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A Roadside Stand

A Roadside Stand

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Published by Ramita Udayashankar
Poetry; Flamingo; Class XII English
Poetry; Flamingo; Class XII English

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Published by: Ramita Udayashankar on Oct 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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N Winl{bl` [|ndl7 cnwo{Vabka hbd`{ gwbdf ip| |a` kic}hnbdbdf n||b|pl` ij |a` kb|r jiho9 Van| lbl |a`rkic}hnbd ngip|9
……|a`d ip| ij {iw|{N| anzbdf hndl{kn}` cnww`l vb|a |a` nw|h`{{ }nbd|$
Ij {bfd{ |an| vb|a D |pwd`l vwidf ndl [ |pwd`l vwidf$\a`bw kic}hnbd| b{ |an| |a` kn{pnh ndl lb{|n{|`jph vnr ij }nbd|bdf ndl |a` }ibd|`w{ }nbd|bdf bd |a` vwidf lbw`k|bid{ bwwb|n|` |a`c$
Van| vn{ |a` }h`n ij |a` jiho{ vai anl }p| p} |a` winl{bl` {|ndl9
\a` wpwnh jiho{ }h`nl`l }n|a`|bknhhr jiw {ic` kp{|ic`w{ |i {|i} gr ndl gpr {ic` ij |a`bw fiil{$ Kb|r jiho{ p{`l |i }n{{ gr id |ab{ winl ndl a`dk` |a` wpwnh jiho {`| p} |a`winl{bl` {|ndl |i n||wnk| |a`bw n||`d|bid ndl {`hh |a`bw fiil{$
Van| b{ |a` ‑kabhlb{a hidfbdf‒ |an| |a` }i`| w`j`w{ |i9 Var b{ b| ‑znbd‒9
\a` ‑kabhlb{a hidfbdf‒ |an| |a` }i`| w`j`w{ |i b{ |a` {|widf l`{bw` ij |a` wpwnh jiho{ |i g`w`kifdbu`l ndl |a`r vnb| jiw kp{|ic`w{ |i {|i} gr n| |a`bw {|ndl |i gpr |a`bw fiil{$Va`d |a`r f`| di }`w{}`k|bz` kp{|ic`w{( |a`r g`kic` {nl ndl nhh |a`bw `jjiw|{ w`cnbdjp|bh`$
Vabka hbd`{ |`hh p{ ngip| |a` bd{pjj`wngh` }nbd |an| |a` }i`| j``h{ n| |a` |aipfa| ij |a` }hbfa| ij |a` wpwnh }iiw9
\a` hbd`{ |an| `q}w`{{ |a` j``hbdf{ ij |a` }i`| nw`‘B knd‒| a`h} ivdbdf |a` fw`n| w`hb`j b| viphl g`\i }p| |a`{` }`i}h` n| id` {|wio` ip| ij |a`bw }nbd–$\a` }i`| j``h{ |a` d``l |i w`ciz` nhh |a` }nbd{( vabka |a` }iiw wpwnh }`i}h` {pjj`w jwic$
Va`w` ndl aiv vn{ |a` winl{bl` {|ndl gpbh| ndl var9
\a` winl{bl` {|ndl vn{ gpbh| gr |a` wpwnh jiho id id` {bl` ij |a` winl$ B| vn{ n hb||h` d`v{a`l( nd `q|`d{bid ij nd ihl aip{`$ Id |a` gp{r winl( |a` jn{| cizbdf |wnjjbk viphl }n{{bd jwid| ij b|$ \a` {|ndl anl g``d {`| p} |i n||wnk| |a` kb|r jiho n{ kp{|ic`w{$ \a` bl`nvn{ |i gwbdf bd {ic` kn{a nj|`w {`hhbdf |a` jnwc }wilpk|{$
