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Published by api-27138324
a story on hacking
a story on hacking

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Published by: api-27138324 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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suelette dreyfus
julian assange
_ ____ _____ ____
____ ____
___ _
_ ____
| | | | \ | | _ \|____| _ \ / ___| _ \ / _ \| || | \ | | _ \
| || |\|| | | |_|| |_) | | _| |_) | | | | || |\|| | | |
| |_|| |\ | |_| | |___| _ <| |_| | _ <| |_| | |_| | |\ | |_| |
\___/|_| \_|____/|_____|_| \_\\____|_| \_\\___/ \___/|_| \_|____/
hacking, madness and obsession on the electronic frontier

`gripping, eminently readable.. dreyfus has uncovered one of this country's best kept secrets and in doing so has created a highly intense and enjoyable read' -- rolling stone

by suelette dreyfus with

research by julian assange
first published 1997 by mandarin
a part of reed books australia
35 cotham road, kew 3101
a subsidiary of random house books australia
a division of random house international pty limited
copyright (c) 1997, 2001 suelette dreyfus & julian assange
all rights reserved. without limiting the rights under copyright

above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise), without the prior written permission of both the

copyright owner and the publisher.
typeset in new baskerville by j&m typesetting
printed and bound in australia by australian print group
national library of australia
cataloguing-in-publication data:
dreyfus, suelette.
underground: tales of hacking, madness & obsession on the

electronic frontier
isbn 1 86330 595 5
1. computer hackers--australia--biography.

2. computer crimes--australia.
3. computer security--australia.
i. assange, julian. ii. title.

reader and critical acclaim
`...i hold your book

`i have never before read a responsible for destroying my book this good, literally!' social life for the last two

-- benwebb@hotmail.com
days...i bought it friday
afternoon, and then finished

`i just finished the book..
it at lunchtime today!
and thoroughly enjoyed it.
(sunday) *grin*. excellent
dreyfus showed an amazing
reading!' -- bam@iinet.net.au insight into the world of

electronic exploration. i am
`a few pages into this book i sure it was in no small part
found it to be different to

due to [the researcher's]
any other book i have ever
excellent technical
read on the subject. dreyfus
assistance. good job!!' --
treats the people she writes

about as people not just
"computer junkies" or "cyber

`i loved the book - couldn't
geeks"' -- lucasb@sub.net.au
put it down!' --

`a real pleasure' -- george
smith, crypt news

`i wanted to say how much i
liked your book underground'
`a tale of madness, paranoia

-- prof. dorothy denning
and brilliance among
australian computer hackers - `i was blown away' --
and how they nearly brought

nasa undone' -- the weekend
australian magazine

`i'm grateful to ms dreyfus

for introducing me to a
`adventure book for the brain' number of first-rate
-- sarah mcdonald, jjj

subversives' -- phillip

adams, late night live
`after reading the extract of
underground in the age i

`joy knew no bounds' --
couldn't wait to read it.
phillip adams, late night
finally it came out in the

shops and i finished it all
within a few days. i wasn't

`just thought that i would disappointed for a second.' -- say great job on your book dcw@alphalink.com.au

very nice piece of work and
very informative!' --
`amazing insight' --
anonymous hacker
`keeps the reader glued to
`backed up by..detailed

the page' -- danny yee, danny
technical research' -- trudie yee's review of books
macintosh, the australian`la descripcion de las

`best hacker book i've read'
detenciones, registros
-- jim lippard
yprocesos legales es
especialmente interesante' --
`brillant read - will rest

cripto, spain
safely next the rest of my
gibson, sterling and

`let me say how much i
brunner...' --
enjoyed underground. i really
thought it was fascinating
and a great read.' --
`brillant' --
philip_sim@idg.com (editor,
network world)

`compelling reading for those `loved it' --
of us who want more than just kaos@ctrl.com.au
salacious and hyped snippets'
-- trudie macintosh, the

`makes the esoteric world of
the hacker accessible' --

australian bookseller and
`compelling' -- david nichols, publisher
the big issue

`matt piening told me about
`contains enough technical

it and showed me the article
information to impress anyone in the age.. consequently..
who can appreciate it' --

we bought it, we read it, we
loved it. :)' --

`couldn't put it down' --
trudie macintosh, the

`meeslepende book' --
digiface, the netherlands
`depth of character and rapid `meticulously researched' --
pacing' -- ed burns, ibic
australian bookseller and

`displays a level of research
and technical understanding

`meticuously researched
not matched by other hacker
psychological and social
books' -- jim lippard
profile of hackers' --

australian bookseller and
`dive into the underground and publisher
be swept into a thrilling
elite realm' --

`most brilliant book i have
ever read' --

`dreyfus does not attempt any
sleights of hand with jargon' `nice work'--

-- david nichols, the big

`powerful' -- evburns@gte.net
`dreyfus has clearly done her
research well' -- danny yee,

`reads like ludlum.. i love
danny yee's review of books
the book.. the style of
writing is the clincher..' --
`dreyfus hat hier abhilfe
geschaffen' -- ix, germany

`reads like a thriller' --
`dreyfus is one smart cookie' the age
-- ed burns, ibic

`riveting' -- australian
`el libro tiene como fuentes a bookseller and publisher
varios grupos de hackers
australianos y todas las

`riviting read'-- the

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