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Sept/Oct Newsletter- The Crescent

Sept/Oct Newsletter- The Crescent

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The new Crescent Monthly is out! Check it out!
The new Crescent Monthly is out! Check it out!

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Published by: South Carolina Jaycees on Oct 03, 2011
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South Carolina Jaycees
By Noel Bailey
South Carolina Jaycees,My team needs to hear from you.The South Carolina Jaycee Exec Team isavailable to come to yourmeetings and offer training.We are available to come to your event and speak oroffer man power.With 9 months in the books,I can tell you we have notreceived near enoughrequests to visit chaptersand do these things.The Exec Team isabsolutely full of bright, Jaycee loving people...butthey need you to let themknow how they can help.We absolutely need to visitand remind every chapterthat is meeting about ourwonderful Camp Hope, andhow we are in desperateneed of your chapter’sleadership in hitting our$50,000 CamperScholarship Goal for 2011.We need to visit everychapter that hasn’t alreadystarted using the PassportTo Leadership (Degree)Program. There are 1 or 2chapters that are providing VERY POSITIVE feedback from their membersthat are using it. We need tolet that excitement andchapter activation spread.
We need our RegionalDirectors to field calls to ourChapter Presidents andtheir Membership VPsabout ideas and programs tohelp our chapters turn big Halloween projects into big MEMBERSHIP Projects.
(Cont. Pg. 2)
 The SouthCarolinaJayceesMonthlyNewsletter
     S    e    p    t    e    m     b    e    r     /     O    c    t    o     b    e    r     2     0     1     1
2011 SCOYA Winners
South Carolina Jaycees
Cont. From pg. 1)
I am sure there are many, manymore things that we need to bedoing for the chapters…but wedefinitely need you to be proactiveand tell us how we can help.Every Exec Member is a memberof a home chapter, and everyhome chapter needs our help. It is very easy for us to simply plug inand work our own chapterprojects and forget to be proactiveabout helping all the chapters inthe State.Chapter Presidents and Chapterleaders: please pick up the phone,start pecking at the keyboard andlet our Exec members know howwe can help. Do It today. Send your email to me, and I will get amember of this team assigned tohelp your chapter.Be your chapter’s advocate. Fightfor your chapter’s share of theresources the state has at ourdisposal because of yourmembership dues. Make us earnthat money. We want to assist you. Let us know your needs andwe will be there for you.Let’s Do This!Noel Bailey2011 South Carolina Jaycee State President
"What's in it for me?"
How many times have we heard thisquestion as we offer up theopportunity for membership in ourorganization to the people that wemeet? They want to know - what arethey going to get out of joining agroup like ours. Often we will findourselves talking incessantly doing what I have always phrased as the"Jaycee puke" - you know where welist every project we have evercompleted in our chapter, in theneighboring chapter, in the state, inthe country and on and on until wesee the person's eyes glaze over.So then how should we answer thisquestion, "What's in it for me?"Every person reading this article, takea moment now and turn off yourmental "to do" list. Stop and think-where were you in life when you first joined the Jaycees? What skills did you possess then, what networks did you belong to, what friends did youhave, and what did you define as yourcommunity. Then think about where you are now, what life has offered you, what you have learned, who youhave met. Amazing isn't it? Let thestory of how far you have come bewhat you can offer as an answer to"what's in it for me?" and I guarantee you, it will blow people away.For me, my answer is simple - when I joined the Jaycees I was still new tothe Baltimore, Maryland area,moving there after college with noprevious ties to the area - simply Iwanted to try something new andrather than take one of the job offersin Philadelphia I decided to try myhand in Baltimore. I knew very fewpeople, but through this organizationI have met friends who not only knowmy desire to PAY IT FORWARDand fulfill my own goals andencourage me to accomplish them,but are right there with me helping me every step of the way to makethings happen; I have met anamazing man whom I now call myhusband; I have traveled across thecountry and I have met individualsfrom other countries and cultures. Allof this I accomplished before I eventurned 30 and haven't stopped yet!Amazing, isn't it?What's even more amazing is that Ican tell people without a doubt that Ihave made an impact on mycommunity; this world is a betterplace because I AM HERE! Not toomany people who aren't in the Jaycees can say that with the sametype of conviction as a Jaycee can!This month, when someone says"what's in it for me?" tell them -what's in it for you: your friends, your family, you ability to change theworld - the chance to live forsomething beyond yourself, to trulyPAY IT FORWARD-really, WHYWOULDN’T YOU WANT TO
 Jennifer J. Ray2011 National Vice PresidentU.S. Junior Chamber
   T   H   E   C   R   E   S   C   E   N   T
     M     O     N     T     H     L     Y
     S    e    p    t    e    m     b    e    r     /     O    c    t    o     b    e    r     2     0     1     1
"Mental toughness is many things and rather difficultto explain. Its qualities aresacrifice and self-denial.Also, most importantly, itis combined with a  perfectly disciplined will that refuses 
to give in. It's a state of mind-you could call it character in action." 
South Carolina Jaycees
Quarter Convention wecelebrated inClemson area withInternational “Fiesta” style. Prizeswere given out, enjoyed fellowshipover margaritas and had a wordlytime!Rally together! Are you a Panther,Falcon, Tiger, Bulldog, Gator, orGamecock? Plan to represent yourfavorite team jersey COLLEGE orPRO baseball, basketball, football,soccer, etc….
Quarter Convention
 ONTO Theme is “Team Spirit”When attending convention BECREATIVE even on a budget, havefun and LET'S DO THIS!It is a pleasure to serve you!
By Jennifer “Juice” Davidson
* Yellow ribbon support-
http://www.yellowribbonsg.org/Military Personnel need travel sizeitems like lip balm, mouthwash,socks,
sunscreen, and eye drops
* Operation Care andComfort 
 http://www.occ-usa.org/Donate hotel toiletries, fast foodcondiment packets, toothbrushes,and dental floss.
Operation R & R (rest andrelaxation)
Non-profit organization designedto provide our service men andwomen an opportunity to
reconnect with their spouses andchildren upon their return from Iraqor Afghanistan.
South Carolina Jaycees are pleased toannounce
Holiday Mail for HeroesProgram.ALL SC Jaycee chapters on everylevel are encouraged to ask attendeesto sign a Holiday Card which in turnSupports our Troops.Cayce-West Columbia started us outat their Sept. 11
Memorial Concertthen Charleston also participated attheir Party for a Purpose-Support ourTroops event.
*Holiday Mail for Heros-by theRed Cross
-http:// www.redcross.org/holidaymail
Let's make a this year a great one forour troops!Please contact Jennifer "Juice"Davidson for more information onthis National Programat
or by email
   T   H   E   C   R   E   S   C   E   N   T
     M     O     N     T     H     L     Y
     S    e    p    t    e    m     b    e    r     /     O    c    t    o     b    e    r     2     0     1     1
 “If your actions inspire others todream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” 
 “Believe you can and  you're halfway there.” 

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