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Amour Sans Frontieres

Amour Sans Frontieres



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Published by Shyam Adrift
A love poem, A rambling, An unfinished dream, A yearning... Amour Sans Frontieres
A love poem, A rambling, An unfinished dream, A yearning... Amour Sans Frontieres

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Published by: Shyam Adrift on Oct 01, 2011
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Aniruddha Sastikar added this note
"I shall await your return / Hoping you will know where to find me" Me too. Lovely poetry, Shyam.
Shyam Adrift added this note
Thank you for the stars aya_aziz
Shyam Adrift liked this
Shyam Adrift liked this
Aya Abdel Aziz liked this
Shyam Adrift liked this
Shyam Adrift liked this
Jean-Pierre Latina added this note
One of my favourite of your poems with Burma bridge. All is beautiful : "My nomadic feet have wings/...I long to ride the waves of the breeze/I want to surf with the wind/...I hope to get my passport exempted/ From expiry dates/ Stamped with/Visas beyond horizons!/Amours sans frontières!".

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