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Bai giang

Bai giang

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Published by api-3737117

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Published by: api-3737117 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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M\u00f4c L\u00f4c
Ph\u00c7n 1 Ch\u00f8c n\u00a8ng nhi\u00d6m v\u00f4 ,c\u00cau t\u00b9o c\u00b8c b\u00e9 ph\u00cbn m\u00b8y t\u00ddnh .

1-C\u00b8c b\u00e9 ph\u00cbn c\u00f1a h\u00d6 th\u00e8ng m\u00b8y t\u00ddnh
3-B\u00e9 vi x\u00f6 l\u00fd
4-B\u00e9 nh\u00ed m\u00b8y t\u00ddnh
5-\u00a7\u00dca m\u00d2m v\u00b5 \u00e6 \u00ae\u00dca m\u00d2m
6-\u00e6 c\u00f8ng
7-\u00e6 \u00ae\u00dca quang
9-B\u00b5n ph\u00ddm
10-C\u00b8c lo\u00b9i bus m\u00eb r\u00e9ng v\u00b5 card ph\u00e8i gh\u00d0p
11-M\u00b5n h\u00d7nh v\u00b5 b\u00e9 ngu\u00e5n m\u00b8y t\u00ddnh

Ph\u00c7n 2: RAM-CMOS v\u00b5 c\u00cau h\u00d7nh h\u00d6 th\u00e8ng

1-Kh\u00b8i ni\u00d6m
2-S\u00f6 d\u00f4ng ch\u2212\u00acng tr\u00d7nh SETUP
3-C\u00cat gi\u00f7 ph\u00f4c h\u00e5i CMOS
4/ D\u00cau \u00ae\u00dca c\u00f8ng-Ch\u00e8ng x\u00a9m nh\u00cbp tr\u00b8i ph\u00d0p-M\u00cbt kh\u00c8u b\u00b6o v\u00d6

Ph\u00c7n 3 : S\u00f6a ch\u00f7a c\u00b8c h\u2212 h\u00e1ng c\u00f1a h\u00d6 th\u00e8ng m\u00b8y t\u00ddnh
1.C\u00b8c d\u00f4ng c\u00f4 t\u00e8i thi\u00d3u d\u00efng trong s\u00f6a ch\u00f7a
2.S\u00f6a ch\u00f7a h\u2212 h\u00e1ng c\u00f1a chu\u00e9t

3.S\u00f7a ch\u00f7a \u00e6 \u00ae\u00dca m\u00d2m , \u00ae\u00dca m\u00d2m , s\u00f6 d\u00f4ng ch\u2212\u00acng tr\u00d7nhndd
4.Vi rut m\u00b8y t\u00ddnh -C\u00b8ch ph\u00dfng v\u00b5 ch\u00e8ng .S\u00f6 d\u00f4ng 1 s\u00e8
ch\u2212\u00acng tr\u00d7nh qu\u00d0t vi rut th\u00abng d\u00f4ng . C\u00b8ch t\u00b9o \u00ae\u00dca \u201c B\u00b6o b\u00e8i \u201c.
5.C\u00b8c b\u2212\u00edc th\u00f9c hi\u00d6n \u00ae\u00d3 \u00ae\u2212a 1 \u00e6 \u00ae\u00dca c\u00f8ng v\u00b5o ho\u00b9t \u00ae\u00e9ng :

- Format c\u00cap th\u00cap \u00ae\u00dca c\u00f8ng (Low format)
- Ph\u00a9n chia 1 \u00e6 \u00ae\u00dca c\u00f8ng th\u00b5nh c\u00b8c \u00e6 \u00ae\u00dca logic (fdisk )
- Format c\u00cap cao \u00ae\u00dca c\u00f8ng (high format)

6-T\u00d7m nguy\u00aan nh\u00a9n kh\u00abng s\u00b8ng m\u00b5n h\u00d7nh , ki\u00d3m tra b\u00e9 ngu\u00e5n.
Ph\u00c7n 4 C\u00b5i \u00ae\u00c6t ch\u2212\u00acng tr\u00d7nh
1-C\u00b8c ch\u2212\u00acng tr\u00d7nh SCANDISK,DEFRAGMENTER
2-C\u00b5i \u00ae\u00c6t WINDOWS 98

Ph\u00c7n 1 Ch\u00f8c n\u00a8ng nhi\u00d6m v\u00f4 ,c\u00cau t\u00b9o
c\u00b8c b\u00e9 ph\u00cbn m\u00b8y t\u00ddnh .
C\u00b8c b\u00e9 ph\u00cbn c\u00f1a h\u00d6 th\u00e8ng m\u00b8y t\u00ddnh

