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50 Best Albums Project Auto Saved)

50 Best Albums Project Auto Saved)

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Published by Aaron Wynne

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Published by: Aaron Wynne on Oct 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A slice of the Music Pie
20 Great albums and where to listen them
By Aaron Wynne
Kind of Blue
Miles Davis, 1959
 This album marked a new era in Jazz. It featured Miles Davis, John Coltrane,Cannonball Aderlay, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, Jimmy Cobb, and Paul Chambers. Thealbum begins gently with
So What
, an establishing track that lays down a mellowgroove. It continues with
Freddie Freeloader
, a track that continues the mellowness ofthis album. Next, we come to
Blue in Green
a slow track with muted trumpets.
begins the second half of this album. This is the chart that really opened me upto jazz as a genre. It
s an easy chart on which the professionals sound at near theirbest. The timbre and sonority of the horns works well as a segue towards the later partof the album. Moving on and closing the album, we come to
Flamenco Sketches
.Miles muted trumpet and ideas in this chart lead foreshadow where he went with hisnext album, Sketches of Spain.Many Jazz critics rate this as one of the best, if not the best, jazz album of alltime. In 2008, it went quadruple platinum, becoming the best-selling jazz album of alltime. I believe that this album is one of the best examples of great music being made bygreat artists at once.This album goes best on a weeknight, when trying to relax and wind down. Enjoywith a small group of friends and some craft beers.
Deltron 3030
Deltron 3030, 2000
This is one of the most fun albums I have ever heard. From the combined theforces of Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Dan the Automator, and DJ Kid Koala comes aconcept album worthy of all the praise it receives. This tells a story of a characternamed Deltron Zero who is fighting an oppressive government regime. There are manysongs about bringing this galactic government to its knees. Standout songs include
Positive Contact
. The production
on this album, done by Dan the Automator, was excellent. DJ Kid Koala shows anexcellent amount of skill on the turntables. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien has some ofthe smartest lyrics ever recorded.This album as well received by the music-reviewing magazines. A futuristic rapconcept album is something that is quite unique and as of 2010, a follow up CD has nothappened yet.This album goes best with an altered state of consciousness or driving through alarge city. With the exploration of dystopian themes and overthrowing government, it isvery much an album that is just fun to listen to.
A Love Supreme - John Coltrane, 1965
This album debuted during the beginning of free jazz. With John Coltrane, JimmyGarrison, Elvin Jones and McCoy Tyner comes one of the most influential albums of alltime. Broken into four tracks:
, this album provides an eerie soundtrack that lives up to the albums title.Coltranes cool, haunting tenor sax is the perfect lead instrument for this quartet. This isan album that does not lend itself to being broken up and survives very well as aconcept album. The technicality of Coltrane
s sax playing along with the free jazzinfluences allow this hard-hitting jazz album a spot on my top 50 of all time.This album sold 500,000 records by 1970. It has been the inspiration for many popularartists, from Santana to U2
s Bono. It has been included in many best albums lists andhas been awarded the honors of being included in nationally recognized collections asan American Treasure.
A Love Supreme 
is similar to
Kind of Blue 
as it should be listened to with a group ofpeople, though it is equally as powerful alone. When enjoying this album, try to not havetoo many lights on, as the harshness of all the lights will really destroy the atmospherethis album creates.
Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd, 1973
This is arguably the best recorded album of all time. Very rarely does a conceptalbum aim as high as this one does and succeed in reaching that mark. The amount ofmusical energy that this album output
s rivals anything done today. The way that thesongs were arranged tells a story of exploration and that is exactly what the listener
needs to do when listening to this album. A testament to its greatness: it has been 15times certified platinum in the United States. This entire album is exceptional, yet thereare some spots that really stand out. The tenor sax solo in the middle of
theentire song of
The Great Gig in the Sky,
shine through on this album.Dark Side of the Moon is one of the most influential albums of all time. Today,this album holds up well against many recent albums that have been created. This iseasily one of the best concept albums ever produced and personally, this is frequentlyincluded when discussing my top ten albums of all time. Some of those albums rotate inand out of the top ten, but this is one of those that stays in there perpetually. This albumis also mashed up with videos to see if they match thanks to
The Dark Side of Oz,
anamalgamation of
The Wizard of Oz
Dark Side of the Moon.
 This album is best whenever. The musicality in this album is top notch and anysituation can be enhanced by its mellow vibes. This album is also very easy to get intoand get lost in its soundscape.
Maggot Brain - Funkadelic, 1971
This album is one of the most fun funk albums ever crafted. It starts with one ofthe best and most challenging guitar solos recorded. Eddie Hazel uses the titular trackto showcase his skill as a funk guitarist. This ten minute long odyssey is a journey intothe depth of a mans soul. Rolling Stone has rated this as number 60 of 100 in their listas best guitar solos and many other reputable guitar magazines have placed this soloin their top one hundred. This is a somber way to kick off an album that is chock full ofhigh energy sound barrages. Following "Maggot Brain" are five songs that are fun, funksongs. These songs are upbeat and want to get you moving. The album closes withthe song "Wars of Armageddon." This song is similar to the feel that "Maggot Brain"gives off. Both "Maggot Brain" and "Wars of Armageddon" are high concept, longsongs. Combined, these can be looked as concept songs that fit the idea thatFunkadelic was created as: a psychedelic trip away from the more traditional funk thatGeorge Clinton was creating.
I have found that there are radio stations across the United States that play"Maggot Brain" in its ten-minute entirety on weekend nights. Two such radio stationshave done it for decades, one recently having ended its twenty year run and the otherpushing sixteen years now.
This album is best listened to either under the influence of pyschodelic drugs ona weekend night, or at a party. It is also a very good accompaniment to a long drive at

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