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Table Of Contents

List of Figures
List of Tables
Introduction and theoretical background of dissertation
1.1 Introduction and Historical Overview of Financial Reporting Fraud
1.1.1 introduction
1.1.2 Historical overview
1.1.3 Financial statement restatements – descriPtion oF tHe PHenomenon
1.1.4 scoPe oF tHe restatement PHenomenon
1.2 Review of Restatement Studies (and Databases) by Regulatory Bodies
1.2.1 rePorts by regulatory bodies
1.2.2 rePorts on sPeciFic corPorate scandals and/or Financial rePorting Fraud
1.3.4 restatements and corPorate governance and tHe role oF gatekeePers
1.3.5 restatements and lower earnings and accrual Quality
1.3.6 restatements and contagion eFFects11
1.3.7 restatement studies outside tHe united states
1.3.8 restatements witH sPeciFic academic attention
1.3.9 restatements and tHe media and PoPular Press
1.3.10 analysts’ ability to anticiPate and/or Predict restatements
1.3.11 relevance oF academic studies For tHis dissertation
1.4 Impact of Financial Statement Restatements on Corporate Reputation
1.4.1 tHe value oF good corPorate rePutation
1.4.2 measures oF corPorate rePutation
1.4.3 corPorate rePutations oF restating comPanies
Figure 1.5 reputatioN aNalyses bp, credit suisse aNd geNeral motors
1.4.4 ceo rePutation oF restating comPanies
1.4.5 Factors mitigating tHe imPact oF restatements
1.5 Principal Research Questions and Thesis Overview
1.5.1 IntroductIon and PrIncIPal research QuestIon
1.5.2 study 1 – content coding study and restatement communications
Figure 1.6 study overview
1.5.4 study 3 – analysts’ interviews corroborating studies 1 and 2
1.5.5 conclusions and discussion
2.1 Introduction
2.3 Methods
2.4 Empirical Findings
2.4.1 enHancers oF rePutation damage
Figure 2.3 issues iNFlueNciNg perceived iNteNt aNd distortioN
2.4.2 mitigating Factors on rePutation damage
Figure 2.4 respoNses to alleviate perceived iNteNt aNd distortioN
2.4.3 Two opposing Cases: Freddie MaC and norTel
Figure 2.5 coNteNt oF media reports For Freddie mac aNd Nortel
Figure 2.6 sample graph oF coNteNt codes For the Freddie mac case
Figure 2.7 sample graph oF coNteNt codes For the Nortel case
2.5 Results
2.6 Conclusions and Discussion
table 2.3 summary oF restatemeNt cases aNalysed
3.1 Introduction
3.2.1 analysts' decision Processes
3.2.2 nature oF analysts’ exPertise
3.2.3 analysts’ beHavioural biases, incentives and reciProcity
3.2.4 conclusions and current limitations in analysts’ researcH literature
3.3 Development of Hypotheses
Figure 3.2 research model study 2
3.3.1 HyPotHeses earnings management Pressures
3.3.2 HyPotHeses executive Job demands
3.3.3 HyPotHeses analyst’s regret and/or disaPPointment
3.3.4 HyPotHeses ceo dominance
3.3.5 otHer HyPotHeses
3.4 Analysts’ Survey Design and Methods
3.4.1 introduction
3.4.2 samPle oF restatements
3.4.3 selection oF analysts Following restatements
3.4.4 Procedures
3.4.5 Measures and MeasureMent Validation
Figure 3.4 PercePtion oF the AnAlyst: Period A And B without use oF hindsight
tABle 3.1 reliABility MeAsures oF constructs – AnAlysts’ survey
table 3.2 Factor loadiNgs earNiNgs maNagemeNt pressures aNd ceo domiNaNce
table 3.3 Factor loadiNgs opeNNess/goverNaNce pressures aNd latitude
table 3.4 Factor loadiNgs bouNded ratioNality ceo
table 3.5 Factor loadiNgs bouNded ratioNality aNalyst
table 3.8 average variaNce extracted For coNstructs iNcluded iN the pls model
3.5 Analysis of Survey Results
3.5.1 descriPtive statistics
3.5.2 correlations oF Pressures on and beHaviour oF ceos
Figure 3.6 partial least squares model oF the iNFlueNce oF severity
3.6 Conclusions and Discussion
CEO Behaviour
4.1 Introduction and Sub-Research Question
4.2 Theoretical Framework
4.3 Methods
4.3.1 analysts’ samPling
4.3.2 Procedures and interview Protocol
4.4 Data Analysis and Empirical Findings
4.4.1 endogenous Factors
4.4.2 exogenous Factors
4.4.3 interview results and tables – illustrative comments
4.5 Results summary
4.6 Conclusions and Discussion
5.1 Introduction
5.1.1 overview oF tHree studies
5.1.2 answers on PrinciPal researcH Questions
Figure 5.1 extrapolatioN oF FiNdiNgs aNd other research
5.2 Key Findings from Our Studies
5.3 Summary of Findings
Figure 5.2 aNalysts oNly: Normal disclosure – No restatemeNt - visualizatioN
5.4 Discussion Themes
5.4.1 wHat blinds gatekeePers during restatements?
5.4.3 How to imProve inter-gatekeePer cooPeration?
5.4.4 ceo Power in restatement situations and indePendent board ‘caPture’
5.5 Theoretical Relevance
5.6 Managerial Implications
5.7 Limitations of This Study
5.8 Agenda for Future Research
5.9 Concluding Remarks
Appendix 1.1 Materiality Considerations
Appendix 1.2 The Subprime Mortgage Crisis and Restatements
Appendix 2.1 Timelines Freddie Mac and nortel
Appendix 2.2 Coding Scheme
Appendix 3.1 Analysts Survey
Appendix 3.2 Analysts’ Survey – Bridge to Constructs
Appendix 3.3 Partial Least Squares Path Model
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