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Unit1 Glossary

Unit1 Glossary

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Published by royeroos

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Published by: royeroos on Oct 04, 2011
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Grade 3: Communities Around the World
Unit 1 Geography
Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCESGrade 3 Integrated Social Studies/English Language Arts CurriculumPage 1 Revised 7/4/2007
Unit 1 Geography Glossary
basin an area of low land surrounded by higherland
a boundary especially of a country or state
the outline or shape of the land along the ocean
 canyon a narrow steep valley
cardinal direction north, south, east, or westclimate the average weather conditions of aparticular place or region over a period of years
compass rose a device that shows the cardinal and intermediatedirectionscontinent a large land mass of which there are seven on ourplanet
desert dry land with few plants and little rainfall
geography the natural parts of an area, a science that dealswith the location of living and nonliving things onearth and the way they affect one anotherglobe a model of the earthgrid a network of horizontal and perpendicular linesused to locate points or places
gulf a part of the ocean that is partially surrounded bylandhill gently sloping land that is not as high as amountain
intermediate direction northwest, southeast, northeast, southwest
island land surrounded by water
key an explanation of the symbols on a map or chart;also called a legend
lake water surrounded by land
landform a natural feature of a land surface
latitude distance north or south from the equatormeasured in degreeslegend an explanation of the symbols on a map or chart,also called a key

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