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giao an van 9

giao an van 9

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Published by api-3738259

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Published by: api-3738259 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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gi\u00b8o \u00b8n ng\u00f7 v\u00a8n 9
tu\u00c7n 6
ti\u00d5t 29
ng\u00b5y so\u00b9n:
ng\u00b5y d\u00b9y:
thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7
i- m\u00f4c \u00ae\u00ddch y\u00aau c\u00c7u.
h\u00e4c sinh n\u00bem \u00ae\u00eec kh\u00b8i ni\u00d6m thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7. ph\u00a9n bi\u00d6t thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 v\u00edi
c\u00b8c t\u00f5 ng\u00f7 th\u00abng d\u00f4ng kh\u00b8c.
t\u00ddch h\u00eep v\u00edi ph\u00c7n v\u00aen, t\u00cbp l\u00b5m v\u00aen.
r\u00ccn luy\u00d6n k\u00dc n\u00aeng gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch c\u00f1a thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 v\u00b5 v\u00cbn d\u00f4ng thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7
trong n\u00e3i, vi\u00d5t.
ii- chu\u00c8n b\u00de
th\u00c7y: so\u00b9n b\u00b5i, chu\u00c8n bi b\u00b6ng ph\u00f4
tr\u00df: xem tr\u00edc b\u00b5i
iii- l\u00aan l\u00edp
A. t\u00e6 ch\u00f8c.
B. ki\u00d3m tra.
? th\u00d5 n\u00b5o l\u00b5 trau d\u00e5i v\u00e8n t\u00f5? n\u00aau c\u00b8c c\u00b8ch trau d\u00e5i v\u00e8n t\u00f5?
C. b\u00b5i m\u00edi.
h? g\u00e4i h\u00e4c sinh \u00ae\u00e4c v\u00dd d\u00f4 tr\u00aan b\u00b6ng ph\u00f4.
i- thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7
l\u00b5 g\u00d7?
h? theo em trong hai c\u00b8ch gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch n\u00edc v\u00b5 mu\u00e8i
1. v\u00dd d\u00f4 1.
c\u00b8ch n\u00b5o gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch d\u00d4 hi\u00d3u h\u00acn?

c\u00b8ch gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch th\u00f8 nh\u00cat.
h? theo em v\u00d7 sao c\u00b8ch gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch n\u00b5y d\u00d4 hi\u00d3u nh


v\u00d7 n\u00e3 \u00ae\u00b7 ch\u00d8 r\u00e2 \u00ae\u00c6c \u00aei\u00d3m b\u00aan ngo\u00b5i s\u00f9 v\u00cbt d\u00b9ng
l\u00e1ng hay r\u00ben, m\u00b5u s\u00bec, m\u00efi v\u00de, xu\u00cat x\u00f8 \u00eb \u00ae\u00a9u -> nh\u00d7n
th\u00cay \u00ae\u00eec.
gv: \u00df\u00e3 l\u00b5 c\u00b8ch gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch h\u00d7nh th\u00b5nh tr\u00aan c\u00ac s\u00eb kinh
nghi\u00d6m c\u00e3 t\u00ddnh c\u00b6m t\u00ddnh.
h? theo em v\u00d7 sao c\u00b8ch gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch th\u00f8 hai kh\u00e3 hi\u00d3u


v\u00d7 nh\u00f7ng ng\u00eai c\u00e3 ki\u00d5n th\u00f8c chuy\u00aan m\u00abn v\u00f1 ho\u00b8
h\u00e4c m\u00edi hi\u00d3u \u00ae\u00eec.
gv: c\u00b8ch gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch th\u00f8 hai th\u00d3 hi\u00d6n nh\u00f7ng \u00ae\u00c6c t\u00ddnh
b\u00aan trong c\u00f1a s\u00f9 v\u00cbt. nh\u00f7ng \u00ae\u00c6c t\u00ddnh n\u00b5y ph\u00b6i qua
nghi\u00aan c\u00f8u b\u00c8ng l\u00dd thuy\u00d5t v\u00b5 ph\u00acng ph\u00b8p khoa h\u00e4c th\u00d7
m\u00edi bi\u00d5t \u00ae\u00eec \u00ae\u00c6c t\u00ddnh c\u00f1a n\u00e3. do \u00ae\u00e3, n\u00d5u kh\u00abng c\u00e3
ki\u00d5n th\u00f8c chuy\u00aan m\u00abn v\u00f1 l\u00dcnh v\u00f9c c\u00e3 li\u00aan quan th\u00d7
ng\u00eai ti\u00d5p nh\u00cbn kh\u00abng gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch \u00ae\u00eec.

