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Published by: api-3734530 on Oct 15, 2008
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Cryptology And Communication

In today\u2019s Knowledge Age, information transmission become part and parcel of our lives. In this scenario , computer networks holds pride of a Place. Now, as millions of ordinary citizens are using networks for banking, shopping, and filing their tax returns, network security is looming in the horizon as potentially massive problem. Hence this project aims at providing a modest solution to the problem using \u201cCryptology\u201d.

This project titled, \u201dCryptology And Communication \u201d, employs efficient algorithms such as Data Encryption Standard(DES)to tackle the problem of network security.

The project contains two parts viz.,COMMU NIC ATI ON andCRYPTO LOG Y. The communication part demonstrates that two or more computers can be linked together like a miniL AN . One computer was called

SERVER and the other two its terminals or nodes. The source code was split into

two .One exclusively for sending and receiving data (data can be files or messages) over the communication channel. This program is meant only for the nodes. The second program must be executed on a central computer, which was referred as FILE SERVER. A user working on the terminal can place a file in the server or get the file from the server. Some of the features offered in the

\ue000File transfer can be done in both directions i.e. server to the node and node to
the server, operating at the terminal.
\ue000Facility to send urgent messages from node to the server had been provided.
\ue000The users can share printer. The users working on the nodes can utilize a
printer connected to the server.
Dept of C S E, Narayana Engineering College , Nellore
Cryptology And Communication
\ue000Directory service of the server had been provided to the users working on
different nodes. This helps in locating files on the file server.
\ue000More than two computers can be connected, i.e. two computers are
connected to the server to demonstrate the ability and the server can access
both the nodes.
\ue000For providing greater security while transmitting, for each character, an
acknowledgement was sent back to the transmitter.
\ue000For better security, each character was encrypted and the transmitted over
the line. On reaching the destination, it was decrypted back to the original
form. This process is similar to the function of presentation layer of a LAN.

The other part,CRYPTOL OGY, demonstrates how the message in plain natural language called plaintext can be enciphered and again deciphered back to the plaintext. Many famous algorithms or ciphering techniques such as CAESAR CIPHER, NIHILIST TRANSPOSITION, VIGNERE CIPHER, UNIT TRANSPOSITION, GRONSFELD CIPHER, BEAUFORT CIPHER,VARIANT BEAUFORT,KNIGHT\u2019S TOUR etc \u2026. had been implemented successfully as one integrated package. The enciphering process scrambles the bits so thoroughly that a person wanting the information is unlikely to be able to unscramble them.

Dept of C S E, Narayana Engineering College , Nellore
Cryptology And Communication

The concept of cryptography has great importance. right from the days of kings people want to communicate without being recognized. To acheive that they used to change the text into unreadable or un intelligible form.

The well recorded strategy is followed by ceaser who used to transfer data in encrypted form. in his method he used to replace every character by the character three places next to it in the alphabet, there by making it unreadable

During the second world war this concept played pivotal role the germans invented enigma machine, the Japanese purple .the allied forces had the great difficulty in decoding the actual text. Finally turing cracked the code and discovered the machine bomb which can decrypt the message .this led to the allied victory but the methods used for encryption are old they used rotors and machines to do that. with the advent of computer and the whole task is being done with the computer

The art of secret writing is not new today, It dates back to thousand of years. The content of this chapter describes general terms most often used in the field of \u201ccryptology\u201d. The moment you connect your computer to any other computer, whether by Local Area Network with coworkers or by a dial-up connection to an internet provider, you subject yourself to some risk that your data could be compromised. Your data could be stolen or destroyed. Your communications could be intercepted or misdirected.

The security of internet host sites is nebulous at best. Eventually all of them will face some sort of break-in. it might be a hacker trying to prove that he or she can gain unauthorized access to an internet site, or it might be a malicious attempt to destroy data. Being forewarned is your best defense against your data

Dept of C S E, Narayana Engineering College , Nellore

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