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Chuong Trinh 26.3

Chuong Trinh 26.3

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Published by api-3738259

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Published by: api-3738259 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ch\u00acng tr\u00d7nh k\u00d8 ni\u00d6m 26/3/2008
k\u00d8 ni\u00d6m 77 n\u00a8m ng\u00b5y th\u00b5nh l\u00cbp \u00a7o\u00b5n TNCS H\u00e5
Ch\u00dd Minh

Th\u00eai gian:7h30 ng\u00b5y 26 th\u00b8ng 03 n\u00a8m 2008
T\u00b9i S\u00a9n tr\u00eang THCS \u00a7\u00abng Ng\u00f2
TP: GV v\u00b5 HS to\u00b5n tr\u00eang.

N\u00e9i dung ch\u00acng tr\u00d7nh
I. l\u00d4 m\u00ddt tinh
1.Ch\u00b5o c\u00ea, Tuy\u00aan b\u00e8 l\u00dd do, gi\u00edi thi\u00d6u \u00ae\u00b9i bi\u00d3u.(

2.Gi\u00edi thi\u00d6u ch\u00acng tr\u00d7nh l\u00b5m vi\u00d6c (Kh\u00b8nh)
3.\u00a4n l\u00b9i truy\u00d2n th\u00e8ng ng\u00b5y th\u00b5nh l\u00cbp \u00aeo\u00b5n (Th\u00f4y)
4.C\u00b6m t\u00ebng c\u00d2a \u00aeo\u00b5n vi\u00aan (Th\u00f4y)
5.C\u00b6m t\u00ebng c\u00d2a \u00ae\u00e9i vi\u00aan

6.Tuy\u00aan d\u00acng trao th\u00ebng cho nh\u00d6ng c\u00b8 nh\u00a9n v\u00b5
t\u00cbp th\u00d3 xu\u00cat s\u00bec trong d\u00dep thi \u00aeua 26/3.(M\u00b9nh)
7.\u00a7\u00b9i bi\u00d3u ph\u00b8t bi\u00d3u
II. Thi \u00ae\u00cau th\u00d3 thao.

1.B\u00e3ng chuy\u00d2n
2.B\u00e3ng \u00ae\u00b8
3.K\u00d0o co
4.Nh\u00b6y bao b\u00e8

III.T\u00e6ng k\u00d5t, trao gi\u00b6i.
I.Ph\u00a9n c\u00abng trang tr\u00dd cho ng\u00b5y 26/3
Th\u00eai gian: 15h 30\u2019 ng\u00b5y 25
th\u00b8ng 3 n\u00a8m 2008.
-K\u00aa b\u00b5n gh\u00d5, c\u00a8ng ph\u00abng ch\u00d6, loa

\u00ae\u00b5i, c\u00ea \u00aeu\u00abi nheo, thu d\u00e4n h\u00cbu tr\u00eang: GV nam(Th\u00f4y, Th\u00denh, Di\u00d6n, L\u00acng, D\u00acng, H\u00dfa, Ki\u00aan, M\u00b9nh, V\u00fc, Nguy\u00aan, Thuy\u00d5t)

- T\u00e6 ch\u00f8c: Kh\u00b8nh
-C\u00bet d\u00b8n ch\u00d6: Ng H\u00acng(Ho\u00b5n
th\u00b5nh v\u00b5o chi\u00d2u th\u00f8 3 ng\u00b5y 25
th\u00b8ng 3 n\u00a8m 2008).
-Thu tr\u00b6 kh\u00a8n tr\u00b6i b\u00b5n, l\u00e4 hoa: C\u00f3c,
P.Mai (Mai thu tr\u00b6 bu\u00e6i s\u00b8ng, C\u00f3c
thu tr\u00b6 bu\u00e6i chi\u00d2u).
- Ti\u00d5p n\u00edc: S\u00c7m H\u00acng, B\u00d0 (chu\u00c8n
b\u00de \u00cam ch\u00d0n v\u00b5 n\u00edc).
II.Chu\u00c8n b\u00de c\u00f1a c\u00b8c l\u00edp
- M\u00e7i l\u00edp chu\u00c8n b\u00de 2 c\u00ea t\u00e6 qu\u00e8c c\u00b8n
cao 2,2m, 1 bi\u00d3n l\u00edp.

- H\u00e4c sinh khi \u00aei d\u00f9 m\u00ddt tinh m\u00c6c \u00b8o \u00ae\u00e5ng ph\u00f4c, \u00aeem \u00ae\u00c7y \u00ae\u00d2 gh\u00d5, \u00ae\u00d5n \u00ae\u00f3ng gi\u00ea.


Ch\u00acng tr\u00d7nh h\u00e9i di\u00d4n s\u00a9n kh\u00cau k\u00dech v\u00d2 nh\u00b5 gi\u00b8o Vi\u00d6t Nam
Th\u00eai gian: 19h ng\u00b5y 26 th\u00b8ng 03 n\u00a8m 2008
T\u00b9i s\u00a9n UBND x\u00c9 \u00a7\u00abng Ng\u00f2
TP: GV v\u00b5 HS 4 tr\u00eang THI, THII, MG, THCS \u00a7\u00abng Ng\u00f2.
N\u00e9i dung ch\u00acng tr\u00d7nh
1, V\u00a8n ngh\u00d6 ch\u00b5o m\u00f5ng
Tuy\u00aan b\u00e8 l\u00dd do, \u00ae\u00b9i bi\u00d3u.
C\u00f4m tr\u00ebng l\u00aan khai m\u00b9c h\u00e9i di\u00d4n
Gi\u00edi thi\u00d6u v\u00d2 c\u00b8c \u00ae\u00e9i tham gia d\u00f9 thi, c\u00ac c\u00cau, th\u00d3 l\u00d6 cho \u00aei\u00d3m, BGK.

1. \u00a7\u00b5o Th\u00de Thu\u00c7n - CTC\u00a7, ph\u00e3 hi\u00d6u tr\u00ebng tr\u00eang TH\u00a7N I(tr\u00ebng BGK)
2. Nguy\u00d4n Minh Ph\u00acng \u2013 CTC\u00a7, ph\u00e3 hi\u00d6u tr\u00ebng tr\u00eang TH \u00a7N I.(\u00d2y vi\u00aan),
3. L\u00f4c Th\u00de Kim \u2013 CTC\u00a7 tr\u00eang MG\u00a7N (\u00d2y vi\u00aan)
4. Tr\u00c7n Th\u00de Thinh CTC\u00a7, Ph\u00e3 hi\u00d6u tr\u00ebng tr\u00eang THCS \u00a7\u00abng Ng\u00f2- Th k\u00dd.

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