c\u00b8ch gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch th\u00f8 nh\u00cat l\u00b5 c\u00b8ch gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch ngh\u00dca
th\u00abng th\u00eang.
c\u00b8ch gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch th\u00f8 hai l\u00b5 c\u00b8ch gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch c\u00f1a thu\u00cbt
h? v\u00cby em hi\u00d3u thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 l\u00b5 g\u00d7?
- thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 l\u00b5
nh\u00f7ng t\u00f5 ng\u00f7
tr\u00eang thcs li\u00aam h\u00b6i
trang 1
gi\u00b8o \u00b8n ng\u00f7 v\u00a8n 9

bi\u00d3u th\u00de kh\u00b8i
ni\u00d6m khoa h\u00e4c
h? g\u00e4i h\u00e4c sinh \u00ae\u00e4c ph\u00c7n ghi nh\u00ed 2/i/sgk/88.

c\u00abng ngh\u00d6.
h? \u00df\u00e4c nh\u00f7ng \u00ae\u00denh ngh\u00dca sau \u00ae\u00a9y v\u00b5 tr\u00b6 l\u00eai c\u00a9u h\u00e1i
cho b\u00aan d\u00edi?
h? em \u00ae\u00b7 h\u00e4c nh\u00f7ng \u00ae\u00denh ngh\u00dca n\u00b5y \u00eb nh\u00f7ng b\u00e9 m\u00abn

th\u00b9ch nh\u00f2: b\u00e9 m\u00abn \u00ae\u00dea l\u00dd.
baz\u00ac: b\u00e9 m\u00abn ho\u00b8 h\u00e4c.
\u00c8n d\u00f4: b\u00e9 m\u00abn ng\u00f7 v\u00aen.
ph\u00a9n s\u00e8: b\u00e9 m\u00abn to\u00b8n h\u00e4c.
h? qua vi\u00d6c tr\u00b6 l\u00eai c\u00a9u h\u00e1i, em th\u00cay thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 \u00ae\u00eec s\u00f6 - thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 th-
\u00eang \u00ae\u00eec
d\u00f4ng trong nh\u00f7ng lo\u00b9i v\u00aen b\u00b6n n\u00b5o?
d\u00efng trong c\u00b8c
v\u00aen b\u00b6n khoa
h\u00e4c c\u00abng

gv: c\u00b8c em c\u00c7n ch\u00f3 \u00fd t\u00f5 \u201cth\u00eang\u00d3 \u00eb \u00ae\u00a9y. nh v\u00cby, c\u00e3
ngh\u00dca l\u00b5 thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 \u00ae\u00abi khi \u00ae\u00eec d\u00efng trong nh\u00f7ng lo\u00b9i
v\u00aen b\u00b6n kh\u00b8c. ch\u00bcng h\u00b9n: m\u00e9t b\u00b6n tin, m\u00e9t ph\u00e3ng s\u00f9
hay m\u00e9t b\u00b5i b\u00d7nh lu\u00cbn b\u00b8o ch\u00dd c\u00e3 th\u00d3 s\u00f6 d\u00f4ng thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7
khi \u00ae\u00f1 c\u00cbp \u00ae\u00d5n nh\u00f7ng kh\u00b8i ni\u00d6m c\u00e3 li\u00aan quan.
h? h\u00b7y nh\u00bec l\u00b9i th\u00d5 n\u00b5o l\u00b5 thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7, c\u00b8ch s\u00f6 d\u00f4ng
thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7?

h\u00e4c sinh n\u00aau ph\u00c7n ghi nh\u00ed sgk/88.
ii- \u00a7\u00c6c \u00aei\u00d3m
c\u00f1a thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7

h? \u00df\u00e4c l\u00b9i hai thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 \u00eb m\u00f4c i2 tr\u00aan b\u00b6ng ph\u00f4?
h? c\u00b8c thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7: th\u00b9ch nh\u00f2, ba z\u00ac, \u00c8n d\u00f4\u2026 c\u00dfn c\u00e3
ngh\u00dca n\u00b5o kh\u00b8c kh\u00abng?

