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Published by: api-3737405 on Oct 15, 2008
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TELCO Paper Follows: 1.Ratio of speed of camshaft to
crankshaft in
> >4-stroke engine?


(a)1:2 (b)2:1 (c)1:4 (d)4:1
> >2.to change the dir. of rotation of 3 phase
> >induction moterwe have
> >to change?

>>3.why we make initially star-connection then
> >delta-connection?
> >4.H8/f8 shows?
(a)clearence fit (b)shrink fit (c)interference
>>5.centipoise is the unit of?
(a)hardness (b) viscosity
>>6.brinnel no. is the unit of?
(a)hardness (b) viscosity
>>7. hardness is?
(a)resistance to deform (b)resistance to
> >machining
(c)resistance to abbration
>>8.moudoulus of elasticity of mild steel?
(a)2.2*(10**6) (b)3*(10**6) (c)2.2*(10**5)
>>9.co-efficiant of friction for mild steel & cast
> >iron?
(a).3 (b).1 (c).01 (d).5
>>10.in vechile cluch is used between?
>>11.in metric thread the angle is?
(a)45 (b)55 (c)30
>>12.in lathe(lead screw) the thread is used is?
(a)BSW (b)square
>>13.idler pully is used?
(a)low load,high speed (b)high load low speed
>>14.in which operation tool rotates and work piece
> >moves
> >linearly?
(a) milling (b)turning
>>15.broaching is the process of?
(a)finishing hole (b)making hole (c)splines
> >(d)keyway
>>16.nitriding is?
(a)harden core (b)harden surface (c)soften
> >surface
>>17.in sumerged arc welding why filler is kept in

> >molten
> >material?\

ans-to prevent oxydising the upper surface
>>18.the thermal efficiency of C.I engine?
(a)ans-around 30% (B)around 15%
>>19.in C.I engine after compression stroke?
(a)ans-only fule is injected (b)mixture is
> >injected
(c)air is injected
>>20.twist drill is specified by?
(a)flute& dia (b)twist angle&dia
>>21.the reduction speed ratio of spur gear is?
(a)20:1 (b)2:1 (c)
>>22.luminious is unit of?
> >23.carbide tool is used for?
(a)high speed (b)low speed (c)all speed (d)
> >medium speed
>>24.+ve back rake is used for?

(a)Al (b)mild steel (d)cast iron
> >25.acid rain occurs due to this exhaust from C.I
> >engine?

(a)sulpher (b)CO
>>26.which machin is rested support?
(a)milling (b)shaper
>>27.anmneling is used for?
(a)softening (b)remove stress
>>28.in cantilever beam if force is increased an non
> >supported end
> >chance of failure is?
(a)anywhere (b)middle (c)near wall side
>>29.in simple supported beam when force is acting at
> >middle, max.
> >deflection is??
>>30.surge pump is used in pipe line for??
>>31.E=2000kg/mm*2, stress=200 kg/cm*2, length
> >l=200mm, dia.=40mm
> >then channge in length=?
>>32.in two gear system moudle,teeth of one
> >of both gear
> >is given.you have to calculate center distance?
>>33.the thickness of mild steel is given,you have to

> >create a
> >hole(dia. is given,speed of something is
> >given=22m/min.you have to
> >calculate another speed perhaps cutting speed in
> >rpm.??

>>34.3 coplanner fore are ,angle betwwen P & R is

> >& Q is
> >120.if
> >Q=20 then.P=?

>>35.two of same mass.first is inside the water by

> >volume other
> >by
> >2/3 volume.what is ratio of their densities?

hi friends,
this mail is the continuation of the previous
mail OF TELCO.

aptitude section
be fast as questions really need time
#2 questions from series completion----- answer of
one of which is 60
one completion of series of alphabets answer was
#1 question was that if x* is greatest integer less
then that number then to find the value of the
sequence answer was 6
#1 question in which relation between x an y are
given in form of series of numbers, guess the relation
between x and y and complete the series
#1 question in which two linear equation was given, in
terms of variables x,m,z,y then to find the coorect
choice--- choices comprise of other relation between
the parameters
#1 question in which a ratio of a mixture composition
made of cement and some other materials was
given....to find the amount of cement
needed.......answer was 45
#2 or 3 simple question based on percentage and profit
and loss
#1 question based on BODMAS rule...... answer was
#1 question in which a square was inscribed in a

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