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Harvey's Common Sense

Harvey's Common Sense

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Published by pandorasboxofrocks
These are Letters written to the Watertown Times directed at citizens in the community that do not want their town destroyed by industrial wind
These are Letters written to the Watertown Times directed at citizens in the community that do not want their town destroyed by industrial wind

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Published by: pandorasboxofrocks on Oct 01, 2011
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Harvey White
Published June 1, 2011 Thousand Islands Sun
Stay positive
As election season approaches, the Cape Vincent community hopes people won’t resort to negative campaigning. We
hope voters will be united in fighting against the closing of our elementary school. But already, we are being
bombarded with negative campaigning from Cape’s anti
- wind group trying to get votes for their anti- businesscandidates.These are the same people that viciously opposed the Cape Vincent correctional facility. Then once the facility wasbuilt, they got a job there. Now that wind development is proposed, they are back viciously opposing anotherbusiness that will boost our economy. Yet they want your vote.
Let’s not forget
that last town election when John DE Francisco, who lost several past attempts to get elected to thetown board, went behind the backs of the republican chairs, and gave the county election office the names of his anti-wind cronies for the Republican line on the ballot. Jefferson County Republican Chair Don Coon even wrote a letter
verifying in that DE Francisco was wrong for going behind the backs of Cape’s republican chairs. Yet Cape’s anti
- wind
group complained loudly when Cape’s Republican chairs wouldn’t endorse DeFrancisco”s anti
- wind buddies. Clif 
Schneider claims he is a big supporter of Cape’s anti
- wind group because he supposedly cares about ethics however itis well known that when he was employed at the cape DEC Fisheries Station, he told the wife of a retired DEC official
that she and her husband weren’t welcome at the facility although he, after his retirement, continued to use thefacility. I wouldn’t want such a hypocritical person on my town board. While the potential closing of our eleme
ntaryschool is proving Cape desperately needs more year-round young families, and desperately needs more year
business, this one group still demands that Cape businesses look and act a certain way. If any business doesn’t meet
their extremely narrow criteria for what they think belongs in Cape, they will use all their time and money to kill it
and bully anyone who supports it. They claim that tourism and wind development can’t coexist, yet river, lake
tourism and wind development have peacefully coexisted in many river, lake communities for many decades. If anyone doubts this, they should contact Wolfe Islands tourism bureau, real estate brokers and business owners. Infact, these Wolfe Island groups will likely tell you what a boost wind development has been to their economy. ToCape Voters: until November , stay positive through the anti- wind groups negative campaigning, and support ourcommunity and our school by voting for Marty mason and Don Mason
Harvey White
Cape Vincent
Harvey White
Published May 29, 2011 Page A6, Watertown Daily Times
Anti-wind group is playing political games
Recently I had the displeasure of attending a meeting that was supposed to be for Cape Vincent's RepublicanCommittee, but instead the meeting was hijacked by the Cape's anti-wind group. Taking advice from theirlawyers and not caring for our community's bigger concerns, the anti-wind group is once again playing gameswith our election process.
I'm pretty sure the county and state Republican chairs wouldn't be keen on one township's Republican Partybeing hijacked by a special interest group. Cape's anti-wind people have so much contempt for the Capecommunity, they're banking on Cape voters blindly voting the Republican line, without checking who thecandidates are.Anti-wind group members Clifford Schneider and John Byrne, self-proclaimed experts on all wind matters,declared their candidacies for town board seats. For years these two have bullied and harassed the Republicanchairs for not being yes men to the anti-wind group, like current town board member Urban Hirschey hasobediently been. How many town meetings have started with Urban reading a written request recently receivedfrom Clifford, then at the same meeting Urban makes Clifford's request a resolution to be voted on? The rest of the board hasn't even read Clifford's letter, yet Urban expects the board to vote yes on Clifford's resolution thatnight.Marty Mason has been a Republican his whole political life. Clifford has been a Republican for about fiveminutes, only because he lost his previous attempts to be elected as a candidate in other political parties.Let's not forget the last town election when wind opponents got onto the Republican line by subverting the Capechairs and duping the county election board. And then these wind opponents complained loudly when the Capechairs wouldn't endorse them. Why should they endorse them considering they weaseled their way onto theballot, instead of involving the chairs in an open, transparent fashion?It's like how Urban keeps trying to spend our tax dollars on his pet projects with no input from the rest of theboard. A survey is going around that didn't receive the entire board's authorization, but it's costing more than$10,000 of our tax dollars. Though all past county surveys have shown that 85 percent of county residentsstrongly support wind, Urban's anti-wind cronies keep telling him that Cape residents are gullible, and with alltheir anti-wind propaganda ads, manipulative mailers and tabloid blogs, their anti-wind agenda will slowly butsurely catch on.
Harvey White
Cape Vincent
Harvey White
Published April 17, 2011 Page A6, Watertown Daily Times
It's good to see the Cape Vincent community coming together to support our elementary school. I was hoping we couldmove beyond the destructive divisiveness the Cape's anti-wind group has dragged our community through.But instead, they've stepped up their political games, trying to make people believe that the only thing that matters isbanning renewable energy from our agricultural district. Just as we are rallying support for our community's school, localblogs are labeling our community members as Nazis and terrorists.I guess the anti-wind group feels threatened by Voters for Wind. Though many in Voters for Wind are our volunteerfirefighters and emergency medical technicians, opponents of renewable energy can't stop writing about how muchthese community members are nothing but terrorists and thugs.While our community is going through a crisis of the possible school closing, the anti-wind preachers are doing all theycan to distract people from the fact that wind revenue will benefit our school district. While we have a crisis of notenough young families living in the Cape year-round, local blogs are screaming that all focus must be on Cape's summerresort interests, and all potential year-round business development must be chased out of town.And while we are trying to unite our community, the blogs are trying to drive a wedge between year-round residentsand seasonal residents, when I know that many seasonal residentsWhen I know that many seasonal residents know wind revenue could reduce taxes and improve Cape's waterfront, andthey support wind development for those reasons.Anti-wind group members target community members and make you feel like they're your best friend, when they areonly using you for your vote. Will they stay your best friend after the next election?Wind opponents say they're not manipulative, but I've seen how they talk online and everything is all capital letters, allexclamation points, and everything is blown way out of proportion. First
they say something is a certain number. A fewmonths later, that number is doubled. A few months later, the number is tripled. No evidence is ever given to supporttheir escalating numbers. When one fictitious number isn't scary enough anymore, they just come up with higher,scarier fictitious numbers.These are tactics of people who do not have facts on their side. The anti-wind group is just scaring our communitymembers. And it's a shame they are doing this during these difficult times.
Harvey White
Cape Vincent

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