kh\u00abng, ch\u00d8 c\u00e3 m\u00e9t ngh\u00dca nh \u00ae\u00b7 n\u00aau.
h? t\u00f5 ngh\u00dca c\u00f1a thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 tr\u00aan, em c\u00e3 th\u00d3 k\u00d5t lu\u00cbn nh - v\u00f1 nguy\u00aan
t\u00bec, trong m\u00e9t
th\u00d5 n\u00b5o v\u00f1 \u00ae\u00c6c \u00aei\u00d3m c\u00f1a thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7?
l\u00dcnh v\u00f9c
khoa h\u00e4c, c\u00abng ngh\u00d6
nh\u00cat \u00ae\u00denh,
m\u00e7i thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 ch\u00d8
bi\u00d3u th\u00de m\u00e9t
kh\u00b8i ni\u00d6m v\u00b5
ng \u00eec l\u00b9i, m\u00e7i
kh\u00b8i ni\u00d6m ch\u00d8
gv: thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 th\u00d3 hi\u00d6n r\u00e2 r\u00b5ng, ch\u00c6t ch\u00cf c\u00b8c kh\u00b8i
\u00ae\u00eec bi\u00d3u th\u00de

b\u00c8ng m\u00e9t thu\u00cbt
ni\u00d6m. t\u00ddnh ch\u00ddnh x\u00b8c \u00ae\u00dfi h\u00e1i h\u00d6 th\u00e8ng thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 kh\u00abng ng\u00f7.
c\u00e3 hi\u00d6n t\u00eeng \u00ae\u00e5ng \u00a9m, \u00aea ngh\u00dca, \u00ae\u00e5ng ngh\u00dca, nh\u00f7ng
hi\u00d6n t\u00eeng r\u00cat ph\u00e6 bi\u00d5n \u00ae\u00e8i v\u00edi nh\u00f7ng t\u00f5 ng\u00f7 th\u00abng
g\u00e4i g\u00e4c sinh \u00ae\u00e4c ghi nh\u00ed ii2.
h? cho bi\u00d5t trong hai v\u00dd d\u00f4 sau, \u00eb v\u00dd d\u00f4 n\u00b5o t\u00f5 mu\u00e8i c\u00e3
s\u00bec th\u00b8i bi\u00d3u c\u00b6m?

tr\u00eang thcs li\u00aam h\u00b6i
trang 2
gi\u00b8o \u00b8n ng\u00f7 v\u00a8n 9
h? t\u00f5 \u201cmu\u00e8i\u00d3 \u00eb m\u00f4c a thu\u00e9c thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 hay t ng\u00f7
th\u00abng th\u00eang? t\u00acng t\u00f9 t\u00f5 \u201cmu\u00e8i\u00d3 \u00eb m\u00f4c b?
mu\u00e8i \u00eb m\u00f4c a: thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 ch\u00d8 kh\u00b8i ni\u00d6m c\u00f1a mu\u00e8i.

mu\u00e8i \u00eb m\u00f4c b: t\u00f5 ng\u00f7 th\u00abng th\u00eang, ch\u00d8 m\u00e8i quan
h\u00d6 kh\u00aeng kh\u00ddt gi\u00f7a t\u00d7nh c\u00b6m c\u00f1a con ng\u00eai-> mang
t\u00ddnh bi\u00d3u c\u00b6m.

h? v\u00cby theo em, thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 c\u00dfn c\u00e3 \u00ae\u00c6c \u00aei\u00d3m n\u00b5o n\u00f7a? - thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7
kh\u00abng c\u00e3 t\u00ddnh bi\u00d3u

gv: \u00df\u00a9y ch\u00ddnh l\u00b5 ph\u00c7n ghi nh\u00ed 2 sgk.
lu \u00fd cho h\u00e4c sinh t\u00ddnh h\u00d6 th\u00e8ng c\u00f1a thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7. c\u00b8c
kh\u00b8i ni\u00d6m c\u00f1a m\u00e9t ng\u00b5nh chuy\u00aan m\u00abn c\u00e3 quan h\u00d6 m\u00cbt
thi\u00d5t v\u00edi nhau. do v\u00cby, c\u00b8c thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 bi\u00d3u th\u00de nh\u00f7ng
kh\u00b8i ni\u00d6m n\u00b5y c\u00f2ng t\u00b9o th\u00b5nh m\u00e9t h\u00d6 th\u00e8ng ch\u00c6t ch\u00cf.

ii- luy\u00d6n t\u00cbp.
h? h\u00e4c sinh \u00ae\u00e4c v\u00b5 n\u00aau y\u00aau c\u00c7u b\u00b5i t\u00cbp.
1. b\u00b5i t\u00cbp
h? theo em m\u00f4c \u00ae\u00ddch b\u00b5i t\u00cbp n\u00b5y l\u00b5 g\u00d7?

