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Yogananda's Articles

Yogananda's Articles

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Published by: api-3736105 on Oct 15, 2008
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Resurrect Your Soul in God
From Inner Culture, April 1937 
Christ is risen from beneath the sepulcher of your indifference if you would behold Him in the lightof your devotion.
He is risen from the imprisoning walls of flesh if you, a sleeping son of God, would come out ofyour bodily prison into the freedom of Spirit.
Crucify your ignorance and hide-bound evil customs, and rise from beneath the tomb ofnarrowness into the freedom of Cosmic Brotherhood.
Resurrect your soul from the tomb of reincarnations.
Christ-fragrance is ascending from the living graves of material human consciousness, anddescending on the devotion of true devotees everywhere. Wash the altar of your heart with tearsof repentance, so that Christ Consciousness, love of all races, all creatures, may resurrect withinyou.
When your body is crucified with disease, ascend into the consciousness of health.When your mind is crucified with trials and temptations, awaken into the sphere of self-control.
When you are entombed in sorrow, resurrect yourself into happiness.
When you are buried beneath restlessness, resurrect your mind into continued deep silence.
Your God-love has long been crucified by your inner indifference remaining hidden within you;awaken it, and resurrect it into the consciousness of the Absolute Bliss by daily deepconcentration.From Talks and Articles by Paramhansa Yogananda
Always Look to the Light
Excerpted from The Essence of Self-Realization, by Paramhansa Yogananda, recorded and compiled by Kriyananda 
A room may be in darkness for thousands of years, but if a light is brought into it, in that veryinstant the darkness vanishes. So is it with sin. You cannot drive sin out of the mind any morethan you can beat darkness out of a room with a stick. By concentration on delusion, indeed, youmay only increase its hold on your mind. Bring in the light of God, however, through deepmeditation and devotion, and the darkness will vanish as though it had never been.
If one thinks of sin as breaking God's commandments, the thought then arises of God's angerand stern judgment. But the Lord is our very own! We are His children. Why should He judge us?It is we, rather, who judge ourselves when we imagine that anything we do is beyond forgiveness.But if we understand sin as error, we realize that our errors can be rectified.
Never be afraid of God. Tell Him the things you've done wrong. Remind Him that you are Hischild. That is much better than whining, 'Lord, I am a sinner! I am a sinner!' You are made in Hisimage. Pray, then, 'Well, Lord, I have made mistakes, but once I know You, there can be no moretemptation for me.'
Give to God not only the good that you do, but also the bad. I do not mean that you shoulddeliberately do things that are wrong. But when you cannot help yourself, because of habits thatare too strong, tell your mind that God is performing those actions through you.
It is He, after all, who has dreamed your existence. You have merely hypnotized yourself with thethought of your weaknesses. If you make the Lord responsible for them, it will help you to breakthe false hold they have on your imagination. You'll find it easier, then, to recognize in yourselfthe perfect image of God
Loving One's Enemies
The secret of Christ's strength lay in his love for all, even his enemies. Far better to conquer bylove the heart of a person who hates you than to vanquish such a one by other means. To theordinary man such a doctrine seems absurd. He wants to return ten slaps for the one he hasreceived and add twice as many kicks for good measure. Why should you love your enemy? Inorder that you may bring the healing rays of your love into his dark, hatred-stricken heart….Thuswill the flame of your love burn the partitions of hatred and misery which separate your Soul fromother Souls and all Souls from the vast sea of Infinite Love.
You need not fawn on your enemy. Silently love him. Silently be of service to him whenever he isin need, for love is real only when it is useful and expresses itself through action. Thus will yourend the veils of hatred and of narrow-mindedness which hide God from your sight
Keep Centered in God - Not Matter
From Yogananda's Super Advanced Course 
When you act in the world, forgetting God, you have changed your center from God to matter.And this grafted material nature will throw you into the whirlpool of change and will stifle you withworries and sorrows. Now revert to your own nature. Change your center from material desires todesire for God. These material nature beggaries are only your grafted nature, so the only way youcan forget these is to remember God as Peace and Bliss in your heart always. Ask God to makeyour peace, silence, joy and meditation his holy altars, where your soul may meet and communewith Him in the holy of Holies. Let your prayer be: "Make my understanding the temple of Thyguidance!
