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المصطلحات القانونيه الاكثر استعمالا

المصطلحات القانونيه الاكثر استعمالا



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Published by: api-3735165 on Oct 15, 2008
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ةينوناقل تاحطصملًامعس رثك
Commonly Used Legal Terms
اان ةوسو /  ةبق2006 / يطخل دؤف اـطح : ةمجررعل
ءافعإ ، ةئربت
The formal legal determination that an accusedcriminal is not guilty.
سيل مهل رجل نأ  واق رق. ا ً بذ
ا ىوعدءاضل
A formal complaint within the authority of acourt of law.
ةيواق ةكح صاخ  ةي ىوكش
ةيطخ داهشم
A written statement of facts made voluntarilyand confirmed by an oath. Affidavits are usedas proof for simple matters that do not requirethe live testimony of witnesses.
رق ايعوطت يتُئاح ةيا داإةيطل داهل ت . مل ةطوطت  ل ةطي ئال يل م. دوهل ةي داهش
مهل ءاعد نا أءاث رخآ ناكةرجل وق
The explanation offered by a person accused of a crime to demonstrate that he or she wassomewhere other than where the crime took  place at the time the crime happened.
كل ةرج مهل ل  ذل رلذل ل ريغ ا ناك  نا اهأ  أ يب. اهث ءاث ةرجل ي 
AppealThe request by a losing party (appellant) for an
ىوعل أ
appellate court to review the decision of a trialcourt or administrative agency and find insteadin favor of the appellant.
( أل ) رال رطل  ل ةكحل رق ةرل ا ةكحل داجإ ةد ةلاول  مكحل . أل لال
Appellate court
A higher court that reviews the decisions of trialcourts or administrative agencies if the losing party appeals such a decision. Appellate courtdecisions are made by a panel of judges withouta jury.
ل ماحل رق قت ايع ةكحةلا  ةد اول  اك . رل ذ ل رال رطل اةجل بق  ا ةكح رق ت. يفح ةي ن اضق
To transfer to another person all or part of one's property, interest, or rights. For example, if company A has made a contract with companyB to buy 10 trucks from B, and then A realizesit does not need the trucks, A can assign itsrights to buy the trucks to another company.
  حلا  ش ةيك  ء   إ ، ال يب ع . رخآ ش لإ قوءرل  ةرش   ةرش قات10اهأ  ةرش د مث ،  ةرش  ااشزال  ةرش يطت . اال احت . ىرخ ةرش لإ اال ءرل اهقو ع
Bench trialضاق اهريدي ةمكح ةئه نودب دو فلح A trial where the judge decides the outcome andthere is no jury.
وت ن ةجيل ال ر ي ةاح. يفح ةي
Breach of contractدع رخ The failure of a person to meet or perform hisor her obligations under a contract if there is nolegal excuse for that failure.
، تال زاج  ءافا ا ش افخإ ذع دو ع ةلا  ع و اهتال. افخ لذل واق
Burden of proof ة يدت The duty to prove a fact that is in dispute and isrelevant to the issue being contested. Rules of  procedure establish which party has the burdenof proof in any particular situation. For example, the government has the burden to prove that an individual committed a crime-the
individual is not required to prove he or she isinnocent.
ل وو  دوو ةي ابثإ عول . طل وو ةيضلا تةيبل مت  ر   بت ةيئرت ، ال يب ع . ةاخ ةلا ة كت ا اش نا ةيبل مت ةوكحل ابثإ ل  اوط سيل ا – ةر. ءر اهإ ،
Caseةاق ى A general term for a lawsuit.. ةاق ىد ا لطص Cause of actionد س The act or acts of one person (defendant) thatinvade the legal rights of another person(plaintiff) and entitle the plaintiff to seek a judicial remedy with a civil lawsuit. Alsoknown as a claim.
ل ( يع ع ) ا ش ا   رخآ ل ةيوال وحل هتةي ع حبل ريخل يجت ( عل ). ةي ةيواق ىوع  ددر ةيعرش. طلا اض ع ا
Civil law
ل نوال
The body of law governing certainrelationships between people, such as marriage,contracts, and torts (injuries), as distinguishedfrom criminal law. The term
civil law
alsorefers to the legal tradition derived fromancient Roman law that is presently used inmost non-English-speaking countries. In civillaw systems, all laws are made by legislatorsand contained in comprehensive written codes(books of statutes) rather than made by judgesthrough their decisions.
ال ي ةي اقع مكحت يوق ةعوج ريغ  دول ر ، دول ، لانوال ع اي ا ، ( ر ) دولاض ل نوال ط ري . ئاجلنوال  ل وال يل لإمظ  ايلا ل مل ارل . ةيك ريغ ةلا ةال نبليول  ر ، ل نوال ةظ

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