Harris, already in office for
three consecutive terms. Although Irons would not confirm his
possible entry into the political arena, the onetime S.T.A.R.S.
member also refused to deny the rumor.
With his approval rating at an all-time high ever since the
cessation of this summer's savage murders (as yet unsolved) and
the planned expansion of the RPD, Chief Irons may indeed be the
man to knock Harris out of City Hall; the question is, will voters
be able to forget Irons's alleged involvement in the 1994 Cider
District land scam? Or his rather expensive tastes In art and
interior design, which have turned parts of the RPD building into
something more like a museum than a working office? Assuming
he means to throw his hat into the ring, this reporter - for one -
- will be looking forward to examining Irons's financial
records. . .

Baocoan Times, September 22,1998
RACCOON CITY\u2014At, approximately 6:30 P.M. last night, fourteen-

year-old Shanna Williamson was accosted by a mysterious stranger
in downtown's Birch Street Park on the way home from softball
practice. The man came out from behind a row of hedges at the
south end of the park and knocked Ms. Williamson off of her
bicycle before attempting to grab her. The teen managed to get
away with onty a few scratches, running to the nearby residence of
Tom and Clara Atkins; Mrs. Atkins alerted the authorities, who
conducted a thorough search of the park but found no sign of the
attacker. According to the girl (through a police statement issued
earlier this morning), the man appeared to be a transient; his
clothes and hair were dirty, and she described a bad odor coming
from him, a "smell like rotten fruit." She also said that he seemed
drunk, staggering and falling after her as she ran.
With the plague of cannibalistic murders from May to July still

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