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Andromeda Council - Transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth

Andromeda Council - Transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth

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Published by Tolec
A detailed Q&A of the kind of changes that will take place on planet Earth as it, and its people, become a 4th dimensional world
A detailed Q&A of the kind of changes that will take place on planet Earth as it, and its people, become a 4th dimensional world

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Tolec on Oct 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ursala Freer 
Molecular & Cellular transformation to a4
Dimensional Earth Life
Tolec, you’ve said the people you communicate with on the primary biosphere where many of the Andromeda Council meetings are held – that they are “excited” about our solar system &our planet’s migration into the 4
dimension. Why are they so excited about this change we areabout to experience?ANSWER
: First off, please understand, these original 5,000, now 50,000+ crew members, & their families, on this biosphere, and on the other biospheres, they’ve traveled a long way to help Earth withthis coming shift. They are excited to be here & to help. And, up until recently it’s been a verychallenging, difficult time because first they had to win a very hard war in space against an alliance of Orion Greys, Hydra, & Alpha Draconis Reptilians. Which they’ve done.And in the clean-up process down on Earth, various affiliated Andromeda Council races, especiallythose from
, used highly focused sonic energy beams to bust-up & collapse undergroundbases including the ones around your nation’s capital leading up to the hills in Virginia, ones inColorado, and northern New Mexico. Again, these were highly focused, pin-pointed, sonic energybeam blasts meant to cripple the tunnel systems & underground bases where the Greys & Reptilianshave been hiding. They had been warned many, many times to leave, and didn’t. So, a positiveintervention. My contacts called these tunnels & bases a “lattice network”. They’re destroyed,collapsed & inoperable... and closed off. These were not nuclear blasts. They said, and I quote:
wewould never used nuclear weapons, we don’t need to. We are far beyond this kind of technology.Moreover, use of nuclear weapons would absolutely endanger the lives of the people on the planet surface. And, even worse, nuclear radiation is poisonous to all humans, to all life on Earth
Thesewere not nuclear weapons but highly focused, pin-pointed, sonic energy beam blasts
.The Andromeda Council’s goal is to eliminate as many of these remaining ‘rats under the wood pile’ assoon as possible... before your migration & complete immersion into the 4
dimensional area of space.As I’ve mentioned, we are about 90-92% complete in the wrapping up of the ‘clean-up’ phase of the lasthold-outs of these Grey & Reptilian menaces here on Earth.So, back to the shift. Comparatively, this coming shift is nothing like anyone has experienced in a long,long, long time. A lot of things are happening with your solar system, all at once, which we are payingclose attention to. And, this transformation you are about to experience is totally different because awhole solar system, your planet & its people get to become 4
dimensional human beings withouthaving to “die”. Now, let me explain. From time memorial, normally humans on 3D planets like Earthget to live long or short lives, to have whatever overall learning experiences are best needed for their souls. When they die, rather when their bodies die their original birth spiritual essence, their soul,usually goes off planet for a while & decides, chooses, where it will incarnate next. Another 3D worldlike Earth, or Earth again. Or, if they feel they’ve really learned as much as they can over the course of many 3D lifetimes they can choose instead to migrate & live their lives in the 4
dimension on anynumber of 4D worlds. Or they can go back to their original 4D home world. This is the norm.Again, in the case of this coming shift, this transformation of your solar system and planet no one,nobody’s 3D body has to die to become a 4
dimensional human.
That’s great. You’ve said on the Andromeda Council web site that as part of our transition intobecoming 4
dimensional beings - people from planets affiliated with the Andromeda Councilare coming here to Earth, will quietly land, and visit with us. What will these people be like?ANSWER
: The people you can expect to meet are likely to come from four (4) affiliated AndromedaCouncil planets: Ventra, Nikotae, Toleka and Ritol. The people from all four planets are human justlike you & I are. Here are the following physical traits and descriptions of all four:
The people from this planet
