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OREA 2011 Election Survey

OREA 2011 Election Survey

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Published by Matthew Thornton

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Published by: Matthew Thornton on Oct 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Note: The information provided is reference material only. The Ontario Real Estate Association assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
OREA 2011 Election Survey
Home Ownership
Question #1:Does your party have a strategy to support home ownership in Ontario?
I have long championed the Canadian value of home
ownership. As Premier, I will continue to make it a
priority.I believe a home is a place of comfort and security, not acommodi
ty to be taxed. It’s a place to
raise our children,and it is also the single biggest investment most of us
will make in our lifetime.As families build equity in their homes, that investment
triggers other economic activity through renovations,
additions, or even the purchase of a new home. Sadly,
the dream of home ownership is slipping away fro manyyoung families.On the same day Dalton McGuinty put the 8% HST tax
grab on the price of new homes, home renovations, realestate commissions, moving costs, home inspections,appraisals, and a host of other services, he also had theaudacity to sneak in thousands of eco taxes on the itemswe use around the house
on everything from batteries
to fire extinguishers.
To make life more affordable for home owners, we’re
The number of homeowners in Ontario has grown to an
all-time high
increasing by hundreds of thousands
since 2003. According to the most recent census, morethan 71 per cent of Ontarians have achieved the dream of owning their own home.The most important thing we can do to encourage
homeownership is to focus on economic growth and jobcreation. Despite being hit hard by the global economicdownturn, Ontario is now emerging from the recession
stronger, having regained more than all of the jobs lost
during the downturn. Our Tax Plan for Jobs and Growth,
which cuts the tax rate on new business investment inhalf, is showing results. In 2010, for the second year in arow, the Financial Times of London ranked Ontariosecond only to California in North America as a recipient
of foreign direct investment. To secure an even brightereconomic future for our children and grandchildren, weneed to keep building the best education system in theworld so we can compete with India and China. To
ensure our workforce is healthy, we need to keep
building a strong, sustainable public health care system,and we need clean, reliable energy.The NDP has a plan to make life more affordable for
Ontarians. The Harmonized Sales Tax hit struggling
families at the worst possible time. Instead of makinglife more affordable for people struggling with therecession, it made life more expensive. It shifted moreof the tax burden off large corporations like banks and
insurance companies and onto household budgets.
The HST takes a big bite out of the average familybudget. That's hard to cope with, but what hits hardest
are new taxes on your daily household essentials: yourelectricity, your home heating, gas for the car. You can
cut a lot from your household budget, but everyoneneeds to heat their home, keep the lights on andcommute to work.The HST was negotiated behind closed doors. Thisbackroom deal has a huge impact on affordability of everyday essentials, such as electricity and homeheating, that impact housing affordability.
We will take the HST off essentials such as electricityand home heating. We will start removing the HSTfrom gasoline by one percentage point a year. These are
Note: The information provided is reference material only. The Ontario Real Estate Association assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
going to scrap those sneaky eco taxes and leave moremoney in the household budget.
When it comes to the household essentials, we’re going
to provide relief and remove the HST from home hydro
and heating bills. We’ll also take th
e Debt RetirementCharge off of residential hydro bills. Taken together, our
home energy relief measures will make the costs of 
homeownership more affordable and give Ontario
families $275 in yearly relief from rising energy bills.And to leave more money for the purchase of a new
house, condo, or home renovation, we willlower the overall tax burden on middle-class families byreducing income taxes by 5% on the first $75,000 intaxable income, saving a middle-class taxpayer $258each year. For couples, we will change the tax system to
allow them to share up to $50,000 of their income for tax
purposes, which could save a family up to $1,400 peryear in income taxes.Given the significant risks that remain in the worldeconomy, and the ever-increasing forces of globalcompetitiveness, it is more important than ever that we
stay on track with our long-term economic plan, and
reject both the deep cuts proposed by the PCs and the job-killing taxes offered by the NDP.Ontario Liberals also took specific measures to help
Ontarians with the costs of homeownership. We
introduced a rebate so that first-time home buyers can getup to $2,000 back on their land transfer tax. We helpedwith home energy costs by reducing hydro bills by 10 per
cent through our Ontario Clean Energy Benefit. We
introduced the Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit,as well as the Northern Ontario Energy Credit. Our
Senior Homeowners’ Property Tax Grant helps seniors
stay in their homes by providing them up to $500 per
year to help with the cost of property taxes.
daily essentials that don’t need a new tax.
We’ve also released a det
ailed home retrofit program
that is detailed below. We’ll also ban credit scoring by
insurance companies so property owners can get thecoverage they need at a price they can afford.
Question #2:How would your government make home ownership more affordable for first time buyers?
*** No response provided. Please see PC Platform at
www.changebook.ca for more information***
Ontario Liberals have long been committed to ensuring
that low- and moderate-income families have access tosafe and affordable housing options. Down paymentassistance offered under the Homeownership component
of the Affordable Housing Program Extension (2009)
helped low- and moderate-income households purchase
affordable homes, while encouraging new affordableownership housing development.In response to feedback from service managers, we alsoThe HST has made the overall carrying costs of home
ownership much more expensive.
Ontario’s NDP will
take the HST off essentials such as electricity and home
heating. We’ll also
ban credit scoring by insurance
companies so property owners can get the coverage
they need at a price they can afford.
Note: The information provided is reference material only. The Ontario Real Estate Association assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
ensured that resale units were included as an eligible unittype for down payment assistance. This changeacknowledged the positive economic impact of resale
home purchases and sales, while addressing the concerns
of service managers in areas where newly built homeslack affordability.Also, a land transfer tax rebate has been available to first-time home buyers who purchase newly constructed
homes. The first-
time home buyers’ program was
expanded in 2007 to include purchases of resale homes.Ontario Liberals are also committed to continuing to
reduce costs for Ontario builders so that homeownership
is affordable for Ontario families.
Questions #3:Does your party support energy efficiency retrofit rebates for home owners?
*** No response provided. Please see PC Platform at
www.changebook.ca for more information***
Ontario is a North American leader in conservation andwe are committed to achieving the conservation targets
7100 megawatts (MW) by 2030
outlined in ourLong-Term Energy Plan. The four-year Ontario HomeEnergy Savings Program (HESP) helped homeowners,
supported jobs and improved Ontario’s environment. The
program supported over 354,000 energy efficiency
retrofits and will save an approximate $4.5 billion inlifetime energy costs. It also supported 9,400 jobs and
reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 557,000 tonnes per
year. Ontario Liberals were proud to continue to fund this
program until March 2011 despite the federal
government’s early and unexpected withdrawal of 
support in March of 2010.Yes, we released a detailed program recently:
Ontario’s NDP will provide a rebate of up to $5,000 on
home improvements that make homes more energyefficient. Combined with eligible federal rebates, a
household could save up to $10,000.
Eligible expenses would include everything from highefficiency furnaces to Energy Star windows and doors.
Low-income households will also be eligible for
supplemental grants of $3,000-$5,000 for energyefficiency improvements.Rebates would be bolstered by low-interest loans of 

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