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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Published by TJBaldwin

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Published by: TJBaldwin on Oct 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 8
The Gang Gets Drunk
erek pulled over on the side of Interstate 90. Itwasn’t something you’d normally do, but there hadn’tbeen any other cars for hours. He turned into one of those authorized-vehicle-only roads, parked and turnedthe lights off.“I need to stretch my legs,” he said.“Yeah,” agreed Delilah.“Sounds good,” said Jason.Veronica was asleep and Albert was playing withhimself.Derek climbed out of the van and took a couple of steps. Jason got out and joined him.“It’s a nice night… considering.” Jason saidreaching into his bag of junk food and stuff.“Yeah. It’s not bad. I wish we didn’t have to driveany more. Don’t get me wrong, I like driving more thanmost people but I…”He was interrupted by Jason, who was grinningand poking him gently but repeatedly with an openbottle.
It was vodka!“You want some?” Jason asked.Derek took the bottle and took a longhaul off of it. It wasn’t don perinyon, but itwas just what the apathetic doctorordered.He handed the bottle back to Jason.“Thanks.”“I grabbed a couple of theseback at the store. I thought itmight come in handy.” Jason took another drinkVeronica and Delilah walked up behind themsleepily.“Where are we?” Veronica asked.“We passed Syracuse about an hour ago,” saidDerek. Jason held the bottle out to Delilah.“No thanks,” she said laughing a little.“We could mix it with those juice boxes,” Veronicasaid excitedly.Veronica went and grabbed the juicy boxes andcut the tops off two. She looked over at the van, andremembering Albert she made athird. She dumped half of the juiceout and replaced it with vodka! Shestirred them with her finger andhanded one to Delilah.Delilah sipped it casually.“It’s not bad. It’s strong. But Ilike it.”Veronica drank some of hersand brought the other to the back of the van andknocked on the rear door. Albert opened it.“Why did we stop?” he asked.“We’re taking a pit stop. Here.” She held out the juice box.
“What is it?” he asked.“Vodka and juice.”“No thank you,” he said snobbishly.“It’s pretty good,” she taunted him.Annoyed he took the box and took the drink.Veronica thought about punching the ungratefuldink right in the throat. Jason had sat down in the grass by a tree,occasionally sipping straight from the bottle. Derek hadpopped the hood of the van and was fiddling around inthere.Delilah and Veronica went over to join Jason.“It’s nice to be out of that frigging van,” Veronicasaid, and then looked over her shoulder to see if Derekhad heard. He hadn’t.“I know.”“It’s cool and all, and we’re lucky to have Derekand his van but my god, I wish it had some friggingseats.”Delilah giggled. The juice boxer was already hitting her head. Jason laughed at Delilah’s silliness and Veronicalaughed too. They talked about drinking and booze and alcoholfor a while. Jason kept telling short funny stories abouthim and his buddies drinking lots of cheap booze andalcohol and jet skiing right off of the dock and stuff likethat.Albert got out of the van eventually. Maybe hispalm pilot battery had died. Or he got lonely playingsolitaire for the past five hours.“Big Al,” Jason called out to him as he cautiously ventured over. He sat next to Delilah carefully. Jason held the bottle out for Albert to chug.Albert reluctantly took it and took a wuss of adrink.

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