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Published by api-3738890
A story told from the point of view of a dog, a dog named Scruffy
A story told from the point of view of a dog, a dog named Scruffy

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Published by: api-3738890 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Scruffy: Bad Dog

I saw her on the phone again. I hate the phone. It only makes her cry and I don\u2019t
like it when Mindy cries. And there she was again on the phone, probably talking to
Blake, and crying. I did the only thing I could do, I walked over, slowly so I didn\u2019t startle
her, and sat down next to her. I put my scraggly, old head down on her pant leg and let
my tongue flop out creating a wet circle on her pants. She patted my head. I liked it
when she did that.

\u201cYou\u2019re such a good boy,\u201d I remember she said to me through her tears and then
she leaned down and kissed me through my thick fur. I looked up at Mindy then and I
noticed that her tears had nearly stopped falling. She was smiling. I had made her smile.
I licked her face and she laughed a little. A very little. But it was still a laugh. AndI
had made her do it.I caused her to laugh.I was agood dog.

\u201cYou\u2019re silly. You know that?\u201d she always talked to me that way, you know the
way I\u2019m talking about. The same way Man talks to Little Man, with a high pitched voice
that relaxes me so much and just makes my insides feel all calm. I remember, I licked
her face again and this time her smile was big.

I remember what happened next too. Mindy stood up off the couch and walked
into the kitchen. I followed her, as any good dog would do (and Iam a good dog.). I
watched as she reached into the top cabinet. My heart started beating faster. I knew what
she was doing. I was almost positive. I was right, too. I remember. She pulled out that
box with that picture of that real nice looking Dalmatian on it. You know, the one with
the blue eyes and the red collar? Anyway, she took that box out of the cabinet and

brought it down and shook it in front of my face. She was teasing me. My tongue fell
out of my mouth again. I couldn\u2019t help it, it just happened. But Iam a good dog. Mindy
doesn\u2019t mind if my tongue hangs out. Mindy loves me.

But I remember that Mindy tipped the box over her hand and shook it and one
lonely cookie fell out. I sat down and my tail stopped wagging real quick. I normally get
two or three. Never one. Only bad dogs get one cookie and I am agood dog.

\u201cLooks like I need to go to the store and get you some more treats, huh Scruffy?\u201d she looked at me for a reply. I was still in shock about the cookie. Only one? But I\u2019m a good dog. \u201cArf,\u201d was all I could think of to say. I remember she gave the single cookie and then brushed her hands clean into the trash can. I didn\u2019t even get to lick her hands clean. Good dogs get to do stuff like that, I thought.

Next, she went to closet and got out her coat.We\u2019re going on a walk! I thought
so I ran over to the table near the door and grabbed my leash in my mouth. I pulled it
down real hard with a yank and down it came along with a bunch of papers and other
stuff that looked like good stuff to chew.Later, I thought, first I\u2019m going on a walk with

Mindy!I turned around and walked back to Mindy and started shoving the leash into her

waist. I always did this when I wanted to go for a walk.Good dogs always let there
people know when need or want something, andI \u2019m a good dog. But Mindy pushed me
away. I didn\u2019t understand.

\u201cNo Scruffy. You can\u2019t come with me this time. They don\u2019t let pets into the grocery store. And besides, I have some other errands to run. You stay here and be a good watch dog.\u201d I remember she patted me on the head and ruffled my fur into my eyes. I sat down on the floor. My tail had stopped wagging. I tried to make it wag,

because a good dog always wags his tail and Iam a good dog. I opened my mouth and
the leash feel out and onto the floor. It hit with a hollow thud. Mindy walked to the door,
took one last look at me, smiled and then left me alone. Left me alone to be a good watch

I remember what happened next too. I walked back over to those papers I had
knocked off the table and sniffed at them. They smelled new, and they smelled like
outside. I was about to chew on one of them, I don\u2019t know why it just felt like the thing
to do, when I realized that agood dog wouldnev er chew on his person\u2019s papers. And I
am agood dog. So I walked over to my plaid bed, which was next to the big picture box.
The picture box wasn\u2019t turned on, so it wasn\u2019t very interesting to watch, so I just laid
down in my bed and took a nap.

I remember the dream I had that night too. I was so real. I was running in a field.
That same field I always run in in my dreams. The big one with the wild flowers and
dandelions growing everywhere. And Mindy has this stick. This perfectly fine stick
from what I can tell. But she keeps throwing it away. So I have to keep running after it
and bring it back to her. Mindy laughs when I do this, and that means she\u2019s happy so she
must like the stick, but she keeps throwing it away. I don\u2019t understand why she throws it
away, but I bring it back to her anyway because she\u2019s smiling and a good dog always
makes his person smile.

I remember that I woke up when I thought I heard Mindy coming back into the
apartment. I heard the keys jingling against each other in her hand behind the door and
then I heard her as she put them in the hole and turned them. But when Mindy opened
the door it wasn\u2019t Mindy standing there. It was Blake. Blake\u2019s the guy on the phone that

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