L`{kwbg` |a` znhp` ij ‑cid`r‒ ndl ‑kn{a‒ jiw ‑|a` jhiv`w ij kb|b`{‒$
\a` jhiv ij cid`r ndl kn{a {p}}iw|{ |a` l`z`hi}c`d| bd |a` gbf kb|r$ B| {p}}iw|{ |a``kidicr ndl a`h}{ bd |a` }wifw`{{$ B| nh{i }w`z`d|{ |abdf{ jwic f`||bdf l`{|wir`l$ B|vn{ ai}`l |an| |a` winl{bl` {|ndl viphl f`| {ic` ij |a` cid`r iw |a` kn{a |i g`p|bhbu`l jiw }wifw`{{ ij wpwnh jiho{$
Var lbld‒| |a` ‑kb|r jiho‒ |wnjjbk {|i} n| |a` winl{bl` {|ndl9 Van| nddir`l |a`}`i}h` vai vnd|`l |i {|i}9
\a` }ihb{a`l kb|r jiho lbl di| {|i} n| |a` winl{bl` {|ndl g`knp{` |a`r v`w` bd n wp{a |iw`nka |a`bw l`{|bdn|bid{$ Bj n| nhh |a`r lbl vnd| |i {|i}( |a`r viphl f`| nddir`l n| |a`khpc{r }nbd| ij |a` gpbhlbdf$ \a`r nh{i j`h| bwwb|n|`l n| |a` {bfd{ ‑D‒ ndl ‑[‒ |pwd`lvwidf$
‑\a` apw| |i |a` {k`d`wr viphld‒| g` cr kic}hnbd|‒( {nr{ Wig`w| Jwi{|$ Van| vn{ab{ w`nh kic}hnbd|9
\a` w`nh kic}hnbd| ij |a` }i`| vn{ |a` {iwwiv{ ndl {pjj`wbdf{ ij |a` wpwnh jiho{$ \a`lb{|n{|`jphhr lid` }nbd| id |a` {a`l( |a` vwidfhr |pwd`l {bfd{ lbl di| gi|a`w abc$ A`
vn{ ciw` viwwb`l ngip| |a` }b|bngh` kidlb|bid ij |a` }iiw }`i}h` ndl |an| ciz`l ab{a`nw|$
Var li |a` }`i}h` vai nw` wpddbdf |a` winl{bl` {|ndl ‑n{o jiw {ic` kb|r cid`r|i j``h bd andl‒9
\a` }`i}h` n| |a` winl{bl` {|ndl nw` }iiw ndl pdl`w}wbzbh`f`l$ \a`r li di| anz``dipfa kn{a$ \a`r idhr vb{a |an| |a` kb|r }`i}h` {aiphl }n|widbu` |a`c ndl gpr {ic`fiil{ jwic |a`c {i |an| |a`r |ii knd `nwd kn{a$ \a`r ai}` |i gwbdf ngip| kandf`{ bd|a`bw hbj`{|rh` ndl cno` |a`bw hbj` }wi{}`wip{$
Van| b{ |a` d`v{ g`bdf {}w`nl nwipdl9
B| b{ bd |a` d`v{ |an| |a` }b|bjph obd nw` |i g` gipfa| ip| ndl fn|a`w`l bd c`wkbjphhr$\a`r viphl g` {`||h`l bd zbhhnf`{ d`q| |i |a` |a`n|w` ndl |a` {|iw`$ \a`bw }hnk`{ vbhh g`|no`d iz`w gr |a` wbka ndl |a` kpddbdf }`i}h`$ \a` zbhhnf`w{ ‑vid‒| anz` |i |abdo jiw |a`c{`hz`{ ndrciw`‒$ \a` fw``lr ndl kwp`h `q}hib|`w{ vbhh licbdn|` |a`c$
Vai vbhh {ii|a` |a` wpwnh }iiw ‑ip| ij |a`bw vb|{‒ ndl aiv9
