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Published by: api-26965779 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pottery Too\ue004s a\ue005d Stud\ue003o Re\ue000ere\ue005ce
Brou\ue001\ue002t to you by t\ue002e pub\ue004\ue003s\ue002ers o\ue000
Charles Spahr
Bill Jones, Pottery Making Illustrated
Sherman Hall, Ceramics Monthly
Ass\ue003sta\ue005t Ed\ue003tors:
Brandy Agnew, Jessica Knapp
Product\ue003o\ue005 Ed\ue003tor:
Cynthia Conklin
Ed\ue003tor\ue003a\ue004 Ass\ue003sta\ue005t:
Holly Goring
Ad\ue006ert\ue003s\ue003\ue005\ue001 Ma\ue005a\ue001er:
Mona Thiel
Market\ue003\ue005\ue001 Ma\ue005a\ue001er:
Steve Hecker
O\ue005\ue004\ue003\ue005e Ed\ue003tor:
Jenni\ue001er Poellot Harnetty
Ed\ue003tor\ue003a\ue004 a\ue005d Ad\ue006ert\ue003s\ue003\ue005\ue001 O\ue000fces:
600 N. Cleveland Ave., Suite 210,
Westerville, OH 43082 USA
2008 Workshop Handbook is published by the American
Ceramic Society, 600 N. Cleveland Ave., Suite 210, Wester-
ville, OH 43082.

Opinions expressed are those o\ue001 the contributors and do
not necessarily re\ue000ect those o\ue001 the editors or the American
Ceramic Society.

Photocopies: Authorization to photocopy items \ue001or internal
or personal use beyond the limits o\ue001 Sections 107 or 108 o\ue001
the U.S. Copyright Law is granted by The American Ceramic
Society, ISSN 0009-0328, provided that the appropriate \ue001ee
is paid directly to Copyright Clearance Center, Inc., 222
Rosewood Dr., Danvers, MA 01923, USA; (978) 750-8400;
www.copyright.com. Prior to photocopying items \ue001or class-
room use, please contact Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.

This consent does not extend to copying items \ue001or general
distribution, or \ue001or advertising or promotional purposes,
or to republishing items in whole or in part in any work in
any \ue001ormat. Please direct republication or special copying
permission requests to the Publisher, The American Ceramic
Society, 600 N. Cleveland Ave., Suite 210, Westerville, Ohio

Copyright \u00a9 2008 The American Ceramic Society
All rights reserved
Workshop Handbook
cover images:
top: Participants at the Metchosin
International Summer School o\ue000 Art
in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
middle (left to right):Processing

native clay \ue000or handbuilding at Mesa
Verde National Park in Colorado;
a participant at Hummingbird in
Jacksonville, Oregon; Steven Hill
demonstrates slip application at
Springfeld Museum o\ue000 Art in Spring-
feld, Ohio; Brian Taylor throwing at
Haystack Mountain School o\ue000 Cra\ue000ts
in Deer Isle, Maine.

bottom: Ted Saupe details a piece at
Santa Fe Clay in New Mexico.


Pottery Tools and Studio Reference
Brought to you by the publishers of

O\ue000ten, in addition to heaps o\ue000 inspiration and new-\ue000ound motivation, what we take away \ue000rom workshops are the little tips or techniques we never considered. Sometimes just one small improvement or one new idea we take away can be enough to justi\ue000y the entire experience. We have handouts \ue000rom instructor\u2019s we keep around our studio sometimes \ue000or years, and we re\ue000er to them o\ue000ten.

There is only so much a presenter can ft into a workshop, and there is only so much in\ue000ormation our brains can process and retain in a short period o\ue000 time. Since most workshops span anywhere \ue000rom a \ue000ew hours to a \ue000ew weeks, the extended experimentation and exploration usually happens a\ue000terward, in your own studio. It\u2019s our hope that this publication serves not only as a reminder o\ue000 your intensive workshop experi- ence, but also as a spark to ignite interest in other avenues o\ue000 exploration.

The tools and re\ue000erence material o\ue000\ue000ered here are acces- sible enough to be applicable to all kinds o\ue000 work, regardless o\ue000 your current skill level or experience, and they\u2019re refned enough so that they may promote experimentation or discus- sion at your current workshop.

Finding a new way o\ue000 looking at what we do is part o\ue000 why workshops can be so productive. Perhaps just a new way o\ue000 looking at a \ue000amiliar process is what we need to kick start our e\ue000\ue000orts in the studio. We hope that you\u2019ll fnd some inspiration in these pages that opens your eyes, your mind and your hands to something new and exciting. Welcome to your workshop!

Sherman Hall
Bill Jones
Per\ue000ect P\ue004asterby Vince Pitelka

Whether you want to slip cast, press mold or just make a
drying bat, mixing plaster correctly will make the di\ue001\ue001erence
between success and\u2014well something less than success.

C\ue004ay Too\ue004s: Form\ue003\ue005\ue001
Ingenious gadgets and techniques to make studio li\ue001e easier
and maybe a little more interesting.
14 D\ue003\ue006\ue003d\ue003\ue005\ue001 Webby Sylvia Shirley
A popular time saver, this handy tool is indispensable \ue001or
sectioning the sur\ue001ace o\ue001 a pot.
16 Co\ue004ora\ue005t C\ue002artby Robin Hopper
Unless you use no color whatsoever in your work, you\u2019ll
want to keep this one handy on glaze testing day.
22 C\ue004ay Too\ue004s: Decorat\ue003o\ue005
Simple items you can make that will let you spend less time
preparing and more time decorating your work.
26 K\ue003\ue004\ue005 F\ue003r\ue003\ue005\ue001 C\ue002art
What happens in a kiln, and when does it happen, and why
do you care? Look no \ue001urther \ue001or the answers.
28 Us\ue003\ue005\ue001 Co\ue005esby Tim Frederich

I\ue001 you\u2019re going to bother to spend the energy and hours making your work, you should spend the energy to learn how to fre it properly.

30 C\ue004ay Too\ue004s: F\ue003r\ue003\ue005\ue001
There is always something we can do to improve our work
at every stage o\ue001 making\u2014and fring is no exception.
32 C\ue002oos\ue003\ue005\ue001 a C\ue004ay
The most basic o\ue001 our materials can sometimes be overlooked.
Be sure you are using the right clay \ue001or the right job.
34 Pr\ue003mary Fu\ue005ct\ue003o\ue005s o\ue000 Raw Mater\ue003a\ue004s

So you need to re\ue001ormulate a glaze recipe you haven\u2019t
looked at in years. Here\u2019s a handy guide to remind you o\ue001
what does what.

36 Ma\ue005u\ue000acturers a\ue005d Supp\ue004\ue003ers
Don\u2019t lose this list! It has anything and everything you need
to locate tools, equipment and supplies \ue001or the studio.

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