3-C\u00b5i \u00ae\u00c6t MSOFFICE
Ph\u00c7n 5 T\u00e6ng th\u00b5nh v\u00b5 n\u00a9ng c\u00cap m\u00b8y t\u00ddnh

1-L\u00f9a ch\u00e4n c\u00b8c b\u00e9 ph\u00cbn \u00ae\u00d3 t\u00e6ng th\u00b5nh l\u00bep r\u00b8p 1 m\u00b8y PC:
Mainboard,RAM,card m\u00b5n h\u00d7nh,card sound,I/O,\u00e6 c\u00f8ng ,CD-
2-N\u00a9ng c\u00cap : Thay Mainboard,RAM,card m\u00b5n h\u00d7nh,card
\u00e6 c\u00f8ng ,CD-ROM

Ph\u00c7n 6 Ph\u00f4 l\u00f4c : -1 s\u00e8 th\u00abng s\u00e8 c\u00f1a Mainboard v\u00b5 Card
- Ch\u2212\u00acng tr\u00d7nh l\u2212u Master boot
- Ch\u2212\u00acng tr\u00d7nh L\u2212u CMOS

S\u00ac \u00ae\u00e5 c\u00cau th\u00b5nh v\u00d2 ch\u00f8c n\u00a8ng:

M\u00e9t h\u00d6 th\u00e8ng m\u00b8y PC th\u2212\u00eang c\u00e3 c\u00b8c th\u00b5nh ph\u00c7n c\u00cau th\u00b5nh :
- M\u00b5n h\u00d7nh
- B\u00b5n ph\u00ddm
- Chu\u00e9t


- H\u00e9p CPU:
+ B\u00b6ng m\u00b9ch ch\u00ddnh (Mainboard)
+ \u00a7\u00dca c\u00f8ng (Hard Disk)
+ \u00e6 \u00ae\u00dca m\u00d2m
+ \u00e6 CD ROM

Sau \u00ae\u00a9y ta s\u00cf \u00aeI s\u00a9u v\u00b5o ho\u00b9t \u00ae\u00e9ng c\u00f1a t\u00f5ng ph\u00c7n
Mainboard ch\u00f8a c\u00b8c linh ki\u00d6n ch\u00ddnh v\u00b5 c\u00b8c \u00ae\u2212\u00eang d\u00a9y d\u00c9n k\u00d5t
n\u00e8i ch\u00f3ng l\u00b9i t\u00b9o n\u00aan m\u00b8y t\u00ddnh PC.
T\u00f5 s\u00ac \u00ae\u00e5 t\u00e6ng qu\u00b8t c\u00f1a h\u00d6 vi x\u00f6 l\u00fd m\u00b5 m\u00b8y t\u00ddnh PC l\u00b5 1
tr\u2212\u00eang h\u00eep ti\u00aau bi\u00d3u,so
s\u00b8nh v\u00edi 1 Mainboard c\u00f4 th\u00d3 ta th\u00cay tr\u00aan Mainboard c\u00e3 g\u00ben:
-\u00b5PC Microprossecor
- B\u00e9 nh\u00ed : ROM,RAM,Cache,PAL
- C\u00b8c khe c\u00bem \u00ae\u00d3 c\u00bem c\u00b8c b\u00b6ng m\u00b9ch v\u00b5o ra (I/O).V\u00edi c\u00b8c
Mainboard \u00ae\u00eai m\u00edi

c\u00b8c card n\u00b5y \u00ae\u2212\u00eec l\u00b5m li\u00d2n tr\u00aan b\u00b6ng m\u00b9ch ch\u00ddnh (onboard).
- C\u00b8c vi x\u00f6 l\u00fd b\u00e6 tr\u00ee :8087,8259,8037,8250...
-C\u00b8c chuy\u00d3n m\u00b9ch h\u00d6 th\u00e8ng.

C\u00b8c \u00ae\u2212\u00eang m\u00b9ch in tr\u00aan Mainboard l\u00b5m d\u00a9y d\u00c9n c\u00e3 th\u00d3 2,3,4 l\u00edp .
C\u00e3 2 ki\u00d3u Mainboard :
\u2022 Ki\u00d3u AT:

Nh\u00f7ng ki\u00d3u c\u00f2 c\u00e3 k\u00ddch th\u2212\u00edc 12\u201d x 13\u201d hay 30cm x 32,5 cm . V\u00d2 sau gi\u00b6m xu\u00e8ng c\u00dfn 8,5\u201d x 11\u201d hay 21,5cm x 28cm t\u2212\u00acng \u00ae\u2212\u00acng kh\u00e6 gi\u00cay A4 g\u00e4i l\u00b5 bo m\u00b9ch Baby/AT


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