\a` fw``lr }`i}h` vbhh g` |a` fiil#li`w{$ \a`r vbhh licbdn|` |a` hbz`{ ij |a` }iiw wpwnh jiho$ \a`r vbhh kpddbdfhr |wr |i `q}hib| |a`c$ \a`{` }`i}h` nw` kwp`hh`w |and |a` g`n{|{ ij }w`r$ \a`r idhr vnd| |i `nwd apf` }wijb|{ jiw |a`c{`hz`{ gr `q}hib|bdf |a` }iiw ndl bddik`d| }`i}h`$ \a`r vbhh {h``} kicjiw|nghr bd |a`bw g`l{ nhh lnr gp| ‑}w`z`d||a` }iiw‒ jwic {h``}bdf }`nk`jphhr$
Van| vbhh g` n fw`n| w`hb`j |i |a` }i`|9 Aiv knd |a` }wigh`c{ ij |a` wpwnh }iiw g`{ihz`l9
\a` }i`|( Wig`w| Jwi{| {``c{ |i g` viwwb`l n| |a` }hbfa| ij |a` }iiw }`i}h`$ B| vbhh g` nfw`n| w`hb`j |i abc bj |a` }`i}h` nw` w`hb`z`l ij |a`bw }nbd ndl {pjj`wbdf n| id` {|wio`$\a`bw cb{`wngh` hbzbdf b{ di g`||`w |and l`n|a$ \a` }i`| vnd|{ nd bcc`lbn|` `dl |i |a`bw {pjj`wbdf$
[i cpka n{ |a` |wp{|bdf {iwwiv ij van| b{ pd{nbl5A`w` jnw jwic |a` kb|r v` cno` ipw winl{bl` {|ndlNdl n{o jiw {ic` kb|r cid`r |i j``h bd andl\i |wr bj b| vbhh di| cno` ipw g`bdf `q}ndl(Ndl fbz` p{ |a` hbj` ij |a` cizbdf#}bk|pw`{‒ }wicb{`\an| |a` }nw|r bd }iv`w b{ {nbl |i g` o``}bdf jwic p{$]nwn}awn{` #
Van| apw|{ |a` jnwc`w nw` |ai{` kicc`d|{ |an| w`cnbd pd{}io`d$\wp{|bdf {iwwiv b{ n |wnd{j`ww`l `}b|a`| va`w`gr |a` jnwc`w j``h{ |an| nhh ab{ |wp{| ndljnb|a bd |a` pwgnd f`d`wi{b|r fbz`{ abc di|abdf gp| pdan}}bd`{{$ \a`bw idhr l`cndl b{|an| |a`r vnd| |i j``h {ic` kn{a bd |a`bw andl{ ndl jnw jwic |a` kb|r |a`r anz` gpbh| |ab{{|ndl ep{| |i `nwd {ic` cid`r$ \a`r vnd| |ab{ cid`r {i |an| |a`r nw` `dngh`l |i hbz` nhbj` ij njjhp`dk` n{ |a`r {`` bd Aihhrviil cizb`{$ \a` }nw|r bd }iv`w fbz`{ jnh{` ai}`{ndl }wicb{`{ gp| li`{ di| jphjbhh |a`c$
< cnwo{\a` }ihb{a`l |wnjjbk }n{{`l vb|a n cbdl na`nl(Iw bj `z`w n{bl` n cic`d|( |a`d ip| ij {iw|{N| anzbdf |a` hndl{kn}` cnww`l vb|a |a` nw|h`{{ }nbd|Ij {bfd{ |an| vb|a D |pwd`l vwidf ndl [ |pwd`l vwidfIjj`w`l jiw {nh` vbhl g`wwb`{ viil`d ~pnw|{Iw kwiio#d`ko`l fihl`d {~pn{a vb|a {bhz`w vnw|{(
Iw g`np|r w`{| bd n g`np|bjph cipd|nbd {k`d`(Rip anz` |a` cid`r( gp| bj rip vnd| |i g` c`nd(Var o``} ripw cid`r !|ab{ kwi{{hr" ndl fi nhidf$Van| li rip pdl`w{|ndl gr }ihb{a`l |wnjjbk9
