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Telco Papers

Telco Papers

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Published by api-3737405

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Published by: api-3737405 on Oct 15, 2008
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Tech paper(mech)
>>1)Youngs modulus of mild steel

2.2* 10^6kg/cm2
>2)rod of dia(given)length(given)subjected to
>stress(given) and "E"(given).
> what is increase in length.

>3)centipose is unit of...........
> viscosity
>4)hardness is measured in
> brinell no.
>5)steady rest is used in.......

i) milling ii)lathe (2 more option)
>ans- lathe
>>6)rotating cutter and sliding w/p(process is)

> i)milling ii)shaping iii)swaging 7)maxm deflection of beam supported at
>two ends and
>loaded at centre
>8)cantilever beam failure occurs at. .....

> support

>9)what type of fit is H9f9
> i)interference fit ii)shrink fit...etc.
>10)surface finish is represented by....
> i)square ii)circle iii)rectangle.. ..none of these
>11)broaching is done to produce....
> i)internal keyway ii)splines...(2 more options)
>12)twist drill is specified by

> i)lip angle,dia

> ii)lip angle , material,dia
> iii)dia ,shank, material
>13)in diesel engine.. injection occurs ..

> i)20degree btdc

> ii)20 degree atdc
> iii)12 degree atdc...
>14)in 4-stroke engine ratio of cam shaft and crank
>shaft rotation i)1:2 ii)2:1.. ..etc
>15)two gears ...one(driving) at 100 rpm and other 300
>rpm....driven has m=4 and no. of teeth 60
> distance b/w centre is....
>16)reduction ratio ofspur gear
> i)1:4 ii) 1:20 iii)1:10.....
>17)cemented carbide tool is used at.....
> low , medium , high or all speed
>18)hardness signify....resistence to.

> scratching machining

> etc 19)coefficient of friction between cast iron and mild
> i)0.2 ii) 0.3 iii) 0.001 etc.
>20)in SAW arc is struck under flux
> i)to prevent oxidation..(3 more options)
>21)which test is used for non ferrous material weld
> magnetic particle test
>22)clutch is located between.....

> engine and gear box
>23)thermal efficiency of diesel engine is....
> i)less than 20% ii)less than 30%...etc
>24)in CI engine injection takes place ...
> at the end of compression stroke
>25)clearence volume(given)...suction volume(given)

what is compression ratio.
>26)what type of sress is hertz stress.
> i)tensile ii) shear iii)contact....
>27)two helical spring is arranged in parallel ...the
>stiffness is ans- sum of stiffness
>28)99% tolerance is
> ans- < 3* (sigma)
>>29)two cube ..one is half submerged and other is 2/3

>submerged \u2026.
> Ratio of their densities\u2026.
>Ans -3:4
>>30)for ammonia HP per tonn of refrigeration

>>31) model of pump of 20 HP \u2026.rotates at 400 rpm (head

>is 20m)
> find out speed when head is 60 m( given model dia
>is \u00bc of original)

TELCO Paper Follows: 1.Ratio of speed of camshaft to
crankshaft in
> >4-stroke engine?


(a)1:2 (b)2:1 (c)1:4 (d)4:1
> >2.to change the dir. of rotation of 3 phase
> >induction moterwe have
> >to change?

>>3.why we make initially star-connection then
> >delta-connection?
> >4.H8/f8 shows?
(a)clearence fit (b)shrink fit (c)interference
>>5.centipoise is the unit of?
(a)hardness (b) viscosity
>>6.brinnel no. is the unit of?
(a)hardness (b) viscosity
>>7. hardness is?
(a)resistance to deform (b)resistance to
> >machining
(c)resistance to abbration
> >8.moudoulus of elasticity of mild steel?
(a)2.2*(10**6) (b)3*(10**6) (c)2.2*(10**5)
>>9.co-efficiant of friction for mild steel & cast
> >iron?
(a).3 (b).1 (c).01 (d).5
>>10.in vechile cluch is used between?
>>11.in metric thread the angle is?
(a)45 (b)55 (c)30
>>12.in lathe(lead screw) the thread is used is?
(a)BSW (b)square
>>13.idler pully is used?
(a)low load,high speed (b)high load low speed
>>14.in which operation tool rotates and work piece
> >moves
> >linearly?
(a) milling (b)turning
>>15.broaching is the process of?
(a)finishing hole (b)making hole (c)splines
> >(d)keyway
>>16.nitriding is?
(a)harden core (b)harden surface (c)soften
> >surface
>>17.in sumerged arc welding why filler is kept in

> >molten
> >material?\

ans-to prevent oxydising the upper surface
>>18.the thermal efficiency of C.I engine?
(a)ans-around 30% (B)around 15%
>>19.in C.I engine after compression stroke?
(a)ans-only fule is injected (b)mixture is
> >injected
(c)air is injected
>>20.twist drill is specified by?
(a)flute& dia (b)twist angle&dia
>>21.the reduction speed ratio of spur gear is?
(a)20:1 (b)2:1 (c)
>>22.luminious is unit of?
> >23.carbide tool is used for?
(a)high speed (b)low speed (c)all speed (d)
> >medium speed

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