} have white porcelain type skin, beautiful emerald greenlooking eyes or dark bluish purple eyes. They have fine strawberry blonde hair. The women are petite,about 5’ tall. The men are about 6’ – 6’ 2”.
The people from this planet
} have light creamy, to mid-mocha color skin. Theywould look to be very much like a person of mixed Caucasian & African races on your planet. Thesepeople are in fact of mixed races. Hair ranges in color from black to brown, of all different textures,short & tight to long & light curly & flowing. Their eyes are all colors of brown, dark to light, and sometimes people with the lighter colored brown eyes – they have gold flecks in their eyes. The women aregenerally about 6’ tall. And the men range from about 6’5 - 6’7”.
3D 3
dimension4D 4
dimension5D 5
The people from this planet
} have beautiful, pale, very light green skin, with lightblue almost aquamarine eyes. Their fine hair ranges from being almost silvery to very light blonde.With both the women & men, they would be considered have an average range of Earth human height.Their ears are slightly pointed. Think of the fictional “Vulcans” from your 
television shows.
The majority of the original people from this planet
Ree tole
} have light blue skin. They havethick full white hair. They have really deep, deep purple eyes.These people have also inter-mixed marriages with Caucasian looking people from a planet in the TauCeti star system,
Loeki {
 as a result, their light blue skin color gets even lighter. They haveall different eye colors because of the inter-mixing of the races. Their hair is either black or red, also full& thick in appearance.For those people who have inter-mixed marriages with people you would consider to be “NativeAmerican” looking, people from the planet
their look becomes a more “muted” blue look.They have also married people from the planet
people who have the light creamy to mid-mocha color skin. They have retained the texture of thick full hair. These people overall are very tall inheight. They women are generally 7’ – 7’ 2” tall. The men are usually between 8’ – 8’2” tall.Ritol is very much a “melting pot” kind of a planet, much like Earth.
How will we be able to speak with these people who are from other planets?ANSWER
: In order to be able to speak with you they will all be wearing ‘universal translators’ so theycan converse in all Earth languages.
Is this still scheduled to happen soon?ANSWER
: Yes, they are pretty much on schedule to do this. It’s still very likely to happen this autumn.I believe sometime before October is finished. But, don’t hold me to this date.Because we are discussing timing happening around major cosmic events, the matter of "timing"concerning their initial contact & visitation date tends to be much more fluid. Therefore, I would askpeople to please be patient about this particular topic.
O.k then. So the Andromeda Council web site talks about all sorts of important things they haveto share with us. What’s the big deal what don’t we know about ourselves.ANSWER
: Great question. Primarily you’ll learn about your own true heritage, the truth of your origin,of your original human physical form, where among the various stars & planets across the Universe thatEarth people originally came from, who your - cousins, brothers and sisters are, who your ancestorstruly are and why you are so special. You’ll learn about the truth and reality of the human spiritualorigin and its true essence. You’ll learn about the reality, creation & sacredness of the human soul, andits connection with the Creation, and all sentient life throughout the Universe. There is much more of course. But, that’s their job I’ll let them tell you.
Well, ok. All right. So, back to our new 4D bodies then. So, January 1, 2014 arrives and webegin living as 4
dimensional people. How will Earth people change in terms of their bodystructure as new 4D humans?ANSWER
: Again, the most important thing to realize is that this coming transformation, this transition,from 3D human to 4D human will be smooth, ‘seamless’, painless. Again, there is no death involved.This experience will be a simple transformation of cellular structure from the slower, more dense,heavier, existing 3D vibratory rate you have today, to a higher, faster 4D vibratory rate. You will have abody that is taller, literally lighter in terms of mass, weight & density, and lighter in terms of beinginfused with light. Keep in mind, your body’s molecular cellular structure will change. Think crystal based molecules. Your 4D body, the cellular structure of your new 4D body, will be based on crystalline molecules. Your existing 3D cell walls will transmute into being crystalline based. Within the center of each cell, it will befull of light. Earth people, your 4D bodies will really be very translucent.

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