t\u00d7m thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 cho c\u00b8c kh\u00b8i ni\u00d6m cho s\u00ben v\u00b5 ch\u00d8 r\u00e2
thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 t\u00d7m \u00ae\u00eec thu\u00e9c l\u00dcnh v\u00f9c khoa h\u00e4c n\u00b5o?
h? em h\u00b7y t\u00d7m thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7?

l\u00f9c: l\u00b5 t\u00b8c d\u00f4ng\u2026 (v\u00cbt l\u00dd).

x\u00a9m th\u00f9c l\u00b5 (\u00df\u00dea l\u00dd); hi\u00d6n t\u00eeng ho\u00b8 h\u00e4c (ho\u00b8 h\u00e4c)
tr\u00eang t\u00f5 v\u00f9ng (ng\u00f7 v\u00aen); di ch\u00d8 (l\u00dech s\u00f6); th\u00f4 ph\u00can
(sinh h\u00e4c); lu l\u00eeng (\u00df\u00dea l\u00dd); tr\u00e4ng l\u00f9c (v\u00cbt l\u00dd); kh\u00dd
\u00b8p (\u00df\u00dea l\u00dd); \u00df\u00acn ch\u00cat (ho\u00b8 h\u00e4c); th\u00de t\u00e9c ph\u00f4 h\u00d6 (l\u00dech
s\u00f6); \u00df\u00eang trung tr\u00f9c (to\u00b8n h\u00e4c).

2. b\u00b5i t\u00cbp 2/90.
h? b\u00b5i t\u00cbp y\u00aau c\u00c7u ch\u00f3ng ta l\u00b5m g\u00d7?

t\u00f5 \u201c \u00aei\u00d3m t\u00f9a\u00d3 c\u00e3 th\u00d3 coi l\u00b5 thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 v\u00cbt l\u00dd hay
h? b\u00c8ng ki\u00d5n th\u00f8c v\u00cbt l\u00dd em h\u00b7y n\u00aau kh\u00b8i ni\u00d6m c\u00f1a
\u201c\u00aei\u00d3m t\u00f9a\u00d3?


thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7: \u00dfi\u00d3m t\u00f9a l\u00b5 \u00aei\u00d3m c\u00e8 \u00ae\u00denh c\u00f1a m\u00e9t \u00ae\u00dfn
b\u00c8y, th\u00abng qua \u00ae\u00e3 l\u00f9c t\u00b8c \u00ae\u00e9ng \u00ae\u00eec truy\u00f1n t\u00edi l\u00f9c c\u00b6n.
h? theo em hi\u00d3u \u201c \u00aei\u00d3m t\u00f9a\u00d3 trong \u00aeo\u00b9n th\u00ac n\u00b5y c\u00e3
ngh\u00dca g\u00d7?


\u00dfi\u00d3m t\u00f9a ch\u00d8 n\u00aci l\u00b5m ch\u00e7 d\u00f9a ch\u00ddnh, n\u00aci g\u00f6i g\u00bem
ni\u00f1m tin v\u00b5 hi v\u00e4ng (v\u00b5o s\u00f9 th\u00beng l\u00eei c\u00f1a cu\u00e9c kh\u00b8ng
chi\u00d5n c\u00e3 s\u00f9 g\u00e3p s\u00f8c c\u00f1a \u2026) ( v\u00dd \u00ae\u00a9y nh l\u00b5 m\u00e9t \u00aei\u00d3m
t\u00f9a)-> n\u00aan kh\u00abng ph\u00b6i l\u00b5 thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7.
b\u00b5i t\u00cbp 5
thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 \u201c th\u00de tr\u00eang\u00d3 l\u00b5 hi\u00d6n t\u00eeng \u00ae\u00e5ng \u00a9m gi\u00f7a
thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7 th\u00de tr\u00eang c\u00f1a kinh t\u00d5 h\u00e4c v\u00b5 c\u00f1a quang h\u00e4c
kh\u00abng vi ph\u00b9m nguy\u00aan t\u00bec thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7- m\u00e9t kh\u00b8i ni\u00d6m
thu\u00e9c hai l\u00dcnh v\u00f9c khoa h\u00e4c ch\u00f8 kh\u00abng ph\u00b6i m\u00e9t l\u00dcnh

* h\u00edng d\u00c9n v\u00d2 nh\u00b5.
n\u00bem ch\u00bec thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7, \u00ae\u00c6c \u00aei\u00d3m c\u00f1a thu\u00cbt ng\u00f7.
tr\u00eang thcs li\u00aam h\u00b6i
trang 3

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