Invoke God as power in the temple of consciousness during the day. Let every action and everyword that you utter be tinged and tipsy with God-love intoxication. Talk and act sensibly as a manwho drinks a lot and yet keeps his senses awake and in command. Be drunk with God and letevery action of your daily life be a temple of God's memory. Perform every action to please Him;and in the indestructible shrine of your devotion God will listen in every thought.
Carry your love of God deep in your heart before you sleep. Cradle it there, so that when youdream you may dream of Him as resting on the fragrant altar of sleep, as Krishna or Christ orPeace or Bliss. In the temple of Sleep or Dreams, feel God as Peace or as ever-new Bliss.Actually, God embraces you on His Bosom as Peace and Joy when you go to sleep in yoursubconscious chamber or your temple of dreams. Then you are sleeping locked in His Arms ofTranquility. So, before you fall asleep, realize that you are going to embrace Him in sleep anddreams.
And when you are deeply sleeping or meditating, feel Him embracing you as the OmnipresentBliss. The Great Omnipresence touches you in sleep and meditation, and through His Bliss-touchHe wants to make you forget your little, painful, worrying memories, mental and physical achesand Spiritual agonies, which you garnered during your truant stay, in the slums of matter.
Hold fast to your once lost spiritual treasure of joy. Now that it is regained, increase it by giving itfreely to others and generously investing it in other hearts. Remember that whatsoever weselfishly keep for self is lost; and whatsoever we freely give in love to others, that treasure cannotbe lost but yields its ever-increasing harvest of happiness without end. Worry and selfishness arehighwaymen on the roadways of life, and they hold us up and rob us of our wealth of joy andpeace. So, determine to hold fast to joy, no matter if death shall frown at your doors or your ownsubconscious mind may tell you that "all is lost."Drown all confusing noises in the silent, sweet harmony of your perfect, invincible joy. Rememberthis, my beloved: With Her veil of sleep and peace, Mother Divine wipes away the dark sorrows ofher ignorance-besmirched children. Go then to your dreams as a child to its mother's arms.Divine Love will be enshrined in all your memories of past incarnations and present thoughts. Andthen you will find that evil and misery were only your own imaginary dream-creations. You sleptand dreamed a nightmare of evil; you awake in God and feel only joy and good existingeverywhere. And then you will pray the only prayer that I pray for myself: "Heavenly Father, mayThy love shine forever on the shrine of my devotion. May my devotion for Thee forever burn onthe altar of my memory, and may I be able to kindle love for Thee on all altar-hearts
Matter and Spirit
Excerpted from an article, Life Everlasting, that appeared in Inner Culture, February, 1936 
There is no difference between inorganic and organic life except that they are separatemanifestations of the one Life. Nothing is really dead. The atoms in the flesh of even a corpse arerapidly vibrating and constantly moving with life. Different forms of life are manifestations of thesame Life Force. Just as ice, water, steam, and hydrogen oxygen gases are different forms of thesame thing, so also solids, liquids, gases, stones, crystals, plants, animals, and human beings,both living and dead, are manifestations of Life.The Spirit contained in matter, and matter, are the same, just as hydrogen oxygen gasescontained in a closed jar, made out of a block of ice are of the same essential composition as the jar itself. The thing contained is made of the same material as the container. If it were otherwise,matter and Spirit would be the result of two co-existing Infinite forces, which is impossible. As theocean becomes the waves, so does Spirit become matter. Spirit and matter are the same as theocean and the waves. The waves are disturbed ocean, and matter is distorted, objectified Spirit.The waves, except in form, contain all the essential qualities of the ocean; similarly, matter,organic and inorganic, manifestly or latently, contains all the qualities of the Spirit. Thus we cansay that Life sleeps in the crude earth, dreams beauty in the flowers, wakes with power in theanimals, and in man has consciousness of Infinite possibilities.
It is by understanding that life continues after death that we can unite our consciousness with theCosmic consciousness of God and find the cord of one life, one law, one rhythm, and one wisdomuniting us all. It is only when we feel that we are prodigal immortals on earth, and that our gift ofdiscrimination must be used to find a true art of common living, that we make the effort to unite allwisdom in our hearts and to realize that all of us are world-brothers marching hand in hand backto the mansion of God
Our Highest Duty
From Inner Culture, July 1942 
"What is my highest duty?"—Y.I.
Your highest duty is to God. His power is greater than the sunlight and all else puttogether. When death comes, your duty to the world will end immediately. That is what God wants

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