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Content Marketing Playbook 2011

Content Marketing Playbook 2011

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Published by Nuno Fraga Coelho

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Published by: Nuno Fraga Coelho on Oct 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lt er, we pcked 42 cntent tctc. Th er, u rnked them.Here’ wht u d…
n 2010, we launched
The Content Marketing Playbook: 42 Ways to Connect to Customers 
to considerable (and gratiying) anare, gener-ating over 10,000 downloads and considerable buzz in social media land.Back then, our goal was simple: give marketers a basic yet comprehen-sive survey o their content marketing options, backed with denitions,samples and practical suggestions.
Th er, we’re tll preentn 42 cntent tctc – but wth  ewectn twt:
We surveyed marketers like you to get their eedback: what did theythink was hot or not? We asked them to pick “your top 5 marketingtactics” rom the list o 42. As a result, we’re presenting the 42ranked by their relative popularity.
Just a ew months ago, Junta42 and MarketingPros collaborated ona comprehensive report, based on a survey o 1,000 marketers,called 
.Thanks to their work, we’ve been able to draw resh insightson how marketers use content marketing. In many instances, asyou’ll see, there’s an interesting tension between the two surveys’results.
To shake things even urther, we’ve tweaked the ormat. Instead obullet lists suggesting or whom a given tactic may be a “cool tool”or “not so hot,” we’re presenting statistics rom B2B ContentMarketing and unashamedly biased opinions – based on ourpersonal and client experiences – regarding the meaning and useo various tactics.
Finally, we’ve traded some o the less popular content options ornew ones that our survey respondents suggested. You’ll nd thedebut options towards the back o the ebook.With a great big blast o gratitude to our readers and to the survey par-ticipants who have made this year’s edition o
The Content Marketing Playbook 
possible, we invite you to dig in!Special thanks to our Playbook sponsors,
, ormaking this year’s Playbook the best ever.
Jnthn Krn
Je Pul
The Tp Ten
Remember “Point/Counterpoint”on 60 Minutes? Deloitte’s takena lesson rom one o networktelevision’s most successul“news magazine” programs byposting weekly debates, pro andcon, on hot business and nanceissues. Instead o the sameold, same old Deloitte Debatesprovide lively and thoughtuldiscussions. (Kudos to EricaDipyatic rom Deloitte or therecommendation.)Who says that servicecontractors don’t blog? Well,Conditioned Air rom Naples,Florida, rejects all that hot air.Their Home Comort blog hasbecome the center o theironline strategy. Conditioned Airocuses on solving problems thattheir customers have with theirheating and air conditioning,attracting customers andprospects through searchengines and through socialmedia tools, such as Twitter andFacebook.
Whether you are an experienced or beginner blogger,here are
you can’t orget!
Wht t :
Shorthand or “Weblog,” the blog oers an easy way to present brie chunkso requently rereshed Web content. Backed with easy-to-use technologiesor syndication (e.g. RSS), comments and trackbacks, blogs are oten the blaz-ing centers o social media solar systems that can incorporate sophisticatedSEO strategies and community-building campaigns.
3 ke pl pnt:
Encourage conversations: even “bad” comments can be an opportunityor developing good customer relations.
Be a good netizen: participate on other blogs as well as your own.Develop a Top 15 hit list where you need to be “hanging out.
Loosen up. Authenticity trumps perection when connecting with readers.
sure, we’re bln – but d we rell beleve n t?
In the
B2B Content Marketing 
report, blogging was the 6th most popularcontent choice, behind social media, articles, in-person events, enewslettersand case studies. But o even greater interest is the report’s discovery o a“condence gap”: only 40% o their respondents rated blogs as eective,while a considerable 60% said it was “less eective/ineective.
Jnthn :
In a crowded marketplace, you can’t overcome noise by simply adding more noise. Think careully: how can your blog bring something resh to the conversation, something your audience will want to hear? 

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