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School Reports Menu

School Reports Menu

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Published by: api-26483995 on Oct 15, 2008
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School Reports Menu

1.What is the School Reports Menu?
This is the Reports menu that is replacing the TERMS printed reports menus at
each school. Schools will be able to run and print their reports at their locations,
on a local printer, through a web browser.

2.Who can have access?
Any district or school-base Personnel.

3.Where can I find instructions on using this new menu?
Instructions are located at the DWH website (web/dwh) under Instructions,
Documentation and Software.

Access to the System

1.Who can have access?
Any district or school-based administrators and teachers can sign-up and have
access to Brio and the web applications "Virtual Counselor" and "Web Queries".
Parents and students can only have access to "Virtual Counselor". Principals have
the userid/password to access the web application "DWH Reports" and can share
that access with their appropriate staff members.

2.I already have an AS400 system password. Can\u2019t I use this to access the Data
No. The security access Userid and password is unique and is the only way you
can access the Student Achievement Data Warehouse.

3.How do I get a Password and Userid?
There is an ONLINE User Information Form that you fill out interactively. There
is also a PRINTABLE User Information Form that you can fax to 754-321-0905
or pony to 'Theresa Lewis' at ETS. Once a completed form is received, your
password and Userid will be assigned and e-mailed to you. These will be given to
you ONLY after you attend a BRIO class instructed at Wingate Oaks. The
password and Userid are necessary to access the system through the Brioquery
software & Virtual Counselor and Web Queries through the intranet. To get a
Userid and password for ONLY Virtual Counselor & Web Queries, you just fill
out the Request Web Id Form interactively.

4.I have changed locations so how do I get a new Userid and Password?
When you transfer to a new school or location you must get a new Userid as your
old one will be deleted. A new Userid would allow you access to all current
students at your new school. Your new principal/director's approval is needed for
you to keep a district Userid. The system deletes Userids on a scheduled basis
after a location transfer takes place so please send anemai l to 'DWH Mail' or send
us a fax at 754-321-0905 as soon as possible regarding your change. Please
include in your message your name, Userid, and password. Also include your
new location number, your new assigned Teacher/Administrator number, and a
new password.

5.How do I get my Password reset or changed?
For Brio, Virtual Counselor, and Web Queries userids go to Virtual Counselor and
click on your login type. Just click the link that says you can change your
password. The system will prompt you to change your password every 60 days.
6. What does my signon allow me to access?
The type of signon you are assigned to access Brio determines the level of information available to y
This is the method the Data Warehouse utilizes to maintain security.

A Userid that begins with a'T' designates you as a teacher. This signon will allow you acces to all your current students at your current school. All information relating to those students, past and present will be available.


A Userid that begins with an'S' designates you as a school administrator. This signon will allow you access to all current students at your current school. All information relating to tho students, past and present will be available.


A Userid that begins with a'U' designates you as a district administrator. This signon will
allow you access to all students anywhere in the district. All information relating to those
students, past and present will be available.

7.I am school based, but would like a district signon. How do I get one?
If you are at a school, you may have a district signon with a written request from
the principal at your school. This is to maintain security. If you have a district
signon and want information only on your school's current students, you must
select the Current School Number field to limit the selection before you process
the query.

8.Can I access the data from home?
Parent and students can ONLY access Virtual Counselor from home. Employees
of the school board may access the data only if they have the ability to dial
directly into the school board computer system.

9.How many Brio users can I have at my site?
It is up to the principal to decide how many people at a particular site need access
to the information contained in the Data Warehouse. There is a licensing issue and
system overhead to consider so we ask that it be looked at like any other resource
and allocated on the basis of need.

10.I am not a teacher but the Userid Request forms requires a Teacher/Admin.
number. Is it really necessary, and if so how do I get one?

Yes, if you are at a school. The Teacher/Admin. number is an integral part of the security system and you cannot get a userid without it. If you don\u2019t have one your DPC can assign you one through TERMS on the C05 panel. District personnel will be assigned a sequential number for their location.

Hardware / Software Installation and DownloadBack to Top

1.What are the system requirements?
Brio Query for thePowerMac requires the following:
24MB Ram (minimum)
50MB Free Disk Space

Ethernet Card
Assigned TCP/IP Address
Open Transport 1.1.1 or higher

Brio Query for the Windows 95 requires the following:
24MB Ram (minimum)
50MB Free Disk Space
Ethernet Card

Assigned TCP/IP Address

2.The program is not very large so why do I need 50MB\u2019s of free disk space? The extra hard disk space is needed to allow you to save your queries and results to your local hard drive so you can analyze and manipulate the data off line. You could install the software with much less free space but you would not be able to use this feature to full advantage.

3.I have installed the software and when I try to load Brio Query I get a Mac
Type 11 System Error and have to reboot. What\u2019s going wrong?

The Type 11 error is usually the result of (a) incorrect OS version or (b) incorrect
version of Open Transport. The software requires OS 7.5.3 vs 2 or higher and
Open Transport 1.1.1 or higher. If upon examination you find that this is not the
problem with your install please contact the Data Warehouse Team (email DWH)
and we will look into the problem you\u2019re experiencing.

Information on the DataBack to Top

1.How current is the data?
The majority of the data is updated nightly. Data that changes infrequently is
updated weekly on Friday nights (grade point averages & test skills mastered).

2.When are marking period grades loaded because when I look on the TERMS
A12 panel the student's current grades are listed there?

The Marking Pd Grade table is not updated until 2 WEEKS AFTER report cards
are physically handed out to the students. This is because all schools must give
their final approval on the accuracy of the data. The 2004 schedule has November
14th, February 6th, April 20th, and June 25th being the dates that report cards are

3.When I am working with the data tables they are sorted A-Z which makes it
easy to find the elements I\u2019m looking for. Sometimes though they appear
unsorted. Can I resort the table?
Yes. All you have to do is double click on the tables\u2019 Title Bar of the table. Then
choose Sort from the dialog box that appears, and click once.

4.Can I export data from the Data Warehouse to other programs?
Yes. You can export your results including charts and reports to other applications
such as Filemaker, Word, Excel, Claris, etc. It\u2019s a very simple process to export

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