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Hard Faqs in Interviews

Hard Faqs in Interviews

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Published by api-3736566

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Published by: api-3736566 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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.Net Questions:
Let me about your current project?

Ans:Explain about you project and the technology that you have used in your
project.prepare what the
technology that you have used in your project.

Where r u maintaining your database connection string?
ANS: in Web.config
What are the different ways of storing a Con string?
1. Web.config
2. XML file
If you r maintain a Con string Web.config or some where how r u reading
From Web.config
1.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings [\u201c\u201d].to string (); ( if u store con string in
1.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[\u201c\u201d].ConnectionString (if u
store in<connectionStrings>)
From XML file
Dataset objDs=new dataset();
objDs.ReadXml(XML File Name)
connection string= objDs.tables[0].rows[0][0].tostring();
How many web.config files can I have per an application?
In root u can have only one.
In different roots in can different files in single application
What is an assembly?
Complied source source of any .net application is known as DLL(Dynamic .linkable
Whether it is a dll or exe?How it is different from VB DLL ?
Dll: Dynamic .linkable library
Exc: Executables
What are the different types of assemblies?
1. Private Assembly
2. Shared assembly
3. Satilite assembly
How can we create share assembly?
By keeping assembly in GAC (Global assembly cache)
Create strong name first
Sn \u2013k name.snk
Add the above generated strong name key file to assemble inassemb lyinf o.cs file
Run this command in .net command prompt
Gacutil \u2013i \u201cComplete assembly path\u201d
What are the different access modifiers that are available with C#? And
explain the scope for each one?

1. Public: Accessible with in class and out side of class if object is created
2. Private: Accessible with in class only
3. Protected: Accessible with in the class and class that are derived from this class.
4. Internel:Accessible with in the same application
5. Protectedinternel:combination of protected and internal

What is a static constructor?What is the purpose of it?
What is an abstract class,how it is different from Interface?
What is the purpose of an assembly?
Reusability ,platform independent
What is the purpose of code behind file?
Code modularization, easy maintenance
What are the new features of ASP.NET when compared to ASP?
ASP.NET whether it is compiled one or interpreted one?
Complied one
Can you explain page life and what are the different events that are
fired during page life cycle?


When Page_render will be fired?What kind of code we can place in that
What is the difference between user control and custom control ?
How can we use or register user control?When can we go for a user
What is the namespace for creating a dataset?

What is the namespace for creating a Webpage?

What is the namespace for ur provider?
Have you worked with Webservices?When can we go for a webservice?
What is the namespace for creating a webservice?

Performance wise which one is better?Webservice or remoting?
I think Webservice
What is authorization and authentication?What are the different
authentication mode?

Authentication modes
1. Windows authentication
2. Forms authentication
3. passport authentication

Authentication deals with whom to allow and whom to not
Which authentication are you using in your project?Why?Can you explain
different authentication modes?
Forms Authentication

How can we read an xml file? What are the different ways?Have you worked
with xpath navigator?using that how
can you read particular element of a xml file?

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