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TCS Split Wide Open

TCS Split Wide Open



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Published by: api-3734986 on Oct 15, 2008
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TCS Split Wide Open - Part I
This post is about TCS - Tata Consultancy Services and my experiences with thecompany.Before I elaborate on life at TCS - I would like tell you all (I still seriously doubt howmany people would actually be reading this!!) that I worked in TCS for less than amonth, so you may be right when you think that I have no right to talk about myassociation with TCS considering the very little amount of time I spent in TCS - butstill, I feel sharing my experiences with you all would surely help you. And beforeyou also begin to wonder why I left TCS - it's nothing personal - I quit TCS because Iam going for higher studies. For most of you (I really don't know how many!), TCSmust be the first company on campus and most of you had to stick to TCS coz yourcollege did not allow multiple placements. Sometimes, I feel India is not a democracyyet!! And folks I belong to the same category - first company TCS and no multipleplacements.It was nothing less than a shock that I got when I got an email from TCS on May 5,2006 - I was asked to report for the ILP on May 25 at Trivandrum. It was at a timewhen none of my friends, nor me were expecting it - I was actually looking forward toa long vacation till September - but all dreams were shattered. We had no idea aboutthe documents that were required, no availability in direct trains from Visakhapatnamto Trivandrum - in fact, we were not at all prepared to go for the ILP. One of myfriends got his posting at Bhubaneshwar and my other two friends got it atTrivandrum - both of them backed out - one got it postponed and the other was goingfor his MS. That left ME alone. After a hectic last minute packing, I was off toTrivandrum on 22nd May - in a journey that would not allow me to sleep because Ihad to change two more trains.The journey to Trivandrum could only be worse if not worst. I missed my second train- waited for four hours in the morning from 2 to 6 in the railway station. I reachedChennai on 23rd and had to wait in the railway station for another 4 hours for my nexttrain to Trivandrum. Travelling on long train journeys - that too alone, with no one togive you company - sometimes makes you go mad and it was madness that I endureduntil the morning of 24th May, when I woke up in the train to look at the beauty of God's own country - Kerala. It was raining heavily and being a first timer to Kerala - Ifell in love with the greenery and blue back waters at first sight. It was so serene andpeaceful and for the first time since I started to Trivandrum - I felt happy to becoming to TCS.Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum was quite unlike many cities that I have been to.People in this place don't mind rains - even if it rains throughout the year. 100%literacy rate in Kerala means that everyone knows how to read and write Malayalam -and all of them can put in their signature. The autorickshaws charge for both to andfro - if you travel from A to B, then you need to pay double the amount given on themeter, so if you want to come back from B to A - you need not pay anything more.The buses have no numbers and everything everywhere is written only in Malayalam.Everyone in Trivadrum knew about Technopark - that's where TCS is situated, and Ilater realized that Technopark is the only place famous in Trivandrum apart from thebeaches. I was asked to report at the TCS Executive Hostel which is about 18 km
from the railway station - and when I reached Kenton Leisure (that's the actual nameof the executive hostel), the place was teeming with people. I was alloted Room No.318 (I don't know why I'm goinf into the tiniest of details!!) and my room mate wasSridhar - he was from GCT, Coimbatore - but in an hour I had to change my roombecause Sridhar's friend Mohanbabu from GCT wanted to be in room 318 - so I had tomove into 319. And my room mate was missing - I could only find his baggage in theroom - he had apparently gone out. Now, one small clarification - you cannot changerooms at will in the hostel - it so happened that myself, Sridhar and Mohanbabu werein the same batch.TCS Executive Hostel has around 150 rooms - each room is furnished with 2 beds, 2study tables, a cupboard for 2 people, a dressing table, 1 plug point for mobile phonecharging and an attached bathroom - believe me, the accomodation can't get betterthan this. The hostel has two outdoor shuttle courts, a gym (not many facilities in thegym though), a recreation room with a TV, carrom board and Table Tennis table, acommon TV for each floor and a restaurant that can seat around 200 people at a time.Each floor gets three newspapers - The Hindu, The Indian Express and ET. There isalso a browsing center which charges Rs. 25 for an hour of browsing (half thecomputers don't work most of the time though), a small utility shop for buying thingslike from pencils to badminton racquets, two STD booths and a laundry service(called Al-Khobar Laundry service; charges are exorbitant - Rs. 13/- for a pair of shirtand trousers - washing and pressing). The only bad thing about the hostel is therestaurant - the food served is not great - and the fact that the hostel is located in avillage and there are few places to go to around the hostel - you do have a number of small restaurants outside the hostel at walkable distance - recommended ones areHotel Chennai and Veg World.The hostel rent is Rs. 110 per day, so you need to pay Rs. 3300 every month fromyour HRA. Technopark is about 1 km from the executive hostel and TCS is about 2km from the hostel. Technopark also has other companies like US Technologies, IBSand many unheard ones. Technopark has other things too - it has a hospital calledOjus, a State Bank of India branch, a SBI ATM, a small departmental store, a placefor junk food, a courier office, a dress showroom, an internet browsing center - theseare the things that I can remember.Day 1 at Trivandrum went on well, slept a lot to gain on all the sleep i had lost. Thenext day - May 25, 2006 was my first day at TCS - we were provided with vans andbuses to reach TCS - the transport cost is Rs. 17 per day (to and fro) - which is to bepaid at the end of the month from your Vehicle Allowance.First day at work - in part II..........
TCS Split Wide Open - Part II
First day at work TCS ILP center at Trivandrum was just like how it was in the pics I had seen. Wewent inside and there were around 300 guys and girls - all of them trying to have aglance at a notice board kept at the entrance. The schedule for the day was put up - Iwas in batch T08; our batch numbers were already told to us at the hostel receptionwhen we checked in. There were 8 batches - T02 to T09 and batches T02 to T05 wereasked to gather in an auditorium and the remaining batches from T06 to T09 wereasked to gather in a class room - shouldn't be complaining but already adiscrimination - T02 to T05 were the CS/IT ppl and the remaining were the non CSppl.So around 150 of us gathered in the classroom alloted to the four batches. Theschedule for the first day was induction - from the admin, HR, MATC, ILP andfinance (I don't remember exactly - forgive me for my poor memory) - after breakfast.TCS canteen is run by a private contractor. Let me tell you that the food is bad - butquite cheap; you get -Bread and butter (two slices of bread and butter @ Rs. 6/-),Bread and jam (same price as above),Vada (Rs. 2/- each),Idli (Rs. 2/- each),Puri (a plate @ Rs. 10/-),Dosa (Rs. 9/- a plate),Milk (a glass @ Rs. 10/-),and some more stuff - some days there is channa batura, some other days there areother dishes as well. TCS gives free tea/coffee coupons - which can be used any timeof the day - mind you, you cannot exchange the coupons for milk or any otherbeverage (some of my friends tried doing it ;))The daily schedule will have 4 slots with 2 tea/coffee breaks and 1 lunch break and itmay typically be like this9 to 11 - A Slot11 to 11.30 - Break 11.30 to 1.15 - B Slot1.15 to 2.00 - Lunch2.00 to 3.30 - C Slot3.30 to 4.00 - Break 4.00 to 5.30 - D Slot5.30 to 5.45 - Submission of feedback forms/meetingsThe timings could vary but not a lot - it may be around 15 minutes either way. Eachbatch has two coordinators - one technical and one life skills coordinator (will tell youabout technical and life skills later). Our technical coordinator was Koshy and for lifeskills it was Nisha Dev (the faculty insist that we call them by their first name :) - nomore Sir/Madam formalities).

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