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EIA - Petroleum Marketing Monthly

EIA - Petroleum Marketing Monthly

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Published by rryan123123
Released October 3, 2011
Released October 3, 2011

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Published by: rryan123123 on Oct 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DOE/ EIA-0380(2011/ 10)
Petroleum Marketing Monthly
With Data forJuly 2011
U.S. Energy Information Administration
Office of Petroleum and Biofuels StatisticsU.S. Department of EnergyWashington, DC 20585
This report was prepared by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the statistical and analytical agencywithin the U.S. Department of Energy. By law, EIA’s data, analyses, and forecasts are independent of approval by anyother officer or employee ofthe United States Government.The views in this report therefore should not be construed asrepresenting those of the Department of Energy or other Federal agencies.
This report is available on the WEB at:
U.S. Energy Information Administration/Petroleum Marketing Monthly October 2011
Petroleum Marketing Monthly
(PMM) providesinformation and statistical data on a variety of crudeoils and refined petroleum products. The publicationpresents statistics on crude oil costs and refinedpetroleum products sales for use by industry,government, private sector analysts, educationalinstitutions, and consumers. Data on crude oil includethe domestic first purchase price, the f.o.b. and landedcost of imported crude oil, and the refiners’acquisitioncost ofcrude oil. Refined petroleum product sales datainclude motor gasoline, distillates, residuals, aviationfuels, kerosene, and propane. The Office of Petroleumand Biofuels Statistics, U.S. Energy InformationAdministration ensures the accuracy, quality, andconfidentiality of the published data in the
Petroleum Marketing Monthly
Scope of Data
The data within the
Petroleum Marketing Monthly
arecom p iled from five Energy Inform ationAdministration (EIA) survey forms. The crude oilstatistics are calculated from data collected on thefollowing three survey forms: Form EIA-182,“Domestic Crude Oil First Purchase Report”; FormEIA-856, “Monthly Foreign Crude Oil AcquisitionReport”; and Form EIA-14, “Refiners’ Monthly CostReport.”The statistics on petroleum product sales prices andvolu m es are d erived from Form EIA-782A,“Refiners’/ Gas Plant Operators’ Monthly PetroleumProduct Sales Report.”The data presented in Tables 45 to 47 are derived fromaggregations of data from Form EIA-782C, “MonthlyReport of Prime Supplier Sales of Petroleum ProductsSold for Local Consumption.”
Monthly statistics on purchases of crude oil and sales of petroleum products are presented in the
Petroleum Marketing Monthly
in six sections:
Summary Statistics
Crude Oil Prices
Prices of Petroleum Products
Volumes of Petroleum Products
PrimeSupplier SalesVolumesofPetroleum ProductsforLocal Consumption.The publication highlights salient statistics for the UnitedStates in the Summary Statistics section. More detailedgeographic coverage occurs in the other four sections.Geographic coverage for crude oil includes country of origin for foreign crude and Petroleum Administration forDefense (PAD)Districts and individual States for domesticcrude oil. Geographic coverage of the petroleum productsincludes PAD Districts and individual States.Detailed statistics for crude oil, including the price of imported crude oil by country of origin, by gravity, and bycrudestream,can befound in theCrudeOilPricessection.PAD District and/ or State-level statistics for petroleumproducts are presented in the Prices, Volumes, and PrimeSupplier Sales of Petroleum Products sections. To aid thereader in determining the market changes, the majority of the tables show data for the report month and previousmonth for the current year, and the report month for theprevious year.
U.S. Energy Information Administration/Petroleum Marketing Monthly October 2011
Notes on the Tables
For the crude oilstatistics referencing Form EIA-182,United States includes the 50 States, the outercontinental shelf, and the District of Columbia. Forcrude oil statistics referencing either Form EIA-14orForm EIA-856, United States includes the 50 States,the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the VirginIsland s, and all Am erican territories andpossessions. For the petroleum products data,United States includes the 50 States and the Districtof Columbia.
Prices exclude taxes. Refer to the Explanatory Notesfor a tax table on motor fuels.
Some of the tables use State abbreviations. Refer tothe Explanatory Notes for a table of U.S. Postal Stateabbreviations.
Sales ofleaded gasoline are a component ofaveragesand totals prior to October 1993.
References to “Refiners” include gas plant operators(see the Glossary for definition of “Gas PlantOperators”).
“Prime Supplier” refers to a firm that produces,imports,or transports any of the selected petroleum productsacross State boundaries and local marketing areas andsells the product to local distributors, local retailers, orend users.
The category “Retail Ou tlet” refers to anycompany-operated outlet selling gasoline, on-highwaydiesel fuel, or propane for on-highway vehicle use (seeGlossary).
No. 2 distillate volumes and prices are classified inaccordance with what the product was sold as,regardless of the actual specifications of that product(see definitions of No. 2 distillate in the Glossary).
Beginning with the February 2007 data release, EIArevised the table formats and content for the
Petroleum Marketing Monthly (PMM)
to eliminate oxygenatedgasoline as a separate category and to revise thecategoriesofdieselfuel(i.e.,ultra-low sulfur,low sulfur,and high sulfur). In conjunction with these changes, theTotal columns in certain PMM tables have beeneliminated to help ensure that sensitive data reported toEIA by individual survey respondents may not beclosely estimated using the aggregates published byEIA.Refer totheProductGuidefor new tablenumbers.
To receive weekly notification ofnew EIA releases (including the
Petroleum MarketingMonthly
)use the followinglink:http:/ / www.eia.doe.gov/ listserv_signup.html.Click on “EIA Petroleum Data News”Enter your email addressClick on “subscribe”

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