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Published by Cairoden Dimasangca
Supreme Leader’s Speech at International Conference on Palestinian Intifada
Supreme Leader’s Speech at International Conference on Palestinian Intifada

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Published by: Cairoden Dimasangca on Oct 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Supreme Leader’s Speech at International Conference on Palestinian Intifada01/10/2011
In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, theMerciful
 As-Salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahAll praise is due to Allah, the Lord of theWorlds, and peace and greetings upon ouMaster, Muhammad, and upon his immaculatehousehold and chosen companions and uponthose who follow them appropriately until theDay of Judgment.Allah the All-Wise said: "Permission (to fight) is given to those upon whom war ismade because they are oppressed and most surely Allah is well able to assist them.Those who have been expelled from their homes without a just cause only becausethey say our Lord is Allah. And had there not been Allah's repelling some people byothers, certainly there would have been pulled down cloisters and churches andsynagogues and mosques in which Allah's name is much remembered. And surelyAllah will help him who helps His cause. Most surely Allah is Strong, Mighty." [TheHoly Quran, Sura al-Hajj, Ayahs 39-40]I would like to welcome the all dear guests and the honorable audience. Among all theissues that deserve to be discussed by religious and political figures from across theworld of Islam, the issue of Palestine enjoys special importance. Palestine is the primary issue among all common issues of Islamic countries. This issue has uniquecharacteristics.The first characteristic is that a Muslim country has been taken away from its peopleand entrusted to foreigners who have come together from different countries andformed a fake and mosaic-like society.The second characteristic is that this historically unprecedented event has beenaccompanied by constant killings, crimes, oppression and humiliation.The third characteristic is that Muslims' original qiblah and many respected religiouscenters which exist in that country have been threatened with destruction, sacrilegeand decline.The fourth characteristic is that at the most sensitive spot of the world of Islam, thisfake government and society has played the role of a military, security and political base for the arrogant governments since the beginning up until today. And the pivot of the colonialist west - which has been opposed to the unity, development and progressof Islamic countries for various reasons - has always used it like a dagger in the heartof the Islamic Ummah.The fifth characteristic is that Zionism - which is a great ethical, political andeconomic threat to the human community - has used this foothold as a tool andstepping stone to spread its influence and hegemony in the world.
Other points that can be added include: heavy financial and human costs that Islamiccountries have paid so far, preoccupation of Muslim governments and people, thesufferings of millions of displaced Palestinians many of whom still live in refugeecamps after the passage of six decades and putting an end to the history of animportant civilizational center in the world of Islam.Today another key point has been added to these causes and this key point is the waveof Islamic Awakening which has engulfed the entire region and has opened a new anddetermining chapter in the history of the Islamic Ummah. This massive movement -which can undoubtedly lead to a powerful, advanced and coherent Islamic alliance inthis sensitive part of the world and can put an end to the era of backwardness,weakness and humiliation of Muslim nations relying on Allah's favor and the firmdetermination of the followers of this movement - has borrowed an important portionof its force and courage from the issue of Palestine.The Zionist regime's increasing oppression and bullying and the cooperation of certainautocratic, corrupt and mercenary rulers on the one hand and the spirited Palestinianand Lebanese resistance and the miraculous victories of faithful youth in the 33-daywar on Lebanon and in the 22-day war on Gaza on the other hand - were among theimportant factors which made turbulent the seemingly calm ocean of the Egyptian,Tunisian and Libyan nations as well as other regional nations.It is a fact that the Zionist regime, which is armed to the teeth and claims to beinvincible, suffered a decisive and humiliating defeat in Lebanon during an unequalwar against the clenched fist of faithful and brave mujahids. Later on it re-tested its blunt sword against the innocent and determined resistance of Gaza and it failed.Serious attention should be paid to these points when analyzing current conditions of the region and the appropriateness of every decision should be evaluated against these points.Therefore, it is an accurate judgment to say that today the issue of Palestine has gainedincreased importance and urgency and the Palestinian nation has the right to expectmore from Muslims countries in the current regional conditions.Let us take a look at the past and the present and prepare a road map for the future. Iwill discuss certain topics in this regard.More than six decades have passed since the tragic occupation of Palestine. All themain causes of this bloody tragedy have been identified and the colonialist Englishgovernment is the most important cause. The policies, weapons and military, security,economic and cultural power of the English government and other arrogant westernand eastern governments were put to the service of this great oppression. Under theruthless clutches of the occupiers, the defenseless people of Palestine were massacredand forced out of their homes. Until today even one percent of the human and civiltragedy - which was carried out at that time by the claimants of civilization and ethics- has not been properly portrayed and this tragedy has not had its fair share in themedia and visual arts. The owners of visual and cinematic arts and western moviemafias have not been willing to allow this to happen. An entire nation was massacred
and displaced in silence.Certain instances of resistance emerged at the beginning, which were harshly andruthlessly crushed. From outside Palestinian borders and mainly from Egypt, a number of men with Islamic motives made certain efforts which were not sufficientlysupported and could not have an effect on the scene.Afterwards there were full-scale and classical wars between a few Arab countries andthe Zionist army. Egypt, Syria and Jordan mobilized their military forces, but theunconditional, massive and increasing military and financial support of America,England and France for the Zionist regime overwhelmed Arab armies. Not only didthey fail to help the Palestinian nation, but they also lost an important portion of their territories during these wars.After the weakness of Palestine's Arab neighbors was revealed, cells of organizedresistance were gradually established in the form of armed Palestinian groups and after a while they came together to form the Palestinian Liberation Organization. This was aspark of hope which shone brightly, but it did not last long. This failure can beattributed to many factors, but the essential factor was their separation from the peopleand from their Islamic beliefs and faith. Leftist ideology or mere nationalisticsentiments were not what the complicated and difficult issue of Palestine required.Islam, jihad and martyrdom were the factors that could have encouraged an entirenation to step into the arena of resistance and turned it into an invincible force. Theydid not understand this properly. During the first few months of the great IslamicRevolution, when the leaders of the Palestinian Liberation Organization had found anew spirit and they used to visit Tehran repeatedly, I asked a pillar of the organizationwhy they did not raise the flag of Islam in their righteous battle. His answer was thatthere were a number of Christians among them as well. Later on that person wasassassinated by the Zionists in an Arab country and I hope Allah the Exalted has bestowed mercy on him. But his reasoning was flawed. I believe a faithful Christianwho fights alongside a group of selfless mujahids - who carry out jihad in a sincereway while having faith in God, the Day of Judgment and divine assistance - would bemore motivated to fight than a Christian who has to fight alongside a group of peoplewho lack faith, rely on unstable sentiments and lack loyal support of the people.Lack of firm faith and separation from the people gradually made them neutral andineffective. Of course there were honorable, motivated and valorous men among them, but the organization went off in a different direction. Their deviation has been a blowto the issue of Palestine. Like certain treacherous Arab governments, they too turnedtheir back on the ideal of resistance which has been the only way of saving Palestine.And of course not only did they deliver a blow to Palestine, but they also delivered astrong blow to themselves. As the Christian Arab poet says,مكشيعف ا ًنيطسلف متعض ئ  ٌآ و اضا ةايح   Thirty two years were spent in this misery, but suddenly God's hand of power turnedthe tables. The victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in the year 1979 completelychanged the conditions of this region and turned a new page. Among the amazing

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