\a` }ihb{a`l |wnjjbk w`j`w{ |i |a` njjhp`d| khn{{ ij kb|r }`i}h` vai }n{{`l gr |a`winl{bl` {|ndl id |a` abfavnr$
Van| b{ c`nd| gr ‑ip| ij {iw|{‒9 Var li |a` }`i}h` bd |a` knw{ j``h ‑ip| ij {iw|{‒9
‑Ip| ij {iw|{‒ c`nd{ |i j``h pdan}}r iw nddir`l$ \a` }`i}h` bd |a` knw{ j``h ip| ij {iw|{ g`knp{` |a`r li di| hbo` |a` gnlhr }nbd|`l {a`l$ @z`d |a` kwiio`l winl {bfd{bwwb|n|` |a`c$
Van| b{ p} jiw {nh` bd |a` winl{bl` {|ndl9
\a` winl{bl` {|ndl ijj`w{ vbhl g`wwb`{ ndl fihl`d {~pn{a jiw {nh`$
Var li |a` ikkp}nd|{ ij |a` ihl aip{` ndl |a` ivd`w{ ij |a` {a`l j``h n {`d{` ij ip|wnf`9
\a` ikkp}nd|{ ij |a` ihl aip{` ndl |a` {a`l j``h nddir`l vb|a |a` }n{{`w{ gr g`knp{`|a`r nw` idhr kwb|bknh gp| va`d b| kic`{ |i {}`dlbdf cid`r( |a`r li di| li {i ndl fiid |a`bw vnr vb|aip| gprbdf ndr|abdf$
\a` hb||h` ihl aip{` vn{ ip| vb|a n hb||h` d`v {a`lBd jwid| n| |a` `lf` ij |a` winl va`w` |a` |wnjjbk {}`l(N winl{bl` {|ndl |an| |ii }n|a`|bknhhr }h`l(B| viphl di| g` jnbw |i {nr jiw n lih` ij gw`nl(Gp| jiw {ic` ij |a` cid`r( |a` kn{a( vai{` jhiv {p}}iw|{\a` jhiv`w ij kb|b`{ jwic {bdobdf ndl vb|a`wbdf jnbd|$Va`w` vn{ |a` {|ndl hikn|`l9 Aiv anl b| g``d cnl`9
\a` winl{bl` {|ndl anl g``d hikn|`l n| id` {bl` ij |a` winl$ B| vn{ ep{| nd `q|`d{bidij nd ihl aip{` ndl |a` d`v {a`l vn{ cnl` bd jwid| ij b|$
@q}hnbd ‑|ii }n|a`|bknhhr }h`l‒$
\a` ivd`w ij |a` {a`l g`ff`l |a` }n{{`w gr bd n ci{| }n|a`|bk cndd`w$
Van| viphl di| g` jnbw |i {nr9
B| viphl g` pdjnbw |i {nr |an| |a` {a`l vn{ {`| p} jiw ep{| n lih` ij gw`nl$
Van| vn{ |a` w`nh nbc ij wpddbdf |ab{ winl{bl` {aiv9
\a` w`nh nbc vn{ |i `nwd {ic` cid`r jwic |a` kb|r }`i}h` vai }n{{`l jwic |a`w`$
B| b{ bd |a` d`v{ |an| nhh |a`{` }b|bjph obdNw` |i g` gipfa| ip| ndl c`wkbjphhr fn|a`w`l bd\i hbz` bd zbhhnf`{( d`q| |i |a` |a`n|w` ndl |a` {|iw`(Va`w` |a`r vid‒| anz` |i |abdo jiw |a`c{`hz`{ ndrciw`$Van| li`{ |a` d`v{ }wikhnbc9
\a` d`v{ }wikhnbc{ |an| nhh |a` }b|bjph w`hn|bz`{ ij |a` kb|r }`i}h` vbhh g` n{{`cgh`l bd|a` zbhhnf`{( khi{` |i |a` |a`n|w` ndl |a` {|iw`{ ndl vbhh g` hiio`l nj|`w gr |a`

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